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Dounan Flower Market — Epicenter of China's Flower Market

The favorable climatic and geographical conditions enable Dounan Village of Kunming to become the biggest flower wholesale market in Asia.

Praised as "the epicenter of China's flower market", Dounan Flower Market is home to over 300 species of 4–6 million flowers or more, with a daily turnover reaching as high as 5.5 million RMB. Over 20 big companies, such as Yunnan Airlines, purchase flowers from Dounan Flower Market on a large scale, and millions of flowers are airlifted daily to over 10 domestic cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

Basic Facts about Dounan Flower Market

  • Chinese: 斗南花卉市场 Dǒunán Hāhuì Shìchǎng 'Dounan Flower Market'
  • Location: Yingbin Avenue, Dounan Village, Chenggong County, Kunming
  • Area: 8 sq km (3 sq mi)
  • Popular activities: enjoy diverse flowers, buy fresh cut flowers
  • Best times to visit: March to October, the best period for flowers
  • Open: 9:00am–6:00pm (retail), 8:00pm–2:00am (wholesale)
  • Recommended time for a visit: 1–4 hours

Why Dounan Flower Market?

Cut Flowers in YunnanCut Flowers in Yunnan

You'll be surprised by the countless varieties of flowers. More than 500 florist shops operate in the Trading Hall of the market, where you can not only see local flower species, such as roses and water lilies, but also you can appreciate exotic flowers like moth orchids, forget-me-nots, African daisies, and carnations, and they drench the air with an enchanting fragrance.

It's really enjoyable just strolling around the flower ocean and appreciating the colorful flowers.

You can make great deals. Compared with other flower markets in China, flower prices are considerably lower in Dounan Flower Market, where you can buy a bunch of carnations for 2 or 3 RMB.

Dounan Flower MarketDounan Flower Market

Discover the flower auction process in China. The Dounan market mainly provides two forms of trading: face-to-face trading and auctions. For those who are interested in knowing the flower auction process in the market, the best time to be there is before 3 o'clock in the morning while the trading is in full swing. Most flower vendors pull up their stakes and get out of there before lunchtime.

Contact a Kunming expert to customize your unique flower tour or take our 3-Day Kunming City Essence Tour to explore the Dounan Flower Market.

Highlights of Dounan Flower Market

As the epicenter of China's flower market, Dounan Flower Market has areas with different functions like its Cut Flower Trading Hall, Boutique Flowers Area, Souvenir House, hotels area, etc. with more than 10,000 people entering and trading every day.

Main Hall (Zhǔ Chǎngguǎn主场馆)

Open: 9am–6pm, 8:30pm–2am

The 1st floor of the main hall mainly sells cut flowers, green plants, vases, seedlings, small potted plants, and other items during daytime retail hours. While in the evening, you will be shocked by the vigor of the face-to-face transactions.

The 2nd floor of the main hall is a heaven for tiny succulent plants. You can DIY a pot of various succulent plants with your own creativity.

The 3rd floor of the main hall serves tasty local food at reasonable prices. Try some local food like crossing-the-bridge noodles during lunch time.

Tiny Succulent Plants at DounanTiny Succulent Plants at Dounan

Hall 1: Boutique Flowers (Huāhuì Jīngpǐn Guǎn 花卉精品馆)

Open: 9am–6pm

Hall 1 is the place where you can buy dried flowers, preserved flowers, flower product sachets, scented tea, flower soap, essential oils, dried flower frames, bouquets, artificial flowers, various vases, and all the floral materials needed for bouquets. In addition, you can experience China's floriculture.  

Hall 2: Souvenir House (Huādū Shǒuxìn Guǎn 花都手信馆)

Open: 9am–6pm

The Souvenir House provides the flower derivative products like dried flowers, artificial flowers, soft floral decorations, bamboo weaving, etc.

  • 1st floor: potted plants and silvers
  • 4th floor: mahogany furniture
  • 5th floor: an art museum of calligraphy and paintings; Su embroidery, cheongsams, hotel supplies, fans, ceramics, and other artworks

Dried Flowers at DounanDried Flowers at Dounan

Hall 3: Life & Art (Shēnghuó Yìshù Guǎn 生活艺术馆)

Open: 9am–6pm

In Hall 3, you will find ethnic clothing, wooden crafts, bamboo and rattan weavings, fish spas, beauty shops, restaurants, cafes, and other arty lifestyle businesses.

Hall 5: Ocean World (Xióngshī Tīng 雄狮厅)

Open: 9am–6pm

It is the place to experience an underwater world, and is suitable for families with children. There, you can enjoy seeing marine animals and attend different shows.

Other Buildings: Flower Culture and Art District (花卉文化艺术街区)

Open: 9am–midnight

This district contains various flower enterprises and shops, milk tea shops, snack shops, banks, pharmacies, and hotels.

Getting to Dounan Flower Market

Dounan Flower Market is about 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Kunming city center and can be reached by subway, bus, and taxi.

By Subway

Take subway line 1 or line 2 and get off at the Dounan Flower Market Station. Walk around 5–8 minutes to the market areas.

By Bus

Take public bus 170, 160, 183, or C6, and get off at Lianpengwei Village (Liànpéngwěi Cūn练朋尾村).

By Private Vehicle

If your main interest is in experiencing the busy flower trading, go there in the very early morning or late at night. A private vehicle (or taxi) service provides the convenience when public transportation is not running. It is not easy to find the right way if you are new to the flower market, and you may consider having a guide to provide directions and explanations. Contact our Kunming experts to arrange such a service.

Touring Dounan Flower Market with China Highlights

We can provide flower market tours for those who love to experience flowers and local life. Here are our most popular Kunming tours, which can be amended based on your requirements:

Feel free to tell us your requirements and let us design a unique flower trip for you.

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