Hong Kong Ocean Park - Introduction, Guide and Tour Plan
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Hong Kong Ocean Park - Introduction, Guide and Tour Plan

By CindyUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong's great visitor attractions, but it can get highly crowded, lines can get long, and it is a large, complex and growing park with many facilities. It can be confusing to navigate.

We at China Highlights want you to enjoy your trip, so we've put together some Ocean Park touring information, tips, and suggestions to help you have a great memorable day in Hong Kong's most popular theme park.

Ocean Park EntranceOcean Park entrance

In our tour plan below, we provide a recommended tour plan of Ocean Park Hong Kong's best features as well as details about the highlights in the parks 8 theme zones and important travel and visiting information.

What Is Ocean Park?

It is a lot of things packed into about a square kilometer (1/3 of a square mile) of hill and coast on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, conveniently close to Central. It has modern world-class thrill rides, state of the art aquariums, and zoo areas for both land and aquatic animals. It is a place for all ages to enjoy with shows, entertainment, souvenir shops, and educational exhibits in a scenic parkland and ocean setting.

Special non-businessy feel: Unlike other theme parks, this park is not a for profit business. It is a public service, and construction was funded by donations by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. So the park is much more orientated to education and wildlife conservation research, and they take better care of the animals. For the size and the quality, you'll find the prices are lower.

What are Ocean Park's Highlights?

For your visit, we recommend seeing these highlights and doing these things as priorities in this order starting when the park opens. These are the things special and excellent and that really stand out from similar parks.

Our Suggested Ocean Park Day Tour Plan

Here we detail some tips and suggestions for having an optimal one-day Ocean Park tour.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Touring Map


Ocean Park Hong KongOcean Park Hong Kong

Get there early and when it isn't busy: The Chinese crowds arrive later in the morning. So try to be there before the park opens at 10 and definitely avoid the busy holidays and weekends. Try to purchase your tickets directly online or through agents before you go.

Transport: For public transport, we recommend taking the MTR to Ocean Park Station. The transfer station for the Tsuen Wan Line (through Tsim Sha Tsui) and the Island Line (from Central Station) is Admiralty Station. Simply go 1 stop in about 20 minutes. However taxis from Central are relatively quick and inexpensive. See the Transport information below.

China Highlights' agents can help with purchases and private transport. We can facilitate a whole One-Day Hong Kong Ocean Park Tour as per the described Tour Plan or accommodate you in assisting your Hong Kong visit in other ways according to your plans. We take care of the tickets and transportation.

Get an Octopus card: Hong Kong is fairly unique in the world because you can purchase a card that you can swipe to pay for MTR and bus fares, and it can also be used to pay for many other things such as purchases at supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants.

The card allows people to travel without standing in line to buy tickets. Cardholders simply swipe their cards and their fares are deducted electronically. You can buy these at the MTR station ticket windows and then use them for more convenience to pay for things in the park.

No ID is required to buy one, and you can add money as you wish and return the card to a station window for some money back.

App: Get the app for your phone if you want since WIFI is free.

Morning Tour Route - Animals Wet and Dry

A panda in Ocean ParkA panda in Ocean Park

Go to the best first: Go to the Waterfront Section first and enjoy the Panda Adventure and the other Asian Animals including the rare species. Then go to the Aqua City Zone and visit the Grand Aquarium. Optional things to see are the Australian animals and the carp and goldfish in the same zone.  

Have lunch: By this time, you might want to rest and have lunch. We recommend for prices and also for children (though the food is fine for everyone) Panda Café in the Amazing Asian Animals area.

Afternoon Tour Route - Head for the Summit

Then go up to the Summit Section for the thrill rides and the other five zones. We recommend that you take the train up since by this time, the tram will be crowded. The train can handle about 5,000 riders an hour. It is scenic too.

See the Sea Jelly Spectacular and/or Polar Adventure

Then choose one of the roller coasters and rides you like. Doing more than one big ride will take up more time. If you have time, see the sea mammal perform in Sea World. 

Then take the tram down for a very scenic afternoon view. Try to go down it before the lines get long for the tram before closing.

Get down before closing: If you started in the morning, by this time, after all the animals and rides, you might be tired and getting down earlier instead of having a hassle with busy crowds at closing makes sense.

What Is the Layout of Ocean Park Hong Kong?

The WaterfrontThe Waterfront

Ocean Park is divided into the Waterfront section and the Summit section. The two parts are connected by the Ocean Express and a cable car.

8 theme zones:

The 3 in the Waterfront Section are: Amazing Asian Animals, Aqua City, and Whiskers Harbour.

The 5 in the Summit Section are: Marine World, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land, Polar Adventure, and Rainforest.

Each zone has a diverse selection of rides, animal exhibits, and shows. We have listed some highlights below.

The 3 Zones in the Waterfront Section

Aqua City

Amazing Asian Animals

A panda in Ocean ParkA panda in Ocean Park

Whiskers Harbour

The 5 Zones in the Summit Section

Marine World

Ocean ParkA dolphin show in Ocean Park

Thrill Mountain

Adventure Land

Ocean Park in Hong KongOcean Park in Hong Kong

Polar Adventure


Ocean Park

There are some interesting shows in different theaters including the Amazing Bird Theatre, Ocean Theatre, Symbio!, and Whiskers Theatre.

Travel Tips and Essentials for Planning a Trip

The Best Time for a Visit

October and November are good months for a visit to Ocean Park. It is usually warm and dry in Hong Kong. December's weather is usually sunny and dry too. You are recommended to avoid China's National Day (October 1st to 7th) when a large number of tourists go there from mainland China.

Hours and Ticket Prices

The park is open from 10am to 6pm. Prices change almost annually.

Transportation - How to Get to Ocean Park

Ocean ParkOcean Park

Location: It is near Wong Chuk Hang in Hong Kong Island’s Southern District. It is on the other side of Victoria Peak from the main Hong Kong city urban area.

Mass Transit Railway (MTR): You can take the South Island Line to get to Ocean Park Station. It takes about 14 minutes to get from Admiralty Station to the Hong Kong Ocean Park including a 6 minute walk.

Public bus: Passengers may use any of the Aberdeen Tunnel bus routes and walk to the park from the Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza bus stop.

Taxi: From Central, taxis go to Ocean Park in about 9 to 12 minutes and prices start at about 13 USD

How to Get Around Ocean Park - Ocean Express, Cable Car

Internal transport includes a tram and internal park rail ferry people for sighting and transportation to marine park.

Between the Summit and the Waterfront sections, you can take the Ocean Express rail system or the cable car. The cable car gives you good views of the ocean and surrounding area, and the Ocean Express has interesting and exciting underwater views. You can't walk between these areas.

Nearby Attractions

Tour Hong Kong with China Highlights

Hong Kong with your childrenHong Kong is a great city to enjoy with your children.

Ocean Park is a good place to visit with your children. Please feel free to contact us if you want to include the park in your Hong Kong tour. We will be very glad to design a tour that combines the park and other highlights in Hong Kong.

Here are two Hong Kong day tours related to Ocean Park for your reference:

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