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Baimang Snow Mountain

Baimang Snow Mountain

Written by Candice SongUpdated Mar. 4, 2021


White Horse Snow Mountain

Baimang Snow Mountain, also called White Horse Snow Mountain, is situated at the south-eastern part of Deqin County of Yunnan province. The highest peak in the reserve area is Zhalaqueni Peak with an elevation of 5,640 meters, while the lowest is in Xiaruo Village with an elevation of 3,380 meters, forming the distinct features of a three-dimensional appeal of climate and vegetation.

Rich in animal and plant resources, Baimang Snow Mountain is recognized as a "Kingdom of Animals and Plants in a Cold Temperate Mountain". In the region, there are 10 kinds of plants under special state protection, such as Circaeaster agrestis and Pseudotsuga forrestii Craib, and more than 10 kinds of animals under special state protection, such as Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys, clouded leopards and lesser pandas.

Zhalaqueni, the main peak of Baima Snow Mountain, has never been reached, although it has only really been attempted in recent years.


White Horse Snow Mountain

The nature reserve of Baimang Snow Mountain has fantastic landscapes. In winter, the area is covered with snow everywhere so tourists can heartily enjoy the impressive landscape of the snow-covered area.

In summer, the mountain is a splendid picture with sceneries of snow and ice melting, lofty peaks and flowing water, flowering rhododendrons, and numerous birds singing and monkeys playing in the forest. While in autumn, the natural landscape of Baima Snow Mountain is of a unique flavor. The snow mountain, seen from afar, looks extremely high, white and remote under the clear sky of autumn.

Under the lofty and magnificent peaks and ridges, the forest is dyed by autumn colors, with red, yellow and green scattered around. The red leaves in particular, which are as red as fire and rosy clouds, present passionate and changeable postures like the soul of the mountain. The landscape enlightens visitors with a deep understanding of the boldness and enthusiasm of the forests and mountains.

Best times to visit: in summer and autumn. The mountain is closed from December to April because of the heavy snow and icy road.


Four buses leave from Zhongdian Bus Station to Deqin County every morning at 7:20 am, 8:20 am, 9:20 am and 12:00 pm. The trip will last around 5-6 hours. The last bus returns to Shangri-La from Deqin County at 3:00 pm. There is no public transportation from Deqin Town to the snow-covered mountain. China Highlights can tailor-make a tour for you to visit the Baimang Snow Mountain. Our private car and guide will ensure you have a comfortable trip.

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