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Foshan Travel Guide

Foshan City is located in south central Guangdong Province, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. It is 28 kilometers east to Guangzhou and neighbors Hong Kong and Macau in the south. Thus, it enjoys a good location and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 3848.49 square kilometers and has a population of 5,923,000.

As a famed hometown of overseas Chinese, Foshan is the ancestral home for overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan amounting to 1.3 million, among which there are some world-renowned people including Chinese martial masters Huang Feihong and Li Xiaolong.

Foshan together with Hankou Town, Jingde Town and Zhuxian Town are regarded as four ancient towns in China. They are all known home and abroad for the advanced handicraft industry. The delicate and skillful folk arts there have long histories and are full of the local color. They could be dated back to the Tang and Song Dynasties and flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The folk arts have their own unique characteristics. Through the skills including cutting, curving, modeling, binding, casting, painting and attaching, then come out the artworks, paper-cut, fancy lantern, autumn harvest, graphic art, painting and calligraphy. They are popular with the masses with their strong local features.