Repulse Bay Hong Kong — Introduction, Guide and Tour Plan

Repulse Bay Hong Kong is distinguished as one of Hong Kong's longest public beaches at about 500 meters. It is quite clean and with good life guard surveillance and bathrooms. It is in front of one of Hong Kong's richest residential and shopping areas. So it is likely that if you go there, you might be with millionaires. The beach and stores are busy in summer and not busy in winter.

If you want to go to a public beach in Hong Kong, go for a swim, or take a shoreline walk and include some fine dining and upscale shopping, this is the place to go. The views are nice.

We at China Highlights have put together some Repulse Bay touring information, tips, and summer and winter half-day tour plans.

What Is Repulse Bay Hong Kong?

Repulse BayRepulse Bay
  • Length of shoreline: About 1.3 kilometers stretch
  • Beach area: about 500 meters long by 80 meters wide

It is big public beach with good facilities and shoreline restaurants and shops in a luxurious, expensive residential area. It is one of the 40 public beaches of Hong Kong.

It is popular with local residents because of its proximity to the crowded residential areas of northern and western Hong Kong Island. Mainland Chinese tourists come for sightseeing and shopping mainly on weekends (especially Sunday) and holidays.

Clean: Part of the reason Repulse Bay is so popular is because the water and beach are clean. The bay is on Hong Kong Island's southern coast and is out of the way of much of the water pollution from China. Of all the beaches with public facilities such as bathrooms and lifeguards, this is one of the cleaner ones.

Special ritzy feel: Some of Hong Kong's and China's richest people live in the condos and on the hills around the beach. For upscale shopping, there is the Pulse Mall. The quality and cost of the restaurants reflects the income of the residents.

For its size, the quality of the free public facilities, and excellent sunsets, it is worth a visit even if the shopping is not in your budget range.

Top Highlights of Repulse Bay

Sun bathing in Repulse BaySun bathing in Repulse Bay

For your visit, we recommend seeing these highlights and doing these things.

  • In the summer and early fall, enjoy the beach and a swim.
  • Enjoy the restaurants and cafes.
  • Shop if you want.
  • Walk from Deep Water Beach to Repulse Bay.
  • Enjoy the evening at Repulse Bay.

In the suggested summer and winter Half-Day Tour Plans sections below, we detail some tips and suggestions for having an optimal half-day tour in the summer and winter seasons. Most people want to avoid the crowds of summer, so our plan below helps you do that.

Suggested Half-Day Tour Plan for the Summer

Summer (High) Season Beach/Dining Plan (July and August)

Visit Repulse Bay in summerVisit Repulse Bay in summer

Go there in the morning: The Chinese crowds and children arrive later in the morning. So you can enjoy the beach and a swim in the morning and then have lunch and shop when the crowds come in to the beach. Try to avoid weekends and holidays and the busiest season when the students are on vacation from about the middle of July to early September if you can. Try to arrive around 9 or 10 am.

Transport: For public transport, we recommend taking the MTR to Admiralty Station and then taking a bus to the beach. The transfer station for the Tsuen Wan Line (through Tsim Sha Tsui) and the Island Line (from Central Station) is Admiralty Station. However taxis from Central are relatively quick. See the Travel Essentials information below.

Bus: Bus 6, 6A, or 6X all originate from the Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus and stop at Admiralty. You can take them mid-route from Admiralty MTR Station, Exit C1. To see some scenery, take 6 since it goes on Repulse Bay Road. The 6A and 6X go through the Aberdeen Tunnel. Get off mid-route at "Repulse Bay Beach" bus stop. Lots of passengers will probably get off there with you.

Repulse bayRepulse bay

Our travel advisors can help with purchases and private transport. We can facilitate a whole Half-Day Hong Kong Island Tour — covering the highlights of Hong Kong Island such as Repulse Bay, Ocean Park and Victoria Peak. You tell us your ideas, and well create a tour including Repulse Bay suited for you. We can accommodate you by assisting your Hong Kong visit in other ways according to your plans. We take care of the tickets and transportation.

Get an Octopus card: Hong Kong is fairly unique in the world because you can purchase a card that you can swipe to pay for MTR and bus fares, and it can also be used to pay for many other things such as purchases at convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.

The card allows people to travel without standing in line to buy tickets. Cardholders simply swipe their cards, and their fares are deducted electronically. You can buy these at the MTR station ticket windows and then use them for more convenience. No ID is required to buy one, and you can add money as you wish and return the card to a station window for some money back.

Summer Morning at Repulse Bay — Get Wet and a Tan

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

Enjoy the beach: You can change in one of the public bathroom and changing facilities. The Chinese tourist crowds, especially those coming in on tour buses, usually stay out of the water. They just see the scenery along the beach and sit on the beach.

