Wukang Road

Wukang Road

By CindyUpdated Nov. 29, 2021


  • All of the buildings and villas are in the European style.
  • Almost every house has its own story. Some were owned by famous people, such as Ms. Soong Ch'ing-ling (wife of Chiang Kai-shek), and some were owned by celebrities from the 1930s.


Wukang Road is only 1.17 km long. Each house and its detail show its stories and history. All of the buildings on the road are in European style, and while walking on Wukang Road you'll get the sense that you have arrived in Europe.

Wukang Building is the most famous building on Wukang Road. The building, shaped like a giant vessel, was the most famous English-styled building in Shanghai back in the 1930s. The Wukang Building was designed by Hudec, the well-know architect.

Shanghainese call Wukang Road "the mini Xintiandi" because of the special shops and restaurants on the road. People from France, Russia, the Philippines, and Italy run businesses on Wukang Road. Spend half a day walking along Wukang Road for a different experience in Shanghai.

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In 1897, an American, Route Ferguson, also known as the English teacher of Nanyang Public School, built the road to make it easier for his colleagues and students to get to school. The road was namedthe Ferguson Road, and then renamed "Wukang Road" in the 1930s.


Wukang Road is in Shanghai, not far from the CBD. Getting from the CBD to Wukang Road takes about 30 minutes by taxi or private vehicle, or you can take subway line 10 to Communication University and then walk about 10 minutes to Wukang Road.


  • No fee is required to visit Wukang Road.
  • Some of the buildings are open to visitors, but some are forbidden to entry.
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