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9-Day Taipei, Jiufen, Taichung, Puli, Alishan, Chiayi, Taipei, Pingxi and Yangmingshan Tour

The Essence of Taiwan

Up for some real experience in Taiwan's amazing landscape, various folk cultures and yummy cuisine? This 9-day Taiwan tour package offers you the chance to visit the Sun Moon Lake, Yehliu Geopark, Taroko National Park and so much more.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1Discover Taipei City

The cultural kaleidoscope of Taiwan's capital city pulses wherever you go. Incense-veiled temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neonedstreet life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine; for the gourmand, there are plenty of night markets serving up scrumptious evening snacks.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall-The massive commemorative monument, with its blue-tile roof, white marble wall, and clusters of red colored flowerbeds stand as the symbol of Kuomintang and its leader: Chiang Kai Shek, well-known as the founding father of Republic of China.

The Tallest Skyscraper in Taiwan: Taipei 101

Taipei City's skyline is unique. When you overlook the low-rise city landscape of Taipei, you'll see that it's clearly worth waiting in line to take Taipei 101's elevators up to grab a God's-eye-view of the city.

The Great Eastern Philosophy - Confucius Temple

This temple honors one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of all time, Confucius, as well as other philosophers. Confucius' teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced the Chinese thought and life in almost every way.

Encountering a Healing Deity - Bao'an Temple

This 200-year-old historical site was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it has been maintained and repaired through the ages with traditional techniques, preserving ancient knowledge and culture.

Accommodation: Just Sleep Hotel or same level -close to Ximending

Day 2 Jiufen Gold Rush Town

Jiufen, perfectly situated up in the hills and straddles the Pacific Ocean, was once a prosperous gold rush town before the 1970s. Today, with its picturesque stone walls, narrow cobblestone streets, and tea houses, the ancient city has become an inspirational mecca for artists, writers, and movie directors like Hou Hsiao-hsien (A City of Sadness) and Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away).

Yehliu National Geo Park- Yehliu lies in one of the most remarkable geological coastal areas in northern Taiwan, and is well-known for its rocky promontory overlooking the bay.

Jiufen & Jiufen Old Street- The most memorable part of being in Jiufen, without doubt, is the long and narrow night market street which stretches through the entire town.

A Local Theater House- Sheng Ping Theater House, the first movie theater in Northern Taiwan, was completely rebuilt to present the former luxury culture of Jiufen.

The golden waterfall - Although there is no actual gold flowing forth from these falls, the name reflects their appearance: the combination of regular rainfall in this mining area and abundance of heavy metal elements deposited in the riverbed radiate a gold-like color.

Accommodation: Just Sleep Hotel or same level -close to Ximending

Day 3Flying Cow

Enjoy Making New Friends - Flying Cow Ranch

Guests get to feel all the benefits of a long and relaxing vacation. A fun, education stop on any tour through Taiwan, the Flying Cow Ranch will be fun for adults, eco-tourists, kids, and families.

Home Desserts Making & Art Creating- Three core beliefs of the ranch are living a healthy life, sustainable eco-friendly ranching practices and sustainable agricultural productivity. The ranch has been developing eco-tourism adventures to match their core values and beliefs for years.

A Food Paradise: Feng-Chia Night Market

The Fengjia Night Market is one of Taichung's famous commercial business districts. In this CBD, you can find delicious snack foods, quality clothes at reasonable prices to express your unique personality.

Accommodation: In Sky Hotel or same levelnearby FengChia Night market

Day 4Great Sun Moon Lake

Offering breathtaking beauty through every season, Sun Moon Lake attracts those who love mountains, and the outdoors to find peace and contentment from its unpredictable natural appearance.

Sun Moon Lake Boat Touring

In order to have a better look at the lake and its surrounding sight-seeing spots, a boat tour is a delightful and the quickest way to move from place to place through Sun Moon Lake.

