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 Harbin Weather in August

Harbin Weather in August

Written by GavinUpdated Jul. 18, 2023
Harbin Chinese Russian MarketThe Chinese Russian Market

Weather: August is the second hottest month and the rainiest month of the year in Harbin, but since the weather is relatively cooler and more pleasant compared to most other cities in China, Harbin is a summer destination for many Chinese tourists. The average nightly low temperature is 16 °C (61 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 26 °C (79 °F). Tourists can enjoy 8 hours of sunshine a day.

Sixty percent of the precipitation each year falls in July and August. It rains 12 days of the month for a monthly total of 121 mm.

Clothing: For traveling in August, summer clothes will do for the day, but you might need a jacket or a sweater at night. Bring an umbrella or rain coat, and see the weather forecast for Harbin>>

Things to Do in Harbin in August

Shop at the Chinese-Russian Market

Chinese-Russian Market Area: It is the best place to look for discounts on Russian and Chinese products that tourists like. You can find bargains and haggle for a wide variety of products. There are five cross streets with shops and two large indoor halls with a mixture of Chinese and Russian products such as Russian dolls, vodka, Chinese antiques and jewelry and special foods from both countries.

Russians and Chinese come to shop and trade. Be careful about fake products! The stores and restaurants are open every day from before noon until 11 pm. This market area is at 29 Jianshe Jie Street.

Shop and Sightsee Along Central Street

Harbin Central Shopping StreetCentral Shopping Street

Harbin Central Market Street: Another place to go closeby to shop and sightsee is this cobblestone pedestrian shopping street in the center of the city. It is an interesting tourist street for sightseeing and a summer walk.

This central part of Harbin was the original city that was built by foreigners. There are Russian buildings and buildings built by other foreigners in the whole area to see. There are different kinds of architectural styles, and the buildings have been refurbished by the Chinese.

The shopping street is more than a kilometer long, and many restaurants and stores were built inside the old buildings. There are also two modern malls including the French Carrefour. The prices for the products aren't as low as those at the Russian Chinese Market, but this street is meant more for enjoyment. Russian and Chinese souvenirs, furs, vodka, Russian chocolates, and other special imported products are available. There are Russian restaurants and other international restaurants. It is called Zhongyang Dajie in Chinese.

See Siberian Tigers and Other Cats

Siberian Tiger Park: A few kilometers away from Central Market Street and across the river, there is a big cat preserve. It is another of Harbin's favorite summer attractions. There are hundreds of Siberian tigers. This species of tiger is the largest species of cats, and they can weigh 225 kilograms or 500 pounds. These animals are housed in a 250 acre park along with many other lions, Bengal tigers, pumas and other big cats.

Their Siberian tiger breeding program has been successful. This breeding may be a way to preserve the species from extinction since a only a few hundred of them remain in the wild in Russia. Visitors can ride in vans into their field and feed them.

Touring Harbin in August

Siberian TigerSiberian Tiger Park

Shoulder Travel Season

August is a moderate travel and tourism season. Schools and universities have summer break, so more students and their families are traveling. Prices are moderate for tickets and accommodations. We can help you book your hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets by our experience. See our train schedule and ticket information for useful information.

For your convenience and enjoyment, we can arrange a private driver and vehicle for you.

Arrange Your Tour!

Our clients can design their tour in Harbin and throughout China. Tell us where you'd want to go, and we can arrange the tickets, accommodations, and travel details for your group. 

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