Tianjin Vegetarian Restuarants

Tianjin Vegetarian Restuarants

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Vegetarian eating in China is not as complicated as it may seem, as many Buddhists have a full vegetarian diet. This means that most vegetarian restaurants are Buddhist in nature. The only difference between vegetarian food in China and in the west is that vegetarian dishes in China often are made to pretend to be meat and/or fish dishes, even though they are not. For example, a good vegetarian restaurant in China can serve you meat that looks and tastes like meat but is actually tofu. Read on for our suggestions.

Heping District

Twin Lotus Vegetarian Guild Hall

This restaurant focuses on pure and natural meals in a quiet and secluded area. The atmosphere is set with Buddhist music and decorations, and the staff are very kind and sincere making visits comfortable and pleasant.

Hedong District

Seven Pattra Leaves Vegetarian Restaurant

All of the food served at Seven Pattra Leaves is vegetarian. The environment is peaceful and quiet, filled with a Buddhist atmosphere set by music and decorations. There are also a lot of Buddhist books for those interested in learning more. This restaurant is non-smoking.

Hexi District

Peach Blossom Land Vegetarian Restaurant

The most popular foods in this restaurant are vanilla cookies, Johnnycakes (corn flatbread), noodles made using various fresh ingredients, and rice made using five different types of cereals. The taste of the food here is amazing, and plate set-up is also pleasing to the eye. Some guests have mentioned that some of the dishes contain too much oil and that serving is done slowly, so keep that in mind.

The restaurant itself is quiet and secluded for a relaxing dining experience, whether you sit inside or outside with the peach blossom trees. In addition, if you are Buddhist the restaurant also provides teaching material. Remember that although some dishes may look like they are made using meat or fish, everything is actually made using vegetarian ingredients only.

Satisfactory Vegetarian Restaurant

All food served at this restaurant is vegetarian, albeit much of it is made to look like meat dishes. The dishes are served up quickly, although the restaurant is small and has some odd decorations.

The restaurant looks classical with wooden tables and chairs, and is decorated with many Buddhist features, including statues of Buddha. The music and decorations give it a relaxing atmosphere for a pleasant dining experience even if the prices here are a bit higher than some other restaurants. If you want, you can even read Buddhist scriptures.

Qing Lai Yue Vegetarian Pavilion

This restaurant is a shrine to vegetarianism, emphasizing vegetarian ideals to healthy living, as well as advertising fashionable and green meals. It aims to provide a nutritional and balanced diet, and uses only the finest ingredients.

The inside of the restaurant is spacious and clean, and everything is very tidy and orderly. The only drawback is the serving speed, which is sometimes on the slow side.

In addition to being a good choice for a vegetarian meal, this restaurant also promises to donate 1% of the total amount of your bill to supporting the Buddhist culture and Buddhist charities, including meals for monks.

Hebei District

Shu He Xvan Tea Art and Health Maintenance Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant has devoted itself to propagating the Buddhist lifestyle and food culture, and cherishes the idea of respecting every life and people, as well as teaching people to live a healthy lifestyle according to Buddhist ideals.

It advocates environmentally friendly, low carbon and sustainable vegetarianism in a pleasant setting with kind staff. People from all walks of life dine here.

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