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Top 5 Camping Sites in Shenzhen


Want to get closer to nature and out of the city? There is no doubt that the best choice is camping. Where are the good campsites in Shenzhen? Below are five good campsites in Shenzhen.

1. Maluan Mountain 马峦山

Mount Ma Luan is located in Ma Luan Village, Pingshan Town, Longgang District of Shenzhen, about 48 kilometers from the city center, where you can see seas and hills, lakes and waterfalls. With its ancient villages and quiet hills, it is very suitable for camping.

Features: Most peaks of Maluan Mountain are under an altitude of 500 meters and have moderate slopes, which are a good place for hiking and camping. There, you can have a walk, go for a ride, see the stars at night and the sunrise in the early morning, as well as tasting the local cuisine.

The highest peak of Mount Ma Luan is less than 600 meters. Covered with lush vegetation, there is no industrial pollution and no noises from the city on the mountain, therefore, fresh air and a high environmental quality can be had there. To people's surprise, although few people live there, all of the Hakka residences, such as Roche Hall, Lai Hall and the watchtowers, as well as wells, ponds and ancient camphor, with a style of the area south of the Five Ridges and with a history of 600 years, are still well preserved in Mount Ma Luan.

maluan mountain

The best way to visit: Traveling on foot is the most leisurely way to see the beautiful scenery, but you can also ride along the road. The route from Laoweicun to the second line of Green Road, down to Daxiao Meisha, and then the uplink to the eastern overseas Chinese town (东部华侨城) and stopping at the big turntable, turning to Yantian, Biling of Pingshan and the downtown area, is the best one.

The best place for camping: Honghualing Village is most suitable for camping. As there are streams for people to enjoy having fun and taking showers, it is a preferred place for camping overnight. Getting up in the morning, you will be excited when you are wet with dew, greeting a new day on the eastern coast.

Entrance Fee: free

As there are many routes on the mountain, prepare a map and a compass in advance, and don't travel alone.

2. Dalu Harbor 大鹿港

Dalu Harbor is an uninhabited bay that faces the Hong Kong waters, with Egong Bay and Heiyanjiao on either side. As a masterpiece of nature, it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the ocean on one side in a crescent shape. There are beautiful beaches, one large and one small, with a perennial stream flowing from Honghualing down to the sea. Dalu Harbor is regarded as the most ideal camping beach without any pollution in the entire area in Shenzhen. Besides, you can boil a hot pot when camping because of the fresh water from the streams.

The recommended route: Travel along the coast lines from Xigong (西贡) to Dalu Harbor (大鹿港) to Yougan Harbor (柚柑湾海岸线).

Safety tips:

  • Don't walk alone and make sure to follow the guide, and don't rush ahead as there are lots of routes and roads, making it easy to get lost. Sometimes, you need to make use of the vines and wear gloves to avoid being hurt.
  • Watch out when walking across the rocks; it is difficult and you could easily fall down because the gaps are very deep among some rocks. Use sunscreen and insect repellent.

3. Xichong 西冲


Xichong, the longest and the most beautiful beach in Shenzhen, is located in the southernmost part of Dapeng Peninsula, covering an area of nearly 12 square kilometers. 

Facing towards the sea in the south and surrounded by mountains on three sides, Xichong is a place that links mountains and rivers, where there is a beautiful beach covering an area of 4.5 kilometers which has blue water and a pleasant environment. As it is well known for its blue water, it has enjoyed the reputation of being a "Hawaii in Shenzhen".

Due to the long beach, white sand, blue sky and blue sea, it is very suitable for camping. Camping overnight, you can listen to the sound of the waves and experience the excitement of outdoors camping; you can also go swimming, catch crabs, collect shells, pick up sea cucumbers and sea urchins (do not capture them, to avoid injury), and participate in the campfire activities.

Features: There are beautiful seaside scenery and clear water; it is known as the longest Silver Beach in Shenzhen! You can enjoy a relaxed holiday unlike any you have had before with the beach, the sunshine, the oceans and the breeze, and you can appreciate the charm of Xichong.

4. Xiaomeisha Beach 小梅沙

Surrounded by green mountains on three sides and facing the blue sea, Xiaomeisha is a good site for camping due to its quiet environment, fresh air, and beautiful natural scenery. It is a popular seaside resort in Shenzhen.

There, you will find various fun and exciting activities to do and won’t feel bored. In the daytime, you can play beach volleyball, beach football with the locals, ride a Jet Ski across the sea, try parasailing like a bird, dive to explore the magical underwater world, fish by the rocks, appreciate the spectacular view when the sun's rays are splashed across the sea, and much more.

In the evening, enjoy the happy atmosphere that’s there. The largest and best barbecue site in the east of Shenzhen is there, which can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. All kinds of barbecued food and drinks are prepared there. Sometimes, you will see people playing their guitars and singing.

Late at night, look at the stars in the sky, feel the sea breeze, and fall asleep in your tent to the sound of the waves.

  • About renting a tent: There are more than 500 tents for rent, including two-person tents, four-person tents, and five-person tents. You can also take your own tent.

5. Sanmen Island 三门岛

Located at the confluence of Mirs Bay and Daya Bay, Sanmen Island is one of the best-preserved natural islands in China. It has an area of about 5 square kilometers and a coastline of 13 kilometers.

The most beautiful scenery at Sanmen Island is the sea. Swim in the crystal clear cool water and see the colorful fish swimming around. All your stress and fatigue will disappear, and you will enjoy peaceful and pleasant moments there.

You can play volleyball on the beach, catch small sea crabs that wash up at high tide, and look for conches and sea urchins in the volcanic rocks along the shore. At night, light a bonfire, look at the stars, and listen to the waves.

Camping Tips

1. Avoid erecting your tent in the high tide area — ask the locals where the seawater will be at high tide. Set up your tent when the sun goes down to avoid getting too hot.

2. Smooth the ground — remove any sharp objects that are on the ground, such as stones and shells.

3. Choose a bright and dry place that is close to the crowds.

4. The door of your tent should be leeward. Tie the four corners of the tent with ropes and secure iron rods into the ground to ensure the tent is wind-resistant.

5. Remember to take some water. Generally speaking, one person needs more than 1.5 liters of water a day.

6. Prepare some first aid items, such as bandages, pain and anti-inflammatory medicines, and hydrocortisone cream.

7. Prepare a moisture-proof pad and sleeping bag.

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