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4-Day Trekking in the Yellow Mountains

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The Yellow Mountains are some of the most magnificent mountains in China. A trekking tour will allow you to hike down to the less-traveled paths to appreciate the undisturbed beauty away from the tourists. You will know why “climbing Huangshan” is on most Chinese people’s bucket list.


  • Hike up and down the mountains to admire the all-inclusive beauty
  • Explore the off-the-beaten track in West Sea Grand Canyon
  • Watch the sunset and sunrise from the best positions on the mountains
  • Stroll on Tunxi Ancient Street to search and bargain for trinkets

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  • Your own China-Highlights-trained, versatile and knowledgeable tour guide
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  • Hand-picking of hotels for your requirements
  • Hotel breakfasts arranged, and local restaurant lunches ordered, to suit you
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 Huangshan Arrival

Once you arrive, you will receive a warm welcome from your personal guide outside the luggage claim area. Your professional private driver will transfer you directly to your hotel. They will go the extra mile, making sure you have everything you need. Have a good rest and prepare for the following adventure.

Good to know:
Travel light! Please take a small bag or backpack for your overnight stay on the mountain. Your guide will assist you to store big suitcase in your hotel in Tunxi for free. You can collect it on your way back. You can also store the luggage at the foot of the mountains. The cost is about CNY20 (US$4) for each piece.

One night in Tunxi: Huangshan International Hotel (4-star)/Huangshan Libre Resorts (5-star).

Day 2 Hike up the Yellow Mountains via the Eastern Steps

Today's trek is about 10.5 kilometers (6.5 miles) and takes approximately five hours.

After breakfast, you will be driven to the foot of the Yellow Mountains and start your trek from the Yungu Temple. Ascend the mountains via the Eastern Steps and you will trek pass several natural peculiarly-shaped rocks, especially the Stone Table and the peak of the Immortal Pointing the Way. It takes about three hours to arrive at the White Goose Ridge. After a rest and a buffet lunch in a hotel, you will continue on to the Flying-over Rock and the Bright Top for approximately three hours in the afternoon. The sunset at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion is a highlight. Enjoy a buffet dinner at your hotel to regain some strength.

One night on the mountain: Shilin Hotel (4-star)/Xihai Hotel — South Wing/New Wing (5-star).

Good to know:
To save time and strength, you can take Yungu Cable Car to go up (10 minutes) and Yuping Cable Car to go down (15 minutes). The cost is CNY80 (US$13) per person for Yungu and CNY90 (US$14) per person for Yuping.

Day 3 Trek in the West Sea Grand Canyon
The West Sea Grand Canyon Hiking

Today's trek is about 12.5 kilometers (7.8 miles) and takes approximately six hours.

After watching the sunrise at the Refreshing Terrace, hike to the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion and then down to the West Sea Grand Canyon. The hiking trip covers the most essential parts — the 1st ring, 2nd ring, Button, Plunk Way, and Fairy-Walking Bridge — taking about five hours to finish the circuit. Lunch will be arranged flexibly by your guide. It takes about one hour to hike to Baiyun Hotel. Enjoy buffet dinner at the hotel.

Good to know:
Short Cut. From the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion to the button of West Sea Crand Canyon, it's down stairs all the way and some sections are very narrow and steep. Therefore, trekking in the West Sea Grand Canyon can be a big challenge, especially to your knees. A monorail is available to help you save time and strength. It runs between the bottom of the Canyon and the main peak area, which is about 300 meters (0.2 miles) from the Baiyun Hotel. The 893 meters (0.6 miles) takes less than five minutes and the cost is CNY80 (US$13) per person.

One night on the mountains: Baiyun/Tianhai Hotel (4-star).

Day 4 Hike Down the Yellow Mountains via the Western Steps and Departure
The Greeting-guests Pine

You will trek about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) which takes about six hours.

After watching the sunrise at the Bright Top, you will hike to the One Hundred Ladders for one hour and then to the Jade Screen Pavilion to see the famous Greeting-guests Pine. Then hike to the steepest peak of the mountains, Celestial Capital Peak, for about two hours and then down to the base at Lima Temple for approximately two hours.

After the physically demanding adventure, it’s time to relax and have a nice lunch at Tunxi Ancient Street.

