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China Train Travel FAQs

You may encounters questions when buying China train tickets during your train travel in China. The frequently asked questions below regarding ticktet booking, ticket collection, change & cancelltion, and train travel may be helpful to you.

How many days in advance can I book China train tickets?

Answer: China train tickets released 30 days before departure online. At train stations and ticket agencies, tickets go on sale 28 days in advance.

But you can book tickets with China Highlights more than 30 days ahead. Actually, it is recommended that you book tickets with us as early as possible, especially during Chinese holidays and peak periods.

What can I do if tickets are sold out for my route?

Answer: Even tickets are sold out for a route, sometimes we can still find alternatives. Please call us or send us an email to find out the possibility.

If tickets are sold out after you place the order, we will provide alternatives and suggestions if your first choice is unavailable. Payments are 100% refundable if we are not able to obtain your tickets.

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