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Beijing West Railway Station - Map, Bus, Tips, and Travel Routes

Written by FabioUpdated Aug. 30, 2023

Beijing West Railway Station, commonly referred to as Beijing West, was constructed in the early months of 1996. As one of the three major railway stations in Beijing, it holds great significance in connecting people across the country. Conveniently located near the West 3rd Ring Road, this transport hub offers easy accessibility via bus, metro, or taxi.

In 2011, Beijing West Station underwent an extensive renovation project aimed at enhancing passenger experience. This endeavor resulted in upgraded facilities, making the station a more comfortable and efficient transit point. Currently, the station sprawls across an expansive area of 30,550 square meters, providing ample space for seamless operations.

To cater to the needs of its vast number of travelers, Beijing West Station boasts an impressive array of amenities. The station is equipped with 13 waiting rooms, ensuring that up to 25,000 passengers can comfortably await their departure. These waiting rooms accommodate individuals from various walks of life, forming a diverse and vibrant atmosphere within the station.

Beijing West Railway Station on Map
  • Chinese: 北京西站 Běijīng Xī Zhàn /bay-jing sshee jan/
  • Location: 8 kilometers (5 miles) southwest from the Forbidden City, 36 kilometers (22 miles) southwest from Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Metro: Take line 7 or 9 to Beijing West Railway Station (北京西站 Beijing Xi Zhan)
  • Address: East Lianhuachi Road, Fengtai District, Beijing.
  • Chinese Address: 北京市丰台区莲花池东路118号
  • Station size: 18 platforms and 20 railway lines

Popular Train Travel Routes from Beijing West Station to Other Cities

There are many trains departing from Beijing West Station to other parts of China. Train types include G (China high-speed railway, CHR), D (bullet), K (fast), T (express), and Z (express overnight sleeper) trains.

See the popular train travel routes (departing from Beijing West Railway Station) below to get some travel ideas for planning trips in China:

Or you can check the trains from Beijing to other cities at China Highlights Train Ticket Service.

Guide Map of Beijing West

Beijing West Railway Station has two access squares: North Square (in front, popular access) and South Square (behind, less-used). They are connected by underground passages of up to 500 meters.

The second floor (F2): It has waiting rooms, stores, restaurants, a left-luggage office, a luggage porter service, a medical center, and a ticket office selling group tickets and tickets to Hong Kong. The entrances of South Square and North Square are both equipped with escalators.

The first floor (F1): It has an entrance and exits, a ticket office, a luggage consignment office, a luggage claim office, a joint Entry-Exit Inspection Hall, and platforms.

Basement 1 (B1): transfer hall, taxi stand, exits to squares

Basement 2 (B2): ticket office, exits to squares, subway, taxi stands, bus station exit, and luggage claim

map of beijing west railway station

North Square - Closer to the Waiting Room

north square, Beijing West Railway StationNorth Square

Usually, people enter Beijing West from North Square because the transportation is more convenient from the city center, and it is closer to attractions and hotels in the city.

  • Location: Intersection of 3rd Ring Road and Lianhuachi Road, SE corner, on Lianhuachi E Road
  • The ticket office is in the east wing of F1 (windows 1 and 2 sell tickets to Kowloon, Hong Kong).
  • The main entrance (F1) is in the middle of the south side of North Square.
  • There are two exits at North Square (North Exit 1, 2). The two exits are interlinked.

South Square - More Convenient to Take a Taxi to the City Center

South Square is a newly built square and is not very crowded. It is further away from attractions and hotels in Beijing city center than North Square. If you are taking a high-speed train from other cities, such as Xi'an to Beijing, the exits at South Square are more convenient for you.

  • Location: on Guanglian Road, east of Lianhuachi Park
  • There are two ticket offices in both the east and west wing of F1.
  • There are three exits at South Square, which are convenient for high-speed trains (South Exit 1, 2, 3). The three exits are interlinked.

If you are being collected by a friend or your tour guide, you'd better tell him/her which exit to wait at in advance.

Find the Right Waiting Room - English Signs Available

a waiting room at beijing west railway station A waiting room at Beijing West Railway Station

The waiting rooms are all on F2. Numbers 1 to 7 are used for normal speed trains (K, T, and Z trains), while numbers 8 to 13 are designed for high-speed trains (G and D trains).

To Lhasa, Tibet: The T27 waiting room is specifically for passengers waiting for the T27 train, which runs to Tibet.

You may still be worried about losing your way when trying to find your waiting room. Fortunately, English signs are on display so you can easily find your way to your waiting room.

There is a large LED screen that displays train schedules and corresponding waiting rooms in order of departure times, making it convenient for you to find out which waiting room to go.

Alternatively, you can ask staff members or other passengers for help. Below is a Chinese phrase that you can show them:

  • Chinese: 请问我应该去哪个候车室?
  • English: Excuse me. Could you tell me which waiting room I should go to?

Water and washroom: There is a washroom with hot water at the entrance to each waiting room.

Arrive Early

Beijing West Railway Station is a large railway station. It is recommended that you arrive at the station 1–2 hours before your train's departure time.

Check-in time: The ticket check-in procedure usually begins half an hour before the departure time and stops 5 minutes before departure. Please be sure to be at the check-in gate at least 5 minutes before the departure time.