Your private guide and driver will accompany you to your station or the airport for your next destination.

Trip Notes

1. Trekking Map (click to enlarge)

Map of Yellow Mountain

2. Tailoring Your Tour

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, extend or shorten it to suit your price, interest, and schedule. If you would like to book the hotels on your own, we can remove the hotel cost from quotation. Please inform your travel advisor about your preference.

Simple fun to enrich your itinerary:

Overnight trains from Shanghai arrive in the morning. Flights from Shanghai and buses from Hangzhou usually arrive in the afternoon. Flights to Shanghai and Xian depart in the late evening. Here are some additional options to fill in the possible gap:

  1. Huangshan Hot Spring
    Duration: about 2-3 hours
    Huangshan Hot Spring is at the foot of the Yellow Mountains. There are various pools with different scents and healing properties: rose, lavender, jasmine, green tea, and coffee, among others. It’s a perfect way to refresh and recover after hiking on the mountains and a wonderful treat to experience in winter. (You will be supplied with towels, shower gel, shampoo, hair dryers, brushes, flip flops, and lockers at the hot spring. All you need to take is your swimsuit).
  2. Xidi-Hongcun Ancient Pathway
    Duration: about 3 hours
    This pathway was newly developed at the end of 2014 between Huangshan’s prettiest two ancient villages. With a length of 8 kilometers (5 miles), this route allows you to hike through the most rural areas to see quiet villages, paddy fields, mulberry fields, tea plantations, and bamboo forests. Since Hongcun Village is on a higher terrain than Xidi Village, it's recommended to walk from Hongcun to Xidi to make the hiking more relaxing.
  3. Rural Experience in Xuanyuan Farm
    Duration: about 3-4 hours
    Harvest fresh vegetables from the fields, see how rapeseed oil is squeezed in the traditional way, grind soybeans on a stone mill to make tofu with you own hands, and taste the fruits of your labor for lunch. It will be a unique and fun experience for both children and adults.

Options to further extend your tour:

  1. Enjoy more scenic hiking
    If trekking in the Yellow Mountains can’t quench your thirst for natural beauty, one day of Xin’an River Hiking will satisfy you perfectly. Xin’an River is renowned for its elegant riverside scenery on both sides. You will hike for about 10 kilometers (6 miles) and the hike will take 4–5 hours. During the hike, you will stop off at a primary school and a local family’s home in the countryside, which will enable you to learn more about the local people’s life in the region. We can also arrange biking along the riverbank for you, which is more relaxing and takes about two hours.
    Recommended months: April is the perfect time to see yellow rape flowers in full bloom; May is the harvest time for ripe loquats; September and October are the best times to taste tangerines along the way and admire the chrysanthemums.
  2. Discover some cultural vibes
    There are many beautiful ancient villages around Huangshan.
    With a history of over 800 years, this charming village will show you the original Hui style architecture (a type of traditional Chinese architecture) and everlasting stories left behind.
    As a World Cultural Heritage site, Xidi was first built 900 years ago in the Song Dynasty. Its traditional architectures are well preserved.
    The autumn scene at Tachuan Village is one of the most picturesque places imaginable with the leaves of its ancient old trees turning red and yellow. Tachuan is only 10 minutes away by car from Hongcun. Remember to arrange it together with Hongcun if you are arriving in November.
    Chengkan is a living historical document of the application of feng shui principles into architecture. From a bird’s-eye view, twisted lanes, ancient drainage systems, and high walls create a maze-like layout.
    Shexian Tangyue Memorial Arches:
    Known as the "Town of Arches", Shexian is a must-see for fine examples of residential architecture and memorial arches from the Ming and Qing dynasties.
    The Bao Family Garden was a private garden, once owned by successful businessman Bao. It blends perfectly with the Tangyue Memorial Arches, and is a fascinating way to spend a few hours.

Feel free to tell us your requirements and interests, and we will be happy to help you arrange a trip with our professional knowledge and experience.

3. Reminder:

West Sea Grand Canyon, Celestial Capital Peak and Lotus Peak usually close from December to March of the following year due to the snowy weather. Guide will adjust the itinerary to cover other highlights to make most of your time.

4. More Trip Information

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