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Luoyang Shopping

Written by Kelly Pang Updated Jan. 11, 2021

Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty in Luoyang City 洛阳唐三彩

The tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty is a kind of glazed pottery made under low temperature that can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty. The glazed color includes yellow, green, white, brown, blue and black, etc. Among them, the colors of yellow, green and white are most often used. So it is usually called the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. As the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty was first found in Luoyang City and more pieces of pottery were discovered in this city than any other city, it is also called Luoyang tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. The tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty is complicated in craftsmanship. Its body is the skillfully processed kaolin. The coloring pigment of the glaze is composed of various minerals including copper, iron, cobalt, manganese and gold etc. Besides, a certain slag coming from lead smelting and lead ashes should be added into to the glaze pigment as assistant. Firstly the potter put the body into the kiln to roast it. After the body is done in a certain shape, it should be glazed. Then the glazed body should be put into the kiln again and fired until it soars to about 800 degree Celsius. The production of the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty can be dated back to more than 1300 years ago. It is embodied with the characteristics of the traditional handicraft and art of Chinese painting and sculpture. It is a kind of traditional art ware with unique Chinese style.

Where to Buy Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty

1. Lijingmen 丽景门

It is behind Zhenbutong Restaurant (真不同) East Zhongzhou Road Branch, is an art ware shop specially selling Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty. The products there are produced with unique and various styles, the shop is regarded as the first choice to buy Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty in Luoyang.
Address: Behind Zhenbutong Restaurant (369 East Zhongzhou Road, 中州东路369 号)

2. Wenxuan Art Ware Shop 文轩工艺品店

It is said this is the largest shops selling Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty in Luoyang City.
Address: Near Luoyang Longmen Ocean Pavilion (782 Longmen Avenue, Luoyang City, 洛阳市龙门大道782号), Li Tun Crossing, Longmen Avenue (龙门大道李屯路口)

Zhao Bingyan Copper Whistle 赵炳炎铜哨

Zhao Bingyan copper whistle is named after its creator Zhao Bingyan. It is a famous traditional product of Luoyang City. The whistle is 78 millimeters long and 17 millimeters wide. The air hole is 4 to 6 millimeters wide. It is made of fine copper and the small ball inside the whistle is made of qualified cork. It is beautiful in shape with smooth lines. If you blow it lightly, the sound is low and soft. If you blow it hardly, the sound is loud and sonorous. As the best choice for students taking exercises, army training and outdoor activities, it sells well home and abroad.

The Plum Jade 梅花玉

The plum jade is also called Ru Jade. It is produced only in Ruyang County, Luoyang City. It is named plum jade as there are colorful patterns of plum blossoms in the jade. During the condensation of the volcanic rock that develops into the plum jade, large amount of air form many blowholes in the shape of the almond in the rock. The blowholes are filled by many minerals later. When they are filled by the agate with iron, they look red. When filled with the allochite, they look yellow and green. When filled with the chlorite, they look dark green. When filled with the calcite or quartz, they look white or become transparent. After the jade is polished, the blowholes with all kinds of minerals form the pattern of the plum blossom. The handiwork of plum jade includes jade pendant, ink stone, pen container, tea set, coffee set and jade bracelet etc.

Bamboo Curtain in Luoning County 洛宁珠帘

The bamboo curtain can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty, including the door curtain and window curtain. It is rich in pattern, including the pattern of swallows, the curve pattern, the straight line pattern and the pattern of stars etc. The weaver will arrange the bamboo skillfully according to the bamboo joints and weave them into all kinds of beautiful patterns. In all these patterns, the pattern of swallows is the most famous one. The weaver makes good use of the natural green color of the bamboo and the light yellow color of the bamboo joints to form a bamboo picture of swallows. Looking fresh and beautiful, the picture attracts many people.

Luoyang Embroidery 洛绣

With a history of more than 2000 years, Luoyang embroidery is the traditional artwork of Luoyang City. The major raw material of Luoyang embroidery is textiles like the flax. It is weaved in unique technique with the help of some pharmaceuticals. The patterns are mainly people, flowers, birds, animals, landscape and gardens etc. It is bright in color and skillful in craftsmanship.

Luoyang Palace Lantern 洛阳宫灯

It is said that after Guangwu Emperor of the Dong Han Dynasty set the capital in Luoyang City, the palace was decorated with colorful lanterns to celebrate the unity of the country. Banquets were also held in the palace to thank the ministers and officials. Thus the lantern is named Palace Lantern. Later the craftsmanship of the palace lantern permeates among the ordinary public. There are great varieties of Luoyang Palace Lantern. The most commonly seen ones are white square lanterns, red round yarn lanterns, dragon head lanterns with six colors, butterfly lanterns, lanterns with the pattern of two dragons playing with a ball and arhat lanterns etc. Among them the red yarn lantern is more famous than any other one. It is beautiful in design. Both calligraphy and paintings can be done on it. The lantern can be easily fanned out and folded. Thus it is easy to keep. The lantern is rich in local characteristics.

Shopping Place for Gifts and Souvenirs

Luoyang Ancient Street (洛阳老街) is a unique street with buildings beside the street built in Ming and Qing styles. In this street, visitors not only buy some featured articles for gifts or souvenirs, but also can relish various kinds of local snacks.

Shopping Place for Clothing and Cosmetics

Xinduhui Business Center 新都汇

There are many shops offering clothing, shoes and bags and so on, both with famous brands and nameless brands. Inside the marketplace, there are many shops providing food. In basement 1, it is a Carrefour, visitors can buy products for their daily life in this large-scale supper market.

  • Address: at the crossing of South Shachang Road and Middle Zhongzhou Road, Xigong District (西工区沙场南路中州中路路口)
  • Tel: 0379-6310 6188

Wangfujing Department Store 王府井

It is a comprehensive department store providing clothing, bags, cosmetics and cases and so on with various brands. There is a supermarket on basement 1, where visitors can do some shopping for their daily life.

  • Address: 188 Middle Zhongzhou Road (中州中路188号)

Wanda Plaza 万达广场

Services for shopping, entertainment and eating are all available there. Visitors can buy various kinds of clothing and cosmetics, enjoy themselves in KTVs and cinemas.

  • Address: Liaoning Road (辽宁路)
  • Hours: (the shopping mall): 09:30–22:30

Watsons 屈臣氏

It is a supper market selling cosmetics, skin care products and articles for beauty.

  • Address: Floor 1, Wanda Plaza, 170 Liaoning Road, Jianxi District (涧西区辽宁路170号万达广场1楼)
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