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Guizhou Weather & Climate (Best Time to Visit)

Guizhou Weather & Climate (Best Time to Visit)

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Nov. 13, 2023
Guizhou enjoys a cool climateGuizhou enjoys a cool climate

Guizhou Province has a temperate, humid subtropical monsoon climate, with neither severe winters nor hot summers. The hottest day occurs in late July, and the coldest in early January.

The rainy season here, however, can last half a year, especially concentrated in late spring and early summer. Umbrellas should be kept at the ready when traveling around Guizhou.

  • Name: Guizhou Province
  • Capital city: Guiyang
  • Climate: humid subtropical monsoon climate
  • Annual average temperature: 15 °C (59 °F)
  • Annual rainfall: 1,197 mm (47 inches)
  • Relative humidity: 77%
  • Frost-free period: about 270 days

The Best Time to Visit Guizhou

Guizhou has splendid sceneryGuizhou has splendid scenery

The pleasant weather in Guizhou makes it suitable for visiting all year round. The scenery is most splendid in summer and autumn, and these are the best seasons for visiting natural attractions. If you are interested in ethnic customs, the best time to go is during spring, when many local festivals are celebrated.

The peak seasons are May Day holidays (the first week of May), National Day holidays (the first week of October) and summer holidays (July and August). There are sure to be more travelers then, but the weather is most suitable for traveling at those times, and you can carry less baggage for warmer temperatures.

If you are going to visit Guizhou during peak season, you are highly recommended to confirm your tour as early as possible and let us help you book tickets and hotels. Your guide will try her or his best to keep you away from the crowds.

Seasonal Weather and Travel Ideas

Local people celebrating Sisters Meal FestivalLocal people celebrating Sisters Meal Festival


Spring is from March to May.

Weather: Warm but changeable, with some short cold spells. Rainfall is frequent but is mostly drizzle.

Clothing: Prepare shirts, light sweaters, coats and umbrellas.

Things to do: Spring is the time for sowing and outings. In Guizhou's ethnic minority villages, there will be plenty of festivals to celebrate spring, including the lively Lusheng Festival and Sisters' Meal Festival. Taking a minority festival tour would be one good option.


Huangguoshu Waterfall has larger water flow in summerHuangguoshu Waterfall has larger water flow in summer

Summer is from June to September.

Weather: Guizhou boasts comfortable summer weather, located as it is in a mountainous region and endowed with abundant forests. It is not excessively hot, with fresh air and abundant rain which mostly falls at night. The hottest month is July, with average temperatures of 24 °C (75 °F).

Clothing: Any summer clothes will do, such as shorts, shirts and skirts, but it is also recommended to bring a light coat for the evenings and even a sweater for visiting mountainous areas.

Things to do: Summer is good for visiting some natural wonders, such as Huangguoshu Waterfalls, for the water then is abundant and the scenery most magnificent. Summer is also the peak season, however, and famous attractions will certainly attract more visitors. Taking a private tour to visit some less famous minority villages might be a good option.

Don't know where to go? Check the top minority villages in Guizhou.


Guizhou autumnGuizhou autumn

Autumn is short, from October to November.

Weather: The weather feels cooler with autumn breezes and there is more drizzle.

Clothing: Some thicker jackets, coats or sweaters should be on hand.

Things to do: The first week of October is the national holiday, which is the most crowded period for Guizhou. But after this period, there are relatively few visitors. With good scenery and less rainfall, autumn can be an excellent period to visit Guizhou's natural and cultural attractions.


Winter is from December to February.

Weather: Wet, cold and gloomy in Guizhou, but not very windy. The drizzle seems endless and the humidity makes it feel cold, even though temperatures are not excessively low.

Clothing: Prepare a thick sweater and overcoat or down-jacket, and don't forget your umbrella.

Things to do: Winter is not the peak season, which means there will be far fewer visitors. If you don't mind the freezing weather, come around the first lunar month (late January to February) and celebrate New Year with local people.

Visit Guizhou at the Right Time with Us

Enjoy the scenery and climate of GuizhouEnjoy the scenery and climate of Guizhou

No matter whether you prefer natural wonders or minority customs, you will get what you want in Guizhou. Please tell us your preferences, and we can offer advice about the best time and itinerary for you.

Consult the following itineraries for ideas about what's possible, but remember: everything can be customized.

For yet more, check our latest Guizhou tours.

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