Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin

Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin

By GavinUpdated Mar. 22, 2021

Elephant Trunk Hill, near the center of the internationally famed City of Guilin in southern China’s Guangxi Province, is a part of the Li River jagged hills landscape that visitors from all over China and the world come to see, experience, and enjoy. It is the symbol of Guilin.

The small, cozy park has a pagoda you can climb up to to see the view of the Li River and the city. It is convenient to access also. It is about 600 meters from the giant regional and bullet train station, Guilin Station, and quite near the Guilin downtown.

Facts about Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk HillElephant Trunk Hill has a famous arch over the Li River. It is Guilin's landmark.

Introduction to the Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is notable for the size of the arch, beautiful location along the Li River, and it's proximity for an convenient outdoor excursion when in the Guilin/Yangshuo area.

Elephant Trunk Hill is one of 1,000s of karst hills that cover Guangxi Province. Karst hills are made of limestone, and in the northern Guangxi area, they are noted for having weathered into beautiful shapes. Hundreds of thousands of tourists have come to the Guilin City region to see them.

Elephant Trunk Hill History

Famed in China: The arch is famed for looking like an elephant trunk drinking up the Li River. It has been a tourist destination since the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

In the past, the hill area was the abode of monks and scholars. It is said that Jianzhen, a Tang-era Buddhist monk who introduced the religion and education to Japan, lived there.

Top Highlights at Elephant Trunk Hill

Based on our own travel experience, reviews from our customers, and Tripadvisor, we have selected the following top things to do there and several attractions around the Elephant Trunk Hill for tourists to enjoy.

Climb to the Hilltop

Elephant Trunk HillElephant Trunk Hill has the small Puxian Pagoda perched on top for sightseeing.

It is Guilin’s archetypal landmark. It is easy to climb up the stone steps.

Puxian Pagoda

It is said the Puxian Pagoda was originally built in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) era.

You can rest there and see local landmarks such as the Waterfall Hotel, Liberation Bridge, and Seven Stars Park across the Li River. Looking down, you can see the Taohua and Li Rivers. Looking down river, you can see the distinctive shape of Tunnel Hill (Chuan Shan).

We recommend climbing one of Guilin’s city center hills such as this one to appreciate the extent of this small but highly-eulogized city. Guilin spreads north and south along the banks of the Li River, but east and west is enclosed by rows of pointy hills like dragon’s teeth.

Boating on the Li River

Many tourists like to ride the boats and rafts in the park to sightsee the view. These are parked along the river and cost extra.

Enjoy a Scenic Urban and Nature Hike from Seven Stars Park to Elephant Trunk Hill

Rain is frequent in the early to mid summer, and we suggest that you check the Guilin weather forecast before heading off. Our travel advisors could also give you some useful suggestions.

You'll cross the Li River, see some of the best of the scenery in the city, and watch what the locals do in the river and in the pedestrian/public parks and gardens. See the full route guide and map: Guilin Walking: Seven Star Park to Elephant Hill.

Water Moon Cave

The arch under the "elephant's trunk" is called Water Moon Cave. Chinese painters have for centuries liked to sketch it on full moon nights when the moonlight dances under it, and famous poets have written many poems. It is Guilin's landmark.

Elephant's Eye Cave

Climbing the snaking stone path up the hill, visitors will see another cave called Elephant Eye Cave. With a height of around two meters, the cave is five to 10 meters in width and about 52 meters in length. The cave affords a good view of the surroundings.

The Night Show – 'The Legend of Elephant Hill'

This is a multimedia and special effects show in the evenings. The hill itself becomes the projection screen, and by computer generated video, lasers, and special lighting, you'll see highlights of the culture and scenery of Guilin played out before you.

The show is divided into four parts and has accompanying music: Primitive Guilin, Mysterious Village, Phantom Theater, and the Legend of the Elephant God. There is a laser show finale. People must pay for a separate evening ticket for the show.

Best Times to Visit and Weather

Guilin has a subtropical climate.


Shops: Small shops offer tourist goods and souvenirs for your visit.

Cleanliness: The park is kept clean.

Gardens: Some people simply like seeing and sitting amid the gardens.

Bathrooms: They are sufficient, but bring you own toilet paper in case.

Snacks: pricey, but available.

Travel Essentials

Travel is quite convenient. The local bus stop is just outside the gate/ticket office. The huge central Guilin Station, a mixed long-distance bus/local city bus/bullet train/conventional train station, is only about 600 meters away.

Guilin station has plenty of buses to the tourist highlight town of Yangshuo. Guilin Station is a short bus/taxi ride away from Elephant Trunk Hill.

How to Go There Locally

Guilin Double Deck BusGuilin public double-deck bus. Bus tickets are about 1 or 2 RMB (15 or 30 cents USD).

Taxis from the city center at Guilin Train Station to the hill take about 4 minutes and cost about 10 to 14 RMB (1.50 to 2.00 USD).

Walk: It would take about half an hour to walk from Guilin Station (桂林站 Guìlín Zhàn). See more about Transport in Guilin.

Private Transport Service

Private TourOur private Guilin transportation is a convenient alternative to public transport.

If you would prefer not to take public transport, then consider China Highlights. We are based in Guilin and know every nook and cranny and ins and outs. Our drivers can get you there, quickly, comfortably, and in style.

If you are planning on coming to Guilin or Yangshuo, you can contact our local travel guides easily by phone or online. We can provide free travel advice or help you arrange a trip. See more about our private transport services.

Entrance and Hours

Elephant Trunk HillElephant Trunk Hill

Good to Know

Nearby Attractions

Bird's Eye View Of Guilin from Fubo HillOur guests at Fubo Hill's top. It has a nice city view.

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