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13 Best Restaurants for Children in Shanghai

In Shanghai, there are many restaurants decorated with childlike themes, such as Teddy Bear and Barbie. These restaurants are not only child-friendly, suitable for families with kids, they are also very popular among adults.

The following restaurants are carefully selected and recommended by China Highlights. These restaurants have children's play areas with various toys to keep your kids amused. There is crockery with cute designs, and light, plain dishes with no strong flavors are available, so there will definitely be something that your children can eat.

1. Barbie Café

It is located on the top floor of Barbie Shanghai. Barbie Shanghai is the first Mattel Barbie flagship store in the world, with the largest and most comprehensive collection of Barbie dolls and licensed barbie products. Its resturant is also the world's first barbie-themed restaurant.

Guests will love the brand-new Barbie-themed dining experience and fun there created by celebrity chef David Laris. Everyone, both children and adults, will indulge in the perfect pink surroundings and have fun. It serves healthy, delicious and seasonal food and drinks.

  • Chinese name: 芭比旗舰店餐厅
  • Average price per person: 250 yuan
  • Address: 550 Central Huaihai Road 淮海路550号
  • Tel: (+86) 400-620-8181
  • Getting there: Take subway line 1, get off at South Huangpi Road Station, use exit 3 (Madang Road), and walk 10 minutes towards west.

2. Teddy Bear Family(泰迪之家)

Teddy Bear RestaurantTeddy Bear Family Coffee and Restaurant

This restaurant offers southeast Asian food and afternoon tea. Almost every food has an image or theme about Teddy Bears, such as Teddy coffee and Teddy cookies. It is indeed a small world of Teddy Bears.

Adults are recommended to order a "Bear Cappuccino" and order their children a cake in the shape of a bear's paw. One will undoubtedly have a blast while bringing kids to the world of teddy bears.

The first floor is the exhibition area, and you can find various Teddy Bears (some are limited editions) that the restaurant owner collects from around the world.

The second floor is the dining area, decorated like home, with Teddy Bear table cloths, old TV set, and picture frames. Another feature of the restaurant is that you can learn to make your own Teddy Bear there.

Here is the "Mini Teddy Museum", which is full of the toy children love, the Teddy Bear. The sofa, dining tables, windows and even stair edges are covered with teddy bears. The children are welcome to play with the bears at any time.

  • Chinese name: 泰迪之家
  • Specialties: Green Curry with Beef Brisket, Pineapple Fried Rice, Shrimp Cake, Mango Smoothies, White Gourd Soup, Cucumber and Papaya Salad.
  • Average price per person: 100 yuan
  • Address: No.23 Teddy Bear Family, Lane 248 Taikang Road, Huangpu District 黄浦区泰康路248弄23号泰迪之家
  • Tel: 021-64730645
  • Getting there: Take subway line 9 and get off at Dapuqiao Station, Exit 1.

3. Buddy Bear Restaurant

Kids Your kids will love the magic shows in Buddy Bear Restarurant.

This restaurant, catering to children aged 1 to 12, is more like a fairy world. There is a big pirate ship once you step inside the restaurant. Children play happily there, and there are special attendants. The decoration is lovely, with themes of bears everywhere, and the atmosphere is merry because there are magic shows, story-telling, and some other performances. Children can also learn to make their own bears at the restaurant.

  • Chinese name: 芭迪熊主题餐厅
  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Address: 6th floor, Times Square, No 2, Zhangyang Road, Pudong District 浦东新区张杨路500号华润时代广场6楼
  • Tel: 021-58368611
  • Getting there: Take subway line 2, get off at Dongchang Road Station, and use exit 3

4. Danbo Fun

DanbaofanTry omelet rice.

The logo of this restaurant is "I Love Eggs". It serves simple Japanese-style meals and various flavors of omelet rice (蛋包饭, pronounced as dan bowl fan). Soups, spaghetti, coffee and desserts are also available. The restaurant décor is refreshing and adorable like a cartoon land, and with main colors of white and yellow; the light bulbs and even the chairs look like eggs.

  • Chinese name: 蛋蛋屋
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Address: B2, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, No 1018, Changning Road, Changning Street 长宁区长宁路1018号龙之梦购物中心B2楼
  • Tel: 021- 33727079
  • Getting there: Take subway line 2, 3, or 4, and get off at Zhongshan Park Station

5. Shanghai Wild Water Aquarium Restaurant(水野水族餐厅)

Sea foodSea food

The ambiance of this restaurant is any child's dream. The folded napkins, the unique shapes of the chopsticks, and the small sauce plates are shaped like fish. In the entrance of the restaurant there is a big fish tank, which holds many colorful and swimming tropical fish. One can view these fish from anywhere; it is as if the guests are in an aquarium.

  • Address: Room 102 on "Zheng Da Wu Dao Kou" Square, Number 1 in Lane 1199, on Mingshen Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which is close to Dingxiang Road. 上海浦东新区 民生路1199弄1号证大五道口广场102室近丁香路
  • Recommended dishes: Tuna Sashimi, Peony Shrimps, Sea Urchins, Crispy Squid, Snow flakes Teppanyaki Steak

6. Maison De L'Hui - Waitanyuan(慧公馆 外滩源店)


The hand-painted sea painting located on the third floor is the most focal point of this restaurant. With the golden beach and the beautiful shells from the deep sea in Thailand, one can sit against the wall or take a seat by the window. Eating in the restaurant feels as if you are having a grand banquet along the beach in Hawaii. Raising your head, a blue light in the shape of a starfish comes to you. Both children and adults will enjoy these fabulous lamps crafted from 10 or more seashells.