Facilities and Services at Beijing West Railway Station

left luggage, Beijing West Railway Station

Medical center: Don't feel well? There is a Considerate Medical Center between waiting rooms 6 and 7. If you do not feel well while you are waiting, you can see some professional medical personnel and get commonly used drugs for medical care.

Left-luggage office: You can leave your baggage at the left-luggage office, situated on both sides of the escalators near the entrance, and you need to collect it within 24 hours.

Luggage checking office: The luggage checking office is at the east side of North Square (across from the bus terminal). You need to arrange to have your luggage checked using your paper ticket.

Luggage claim: You can claim your luggage at the west side of North Square.

Luggage porters: If your baggage is too heavy to carry by yourself, you can find a "red cap" (staff members wearing red caps or red jackets) luggage porter to help you take it on your train, for a reasonable fee (5–10 yuan per piece). The "Red Cap" Luggage Service Center is at the entrance to the waiting rooms.

Transportation - Beijing West to Other Stations, to the Airport, and to Attractions

Leaving the Station by Taxi

taxi to Beijing West Train Station

Passengers can get taxis at the Taxi Dispatch Center in B2 and B1, east of the north exit.

There is another Taxi Dispatch Center under the east helical ramp of North Square. Due to the heavy traffic on Beijing West Railway Station's North Square, there are no official taxi lanes on the street in front of the square. Taxis are not supposed to stop there, but taxis do go there to pick up passengers anyway.

Taxi Fares

A taxi fare in Beijing starts at 10 yuan for up to 3 kilometers during the daytime (05:00–22:59), and 11 yuan at night (23:00–04:59). For 3–15 kilometers, it is 2 yuan per kilometer. For a journey of over 15 kilometers, it is 3 yuan per kilometer with an additional 50% if it is a one-way trip.

Transportation to Beijing's Other Railway Stations

To Beijing Railway Station (北京站 Beijing Zhan): 30 minutes

  • First Take Subway Line 7 to Caishikou Station (Chinese: 菜市口站, 4 stops)
  • then transfer Line 4 to Xuanwumen Station (Chinese: 宣武门, 1 stop),
  • and then transfer to Subway Line 2 to Beijing Railway Station (Chinese: 北京站, 4 stops).

To Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站 Beijing Nan): 20 minutes

  • Take Subway Line 7 to Caishikou Station (Chinese: 菜市口站, 4 stops)
  • then transfer Line 4 straight to Beijing South Railway Station (Chinese: 北京南站, 2 stops).

To Beijing North Railway Station (北京北 Beijing Bei): 40 minutes

Beijing North Railway Station was formerly known as Xizhimen Railway Station (Chinese: 西直门站).

  • Take Subway Line 9 to National Library Station (Chinese: 国家图书馆, 4 stops)
  • then transfer Line 4 to Xizhimen Station (Chinese: 西直门, 2 stops), walk to Beijing North Railway Station from Exit 2

Transportation to Beijing Capital International Airport

  • Take Subway Line 7 to Ciqikou Station (Chinese: 磁器口, 8 stops)
  • Transfer Line 5 to Beixinqiao Station (Chinese: 北新桥, 6 stops)
  • Transfer Line Capital Airport to Terminal 3 Station (Chinese: 3号航站楼, 3 stops)

Transportation to Beijing Daxing International Airport

  • By subway: take Beijing Subway Line 9 from Beijing West Railway Station to Liuliqiao Station, then take Line 10 to Caoqiao Subway Station, then take Daxing Airport Express from Caoqiao Subway Station to Daxing International Airport.
  • By high-speed trains: there are 17 bullet trains running directly from Beijing West Railway Station to Daxing International Airport. Click here for more details.

Transportation to Main Attractions by Subway / Public Bus

the forbidden city, Beijing train toursThe Forbidden City

To Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City: 40 minutes

  • Take subway Line 9 to Military Museum Station (军事博物馆站, 1 stop ),
  • transfer subway Line 1 to Tian'anmen Dong (天安门东站, 6 stops), Exit A at the northwest side

Bus 52 (12 stops, 3 yuan) can also take passengers to Tian'anmen Dong (天安门东站).

To Temple of Heaven Park: 30 minutes

  • Take subway Line 7 to Ciqikou (磁器口站, 8 stops),
  • then transfer subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen (天坛东门站, 1 stop)
wangfujing, Beijing train tours Wangfujing Street

To Wangfujing Street: 40 minutes

  • Take Subway Line 7 to Ciqikou (磁器口站, 8 stops),
  • transfer subway Line 5 to Dengshikou (灯市口, 3 stops)

See our Beijing Subway Map for more information.

Useful Chinese Sentences

Show the following sentences to members of staff at Beijing west railway station, if you need help:

Chinese English
请送我到北京西站. Please drive me to Beijing West Railway Station.
请问网络订票的取票窗口在哪里? Where is the collection counter for tickets booked online, please?
请问在哪个窗口办理退票? Where can I cancel my tickets, please?
请问在哪个窗口办理改签? Where can I alter my ticket(s), please?
请问洗手间在哪里? Where is the bathroom, please?
请问这附近有餐厅吗? Where is the nearest restaurant, please?
请问我应该在候车室候车? Would you please tell me where my waiting room is?

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