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Longsheng Maps

Our Longsheng maps cover Longsheng's location in Guilin Prefecture, and the Longji Terrace Fields.

Longsheng' Location in Guilin

Longsheng is located in the northwest of Guilin prefecture, about 86 km from Guilin City. It is about 2 hours by bus from Guilin Bus Station.

Longji Terrace Fields Map

Longsheng is famous for its beautiful rice terraces and ethnic villages. The well-known Longji Terraced Fields are in Longsheng County. The terraced fields are built along the slope in steps from the riverside up to the high on the mountains, between 300 m and 800 m (1,000–2,600 ft) above sea level.

This map shows locations and photos of the main attractions and ethnic villages of the Longji Terraced Fields (including Longji's Ping'an Terraced Fields, The Jinkeng Red Yao Terraced Fields, and Longji Ancient Zhuang Village). Learn more about Longsheng attractions.

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