  • Address: Anpei Building, Floors 3-4, 97 Yuanmingyuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, near Beijing East Road. 上海黄浦区 圆明园路97号安培大楼3-4层近北京东路
  • Recommended dishes: Lamb Oil with Osmanthus, Fried Shark's Fin, Houtou Mushroom Braised Pork, Stir-fried Beef, Australian King Crab, Australian Shad, Dry fried Shrimp

7. Food Fusion - the Mingren Branch(融合马来西亚餐厅名人店)

This restaurant is decorated with an assortment of tropical plants in the middle of which sits a pond, which children greatly enjoy. In the corner of the restaurant, plush toys are placed for the children's enjoyment. The Malay dishes here are seen by many as "pretty light". Most of the food served here is acceptable for children.

  • Address: Rooms 413 and 415 in the 300 Superstar Shopping Center, Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, near the number 2 Subway stop on Nanjing East Road. 上海黄浦区 南京东路300号名人购物中心L413-415室近南京东路地铁站2号
  • Specialties: Teppanyaki Tofu, Buttered Chicken, Grilled Beef

8. Party Town(派对新地)

Family MealEnjoy the food with your kids.

The Party town restaurant is located on the Zhang Jiabin Creative Street, 35, Jinyan Road, Pudong District, adjacent to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The New Party and Earth restaurant contains a dining area with an Antarctic theme, a champagne bar with Shanghai's first theme music, and all of the retail supplied has different cartoon themes. The New Party and Earth restaurant is a fantastic place for you to combine entertainment and relaxation together!

  • Address: 35-49, Jinyan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, near Jinkang Road 上海浦东新区 锦延路35-49号近锦康路
  • Specialties: Cream of Mushroom Soup

9. Hefeng Nongjia(鹤峰度假村)

This restaurant is almost like an amusement park for children. Children can have their photos taken with peacocks and Sika deer. This variety of animals makes the children feel as if they are visiting a zoo. In addition, the restaurant uses the theme of a "waterfall with a bridge" as background decoration. The foods served in the restaurant are grown by the owner and the foods served are both healthy and delicious.

  • Address: 490 Heli West Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, near Lunan Road.上海浦东新区 鹤立西路490号近沪南路
  • Specialties: Chinese Bacon, Village Steaming Pork, Roast Rooster, Sichuan Spicy Fish

10. Blue Frog - Hongmei Branch(蓝蛙虹梅店)

Gourmet meals are combined together with a bar atmosphere in this restaurant. The wooden decorations give one the feeling of relaxation and also allow a look at the traditional Chinese furniture. The restaurant additionally offers recreational facilities for the children, where kids may have lots of fun.

  • Address: 30, Xuxian Street, Lane 3338, Hongmei Road, Mingxing District, Shanghai, near Yanan West Road. 上海闵行区 虹梅路3338弄虹梅休闲街30号 (近延安西路)
  • Specialties: Chicken Wings, Steaks, Burgers, French Fries, Pasta, Greek Egg Cone

11. Thousand Leaves Tea Restaurant(干叶子茶料理)

Tofu Pudding,Tofu Pudding

Take your kids to visit this restaurant to experience "Do It Yourself" fun. Firstly, one can make cake, tea, cotton, sugar, and gourd sugar by themselves. Secondly, one may squeeze the sugar cane to make juice. Thirdly, learn how to make a hot pot and a large variety of different kinds of sauces. Finally, make a steaming bun flavored with red beans, tea flavored dumplings, and nori cookies. This a great place for your child to practice his or her creative cooking skills.

  • Address: 359 Xinhu Road, Changni District, Shanghai上海长宁区 新华路359号 (定西路口)
  • Recommended dishes: Tofu Pudding, Fried Baked Bun, Sugar Cane Juice, Dumpling with Tea Flavor, Cotton Candy, Hot Pot

12. Johnny Moo - Shanghai Bay Branch(上海湾店)

Keeping pace with the current generation, the restaurant is decorated with a cow theme. Johnny Moo uses mugs marked with the pictures of a cute cartoon cow. Red is the main color in the design. With a model airplane hanging from the ceiling, this restaurant seems like any child's paradise. The Western meals here are large portions of hamburgers, which is enough food to feed both a mother and her children. In the restaurant you can also taste many different flavors of milkshakes, French fries, and crisp chicken nuggets.

  • Address: Room 117, first floor on the Shanghai Relaxing Square, 333 Zhangyang Street, Pudong New District, Shanghai, near Pudong Southern Road. 上海浦东新区 张杨路333号上海湾休闲广场1楼117室 (近浦东南路)
  • Specialties: Cookies and Cream, Burgers

13. Seafloor Hot Pot Restaurant - Tongchuan Road Branch(海底捞火锅店 铜川路店)

The restaurant offers facilities for individuals to look after your children as you are eating. Not having to look after children, one can put their mind at ease while eating dinner. The ingredients for the hot pot are always fresh and delicious. The incredible service of this restaurant is also worth noting.

  • Address: 1868 Tongchuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, near Zhenguang Road.上海普陀区 铜川路1868号 (近真光路)
  • Specialties: Fresh Beef, Gongfu Noodles, Fat Beef, Fresh Shrimps

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