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Pingyao Mingqing Street

Pingyao Mingqing StreetPingyao Mingqing Street

Pingyao Mingqing Street has been a commercial center of Shanxi Province since the Ming Dynasty(1368–1644). It is also an essential cultural relic of Pingyao County as it has retained the traditional buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties along the street.

The street is over 750 meters long. It is famous for its collection of over 100 shops and local houses in the ancient Ming and Qing (1644–1911) architectural styles.

History of the Street

In the past, the Jin (another name for Shanxi) merchants got rich through trading, so they returned and built many mansions, courtyards, and commercial centers in this street. Gradually, this street became famous and developed into the business center of Shanxi Province.

The businesses in the street involved nearly all fields of commerce including finance, clothing, medicine, silk, lanterns, and the selling of general merchandise.

Nowadays, many shops in the street have been restored to be used as museums, restaurants, or stores. There, you can see displays of antiques and taste the delicious local food. What's more, the stores sell all kinds of interesting souvenirs.

Features of the Street

The Evening of the Mingqing StreetThe Evening of the Mingqing Street

Pingyao Mingqing Street is not very wide, with various types of shops systematically arranged on both sides of the road. These shops were built from brick and stone in the Ming and Qing styles of architecture.

Walking along the street, you can see different shops, such as textile shops, tea shops, and ancient banks. Buildings that include the Ancient City Government Office and different temples can also be seen on this street.

The street and surrounding lanes remind visitors of the past with their original features. Walking along the ancient street, you seem to have landed in a world beyond the present one.

Travel Essentials

  • The ticket to visit Pingyao Mingqing Street is included with the ticket to visit Pingyao Ancient City.
  • It will take between 1 and 2 hours to walk along the street.
  • The air quality is not very good in winter so you may want to wear a dust mask, as many locals do.
  • It is located in Pingyao Ancient City, a popular historic area in North-CentralChina.

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The Mingqing StreetThe Mingqing Street

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