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China's Top 7 Family Tour Destinations

China's Top 7 Family Tour Destinations

Written by Kelly PangUpdated May. 26, 2023

China can be a great country for family holidays. There are fun and safe destinations, full of interesting and child-friendly activities to keep your children entertained. Take a photo with a panda cub in Chengdu, enjoy cycling in Yangshuo, experience high-speed trains around Shanghai…

We recommend the following destinations for a family tour.

7 Family Tour Destinations in China

1. Beijing — the Great Wall, Rickshaws, Water Parks…

The Great Wall Visit the Great Wall.

In Beijing there are abundant fun activities and attractions to keep your kids entertained. They will marvel at the impressive historic sights, and will be very proud to tell their friends that they climbed the Great Wall.

Besides the ancient attractions, remember to add some fun activities just for them, like Asia's largest indoor water park — the Water Cube.

2. Shanghai — Skyscrapers, Theme Parks, Fast Trains…

Train Experience high-speed train travel.

In Shanghai there are lots of places for the kids to explore, from the top of the Shanghai Tower (world's 2nd tallest building) to the numerous theme parks.

You can also experience the super-fast, magnetically-levitated trains, and the best circus in the world. Remember to add some kid-centric activities, so you'll all enjoy Shanghai.

3. Hong Kong — Disneyland, Beaches, Hiking Trails…

Disneyland Have fun at Disneyland.

Hong Kong is a perfect destination for family tours, with parks, peaks, and nature reserves galore. It's China with Western quality and safety standards!

Children will have fun meeting cartoon characters in Disneyland, taking a boat ride at a fishing village, and riding the tram up Victoria Peak. Hong Kong's beaches and hiking trails are perfect for escaping the bustle of the city.

4. Guilin — Countryside Cycling, Rice Terraces, Bamboo Rafts…

Yangshuo CyclingEnjoy countryside cycling with your kids.

Traveling in Guilin is mostly about natural beauty and leisure. Guilin has the most famous karst (toothy peaks) in the world, with limpid rivers and lakes, verdant hills, grotesque rocks, and mysterious caves.

Touring the karst countryside of Yangshuo by bike, hiking Longsheng's rice terraces, cruising along the Li River, and visiting minority villages offer so much breathtaking scenery and new experiences that no kid could be bored! Visiting the local market and learning to cook a Chinese dish is also fun.

5. Xi'an — a Lifesize Model Army, Ancient Wall Cycling…

Teracotta Army Make mini terracotta warriors by yourselves.

Xi'an is famous for its historical sights. You may worry about your kids being bored there. Actually, besides the awesome Terracotta Army, there are lots of fun things for kids in Xi'an.

Your kids can make mini terracotta warriors. You can enjoy cycling on the Ancient Wall. You and your kids can also learn the Chinese art of paper cutting and create your own oriental decorations.

6. Chengdu — Cute Pandas, Fun Parks, Colorful Lakes…

Giant PandaMeet lovely pandas in Chengdu.

When talking about Chengdu, people usually think of the spicy hot pot and giant pandas. It's a good city to visit with your kids. You can see the lovely pandas and even take care of pandas in a volunteer program. For something more for kids, Chengdu has some top amusement parks.

If your family love nature, journey out of the city to the fairyland scenery of Jiuzhaigou.

7. Dengfeng, Luoyang — Kungfu, Yellow River, Red Rocks…

KungfuWatch a kungfu show.

You may have seen many movies with Chinese kungfu. Shaolin Kungfu is the most famous type. Shaolin Temple is the cradle of Chinese martial arts. It's the best place for your family see kungfu displays, and even take a kungfu class.

In Zhengzhou you should see the Yellow River, China's "mother river". There's a riverside park where you can appreciate the world's muddiest major river, and you can learn about the area where Chinese civilization began. There's also stunning gorge scenery at Mount Yuntai Geology Park.

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