Tianjin Muslim Restaurants

Tianjin Muslim Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Heping District

1. 1618 Mansion

Located at a former residence of a warlord, the three-story restaurant mainly serves halal food, improved by its chef, which makes the dishes different from similar restaurants.

Imitating the decorating style of Dubai hotels, the restaurant is also noted for its luxurious and elaborate decoration. The golden colors, the carved armchairs, and various bonsai trees form an elegant environment.

2. Hui Fang Lou

A time-honored restaurant, Hui Fang Lou, famous for its authentic halal food, has been improving its dishes to keep with the times.

The appetizing food, along with the elegant surroundings of antique ornaments, carved doors and windows, flower-surrounded paving and rockeries on the wall, attracts many patrons.

Hui Fang Lou Hanyang Road Branch (会芳楼汉阳道店)

3. Yan Bing Lou

Also a long-standing restaurant, but it retains the traditional style for both its dishes and decoration. The tender, crispy, and rich roast duck is a shared memory for several generations.

The old appearance of the building, wooden tables and chairs, and red lanterns hung above form a historic atmosphere.

Nankai District

Yan Bing Lou Nankai Branch

The dishes are similar to the old restaurant, but the decoration is very different. With a tile facade, furnished with leather chairs, and lamps in different shapes, this restaurant is very modern.

4. Bogeda Restaurant

A typical Muslim restaurant near a university, mainly serves classic halal food, such as lamb shashlik (羊肉串), braised chicken with potatoes and green peppers (大盘鸡), milk tea (奶茶), and barbecued lamb chops (烤羊排).

The comparatively low prices are the reason why many people queue in the front of the three-story restaurant during mealtimes, although the decoration is not so eye-catching.

5. Xinjiang Restaurant

As the canteen of the Production and Construction Corps of Xinjiang, the restaurant serves almost all typical halal food. The food in authentic Xinjiang style attracts both soldiers and civilians. Besides, the decoration, mostly in white color, is simple and pure, but elegant.

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