Ronghui Hot Springs Resort: Foreign Tourists'  Chongqing Favorite

Ronghui Hot Springs Resort: Foreign Tourists' Chongqing Favorite

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

This hot springs spa/resort is one of Chongqing's favorite tourist attractions. It is easy to reach in the city in the Shapingba District. Snacks, Western and Chinese restaurants, Chinese herbal teas, and comparatively low prices help to make your visit enjoyable. Foreign tourists like it for the relaxed affordable luxury and quality.

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Chongqing is known in the country for its hot spring spas. There are about ten hot spring spas scattered around the city. This is generally considered the best in the city by foreigners.

It is located adjacent to a 5-star Raddison Hotel. The hotel and the spa is owned by the same company. The staff in both are well trained and provide luxurious service. You'll be amazed at the facilities.


The Best Times for a Visit

November through March are the best months to go. A dip in the warm water feels good when the air temperature is low. A draw back of going during the cold months is that the local Chinese usually go there in cold weather, and it might get crowded. To avoid crowds, go on weekdays, when there are no holidays, and after 10 am.

On the other hand, if you go when it is hot outside, there are so few locals there that you could have the big place almost to yourself.

The Typical Tour

The entrance is right next to the Raddison. When you enter, go to the counter to get an electronic bracelet that allows access to your locker and tallies your purchases so you can pay when you leave the establishment. So no cash is used until you leave.

First go to the locker room. There find your locker where you change and get your sandals and a towel. Everyone must shower before entering the waters.

Then go to the big swimming pool, take a dip, and you are ready for the spa's hot spring pools. There are dozens of different pools. Most are scented with different scents and natural oils. There are English signs describing the health benefit of each pool.

Or you could go to their restaurants and snack bar or relax in the garden.

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Nearby Attractions

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Chongqing/Yangtze Tours

Our 11-Day Yangtze River Cruise and China's Highlights Tour: This is a grand tour of the Yangtze, Chongqing, Xi'an and Beijing. We can modify this tour to include a relaxing Ronghui Hot Springs visit.

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