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There is neither flight or rail track connecting Daocheng with the rest of China. The only option is by long distance bus.

From Chengdu to Daocheng

There are two routes:
1: Chengdu-Ya'an-Luding – Kangding – Xinduqiao – Daocheng
2. Chengdu – Doujiangyan – Wolong – Mt. Siguniang – Danba – Tagong – Xindouqiao – Daocheng

The second route was badly destroyed by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. Now the most used route is the first one.

There are two departures from Chengdu Xinnan Men Bus Station to Daocheng. The journey takes two days and need to stay overnight at Kandging.

Shangri-la to Daocheng

There are daily buses from Shangri-la Town to Daocheng. Travel from Shangri-la to Daocheng takes only one day. Part of the road is dirt road.

Daocheng Bus Station

There are buses from Daocheng to Kangding, Chengdu, Shangri-la and Yading.

Daocheng to Yading

The road from Daocheng to Yading is flat, paved with cement. Travel from Daocheng to Yading takes about 3 hours.