Harbin Weather - Best Time to Visit

Harbin Weather - Best Time to Visit

By Candice SongUpdated Nov. 26, 2021

Harbin has a cold continental climate, with long dry and frozen winters and short humid and warm summers. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons which last for a short time with rapid changes of temperature.

The Best Time to Visit Harbin

The best time to visit Harbin is from December to February, when the weather is continuously freezing cold and Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival as well as winter sports, scenery, and activities can be enjoyed.

The Ice Festival usually runs from December 25 to late February. On January 5, it's formally open to the public with a firework display and other festivities. Visiting Harbin on Christmas Day or January 5, you can enjoy the greatest atmosphere in Harbin. 

Harbin Average Temperature by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (ºC) -13 -8 2 13 22 27 29 27 21 13 0 -10
Low (ºC) -25 -21 -11 0 8 14 19 17 9 0 -11 -20
High (ºF) 8 17 34 55 70 79 83 80 69 54 32 14
Low (ºF) -13 -7 12 32 45 57 65 61 48 32 12 -5


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Winter in Harbin (November–March)

Winter is the popular tourist season in Harbin, with ice and snow remaining unmelted from December to February, as it stays well below freezing. Harbin is at the same latitude as Montreal, Canada, but much colder and drier.

Keeping warm: It is necessary to wear down jackets, thermal underwear, snow boots, hats, scarves, and gloves — basically dress for Arctic conditions. Because the weather is very dry, it is suggested that you use lip balm and moisturizer. Maybe wear a mask to protect your nose from frostbite. More about keeping warm in Harbin.

Things to Do in Winter

Harbin Ice and Snow WorldHarbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin is at its most beautiful and lively in the winter. All kinds of snow activities are popular attractions. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is the most attractive winter event.

  • Visit the Ice and Snow World — Harbin Ice and Snow Festival’s primary venue
  • Ski in Yabuli Ski Resort — China’s best and largest ski resort
  • Play with snow at China Snow Town — the best place to feel the charm of snow
Things to Do in Harbin
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Related Weather Information

Spring in Harbin (April–May)

The weather is dry and windy, with changeable temperatures that may rise and fall by 20°C (36°F) daily, including windchill. Rainfall increases from low to moderate amounts. It gets warmer quickly over April and May.

What to wear: Prepare a warm coat, sweaters, and layers. Wearing light layers is most practical, which are easy to take on and off and stow in a backpack in the changeable weather.

Things to Do in Spring

In the spring season, when Harbin’s plants come back to life, parks are good places to go for blooming flowers, such as:

  • Zhaolin Park — beautiful winter jasmine
  • Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden — peony, tulip, apricot blossom, etc.
  • Guliyuan (Ancient Pear Garden) — pear blossom

More weather information: Harbin Weather in April; Harbin Weather in May

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Summer in Harbin (June–August)

Harbin is hot and humid, but not as hot as other major cities in China, so Harbin is also a good summer resort. 60% of the annual rainfall happens in July and August, but it’s still only moderate amounts.

What to wear: Prepare summer clothes, such as T-shirts, skirts, and shorts and sun protection. You should bring a light jacket and trousers in case you feel cool in the early mornings or evenings. Carry an umbrella, which is handy for both rain and sun protection.

Things to Do in Summer

St. Sophia CathedralSt. Sophia Cathedral

In summer, you may want to visit some cool places in the middle of the day and seeing the architecture at dusk is recommended.

  • Visit Sun Island to see the Ice and Snow Gallery.
  • Go to Central Street to appreciate the beautiful night views of European-styled buildings and search for Harbin snacks in the evening.
  • Catch the charming beauty of St. Sophia Cathedral.

More detailed weather information: Harbin Weather in June; Harbin Weather in July; Harbin Weather in August

Autumn (September–October)

Again, the weather is very changeable in fall, with big temperature differences between day and night. The first snow comes between mid-October and early-November, and temperatures even quicker after the first snow. Rainfall is moderate to low.

What to wear: Light layers are always practical and convenient for taking on and off in the changeable weather. In September, prepare long-sleeve T-shirts and trousers for the day, and a sweater/jacket for early morning and evening. Prepare sweaters, an overcoat, and other warm winter clothes for October.

Things to Do in Autumn

central streetCentral Street

Outdoor activities are perfect for autumn, like:

  • Go to Volga Manor — an exotic garden themed with Russian buildings
  • See the red leaves all over the mountain in Fenghuangshan Mountain National Forest Park
  • Visit St. Sophia Cathedral — magnificent Harbin’s landmark
  • Wander on Central Street — shop, food, and old architecture of various styles

More detailed weather information: Harbin Weather in September; Harbin Weather in October

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Harbin Average Monthly Temperatures

Harbin Average Monthly Temperatures

Harbin Average Monthly Precipitation (in)

Harbin Average Monthly Precipitation

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