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Tianjin Nightlife

Tianjin Nightlife

Written by Candice SongUpdated Feb. 3, 2021

Tianjin, a city quite near Beijing, the capital of China, features a city with prosperous economy and developed entertainment industry. Hence, visitors in Tianjin not only can enjoy the beautiful scenery and historical sites, but also can have a colorful night.

Clubs and Bars

City Place (云景)

The bar is located on the 50th floor, which will bring customers a great bird’s-eye view of the prosperous Tianjin in the night. It is a very place for meeting with friends, because the bar is not as noisy as others.

  • Hours: 18:00-03:00 in the next morning
  • Address: the 50th Floor, Raffles Hotel, No.219, Nanjing Road, Heping District (和平区南京路219号天津中心莱佛士酒店50楼)
  • Tel: 022-23215293
  • Bus Routes: Buses 600, 842, 673 and 867

May Flower (五月花)

Many brands and singers will perform in the bar, which makes the bar full of showing breath. It is a place right for people who are gregarious.

  • Address: No.93, Qixiangtai Road, Nankai District (南开区气象台路93号)
  • Hours: 20:00 - 03:00 in the next morning
  • Bus Routes: Buses 9, 35, 677, 685, 870, 871, 878, 879, 901, 951, 952 and 963 (get off at the stop of Dongfengli 东风里)

Xitang Club (昔唐酒吧)

It is a lively bar with brands being good at creating jollification and a happy place for meeting close friends. Many foreign friends in Tianjin also like get there.

  • Address: No.126, Chengdu Road, Heping District (和平区成都道126号奥林匹克大厦B1楼)
  • Tel: 022-23377177


Cold Stone Creamery (酷圣石)

Various kinds of ice cream are available there. Oder an ice cream, together with a cup of coffee, chatting with your friends, you will have a quiet and leisurely night.

  • Address: The 1st Building, Jinhui Square, No.189, Nanjing Road, Heping District (和平区南京路189号津汇广场B1楼)
  • Tel: 022-83191566
  • Hours: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Bus Routes: Buses 35, 45, 50, 643 and 650

Paris Baguette (巴黎贝甜)

In fact, it is a café in Korea style, no body know why its name has so close relationship with France. Various kinds of cakes and bread are available there.

  • Address: The B1 Building, Haixin Square, No.188, Jiefang Bei Road, Heping District (和平区解放北路188号海信广场B1楼)
  • Tel: 022-23198025
  • Hours: 07:00 - 23:00
  • Bus Routes: Bues 13, 600, 613, 858 abd 866

Starbucks Coffee (星巴克)

Gentle music, leisurely atmosphere, comfortable sofas, integrate decoration and cups of excellent coffee, customers can enjoy a nice night there.

  • Address: The 1st Floor of International Building, No.75, Nanjing Road, Heping District (和平区南京路75号国际大厦1楼)
  • Tel: 022-23131133
  • Bus Routes: 3, 20, 97, 503, 600, 629, 643, 652, 659, 673, 678, 693 and 808.

Watch Crosstalk Performances

Crosstalk is a traditional way of entertainment in Tianjin for a long time. After go sightseeing by day, visitors in Tianjin can watch the crosstalk performance in Tianjin style, which will help visitors to experience the real life style in the city. Most of the crosstalk performances are available in teahouses, so visitors also can enjoy a cup of Chinese tea.

Mingliu Tea House (名流茶馆)

  • Address: Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District (南开区古文化街主街2楼)
  • Tel: 022-27286420
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