Have lunch: By this time, you might want to rest and have lunch. In The Pulse mall, we recommend Shoku for Japanese seafood.

Summer Afternoon — Shop or Walk to Deep Water Bay

At other times of the year, the sunsets at Repulse Bay are something to wait for and enjoy the beach or outside dining in one of the restaurants. You could, however, book a dinner seat at one of the good restaurants to enjoy an evening meal when the scenery and sunsets are beautiful. We can help with reservations.

Optional shoreline walk: After lunch and shopping, you could walk over to less crowded Deep Water Bay along the pedestrian walkway in about half an hour. This beach is smaller and less popular with tourists. But locals love it as a place for bar-b-ques with good public facilities such as bathrooms and showers. You might want to spend the afternoon there and then go back to Repulse Bay for dinner or more shopping.

Transport back: To get back to Central from Deep Water Bay, the bus takes about 20 minutes (about 7 HKD).

Suggested Half-Day Tour Plan for the Winter Season

Low Season Beach/Dining Plan

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

Go there around noon: Starting around the middle of October, the crowds are much fewer. So you can enjoy an afternoon at the beach and a swim when it is warmest. Try to avoid weekends and holidays.

Our travel advisors can help with booking lunch or dinner reservations and private transport.

Fall, Winter, Spring Afternoon — Shop and Dine

Enjoy the sunset. The beach faces west. If it is warm, you can enjoy the beach or outside dining at one of the restaurants. We can help with reservations.

Travel Tips and Essentials for Planning a Trip

The Best Time for a Visit

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

September to November are good months for a visit to Repulse Bay. To avoid crowds but still enjoy summer weather, try to go in September after schools begin in the first week of September. September is rainier than the rest of the fall. It is generally warm and dry in Hong Kong in October through the beginning of November, and the water stays warm enough for swimming. December's weather is usually sunny and dry too. Some people still swim in December.

You are recommended to avoid China's National Day (October 1st to 7th) when a large number of tourists go there from mainland China.

Transportation — Getting There

Location: Repulse Bay Road on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. Ocean Park and Aberdeen are about 3 kilometers to the west.

Mass Transit Railway (MTR): For Repulse Bay, you can take bus 6, 6A, or 6X (express). They all originate from the Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus. In Central, you can take 6, 6A, 6X, or 260 from near MTR Hong Kong Station, Exit D to Repulse Bay Beach stop. But for faster transport, if you can, take 6, 6A or 6X from Admiralty MTR Station, Exit C1.

Taxi: From Central, taxis go to Repulse Bay in about 20 minutes, and the price is about 20 USD.


Repulse BayRepulse Bay

Lifeguards are on duty from March through November.

  • The lifeguard schedule: People can go anytime to the beach, but the lifeguards have a schedule. 1. April to May, September to October: about 9am–6pm. 2. June to August: about 9am–6pm (Monday–Friday), 8am–7pm (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). 3. November and March: about 8am–5pm. 4. December to February: Lifeguard services are not available.

Public facilities such as the showers and bathrooms are good and free for the public to use.

Other facilities include a playground, barbecue grills and a beach volleyball area.

Parking: There is a public parking lot that requires a fee for parking.

Nearby Attractions

Ocean Park in Hong KongOcean Park only a few kilometers away is excellent place to visit as well.
  • Victoria Peak is the highest peak on Hong Kong Island. It is the best spot to have a bird's-eye view of Victoria Harbor.
  • Ocean Park is Hong Kong's most popular theme park and amusement park. It is only about three kilometers or two miles to the west.
  • Aberdeen is a world-famous travel spot. It has floating seafood restaurants and is about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) west of Repulse Bay.

Touring Repulse Bay Hong Kong with Us

Repulse Bay is a place you can go with your children. Please feel free to contact us if you want to include Repulse Bay in your Hong Kong tour.

Hong Kong with your childrenRepulse Bay beach with your children.

We can design a tour that combines visiting Repulse Bay with Ocean Park and other highlights in Hong Kong that you specify.

Here are two Hong Kong day tours related to the area around Repulse Bay for your reference:

  • One-Day Hong Kong Ocean Park Tour Package: We take care of the tickets and transportation to save you time and energy. You might enjoy a day there and an evening at Repulse Bay. We recommend Ocean Park for children.
  • Half-Day Hong Kong Island Tour: You will admire the ultimate view of Hong Kong Island's renowned skyline. Visiting Aberdeen in the evening for dinner on a boat is a good way to end a day at Repulse Bay.

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We recommend Repulse Bay as one of Hong Kong's Top Ten Beaches. A small and clean beachfront area with restaurants that we recommend is better suited for small children is Tung Wan Beach on Ma Wan Island.