Itathao aboriginal cuisine

Sun Moon Lake has long been home to the Thao tribe. Local Thao activities and charms include aboriginal food like flavorful rice cooked in bamboo tubes, salt roasted shrimp and the infamous Thao tribal millet wine.

Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake. It was built in 1938. The temple is popular among students.

Accommodation: Puli town guest house

Day 5Gateway to the mountains - Puli

Puli Town, located at mountainous regions full of hills and farmlands. Thanks to the unique geological location and clean water resource, Puli has one of the best tea and wine products that attract people in the world, even a previous Japanese emperor who was a big fan of the Assam tea grown in Puli!

A Town of Paper - Paper Factory

From processing raw wood to printing your own creative patterns on your final paper product, at the Paper Factory, make sure have yourself a DIY paper crafting tour!

Shuili Snake Kiln

Shuili Snake Kiln is the town where remains the eldest tradition of kiln-making. There is a biggest kiln work which is in the Guinness Book of Records by the size of 6.68 meters.

Paper Dome - Rebirth after 921 Earthquake back in 1999, a local church in Puli went through a successful renovation and regained its splendor.

Japanese style wooden train station - Checheng

The Checheng Train Station is built to transfer the wood during Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. The train station is located in the mountain, you may slow down your pace and take a rest here.

Accommodation: Pulitown guest house

Day 6A Restful Mountain Retreat - Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan is renowned far and wide for its cloud sea, sunrises and sunset glow and also has enchanting gorge waterfall, sakura cherry blossom and bamboo grove scenery. The scenic area's unique Z-shaped forest railway (nicknamed "train hits the wall ") and the culture of the local Tsou aborigines add to Alishan's uniqueness.

Alishan Railway Experience

Construction of the Alishan Forest Railway was commenced in 1899 by the Japanese. Intended to transport logs and carry supplies, the railway has now become an integral part of the Alishan recreation facilities.

Alishan national scenic area

Alishan features the highland landscape with overwhelming tourist sites dotted along the high concentration of forest trails. Two Sisters Pond, Thousand Year Cypresses, Zhushan viewing platform are ones that attract the most visitors.

Sacred Forest Trail Hiking

It has wooden planks laid along its entire length and three wooden bridges winding through giant trees, and offers a chance to take a forest shower while observing the giant trees up close.

Aboriginal Dishes in Alishan - Yu Yu Pass

Alishan Tsou cultural tribe is known as "a bright pearl" in Alishan for its history and culture. Park environment, combined with the natural landscape design, in wonderland tea sea, everywhere greeted beauty treasure on the Alishan attractions.

Accommodation: Alishanguest house

Day 7Fenchihu Old town andChiayi Beimen

Fenchihu Old town

Fenqihu marks the half-way-point on the way to the top of Alishan on the forest railway. This is a perfect stop-off point where tourists can relax, and take on refreshments and snacks.

Japanese style wooden train station - Chiayi Beimen

The Chiayi Beimen Train Station is the starting point of Alishan railway. For the passengers who need to go to Alishan in the early times, they must pass by Beimen station. From the old buildings that surround this station, we can tell the difference of the way we travel between now and then.

Accommodation: Just Sleep Hotel or same level -close to Ximending

Day 8Sea to Sky - Northeast Coast and Pingxi Tour

Take a trip up Taiwan's northeastern coast and take in all the beauty and majesty your high school geology textbooks talked about in person. Pingxi Town today is probably equally best-known for a romantic movie "You are the Apple of My Eye" and sky lanterns and Taiwanese Niagara Waterfall.

Bitou Cape Trail & Nanya the Rocky Shore

Taiwan's Northeast coastline is full of beautiful rocky shores, shallow sandy beaches with algae, sea cucumbers, seashells, hermit crabs, and more coastal wildlife than you can shake a stick at.

Back to the Old Times - Pingxi Sub Railway

The Pingxi Railway was originally built to transport coal. Now it is used for tourists to experience the life that Pingxi's miners previously led.

Let's Make a wish -Sky Lantern

Make a wish, write it on the lantern and let it fly. The sky lantern festival has long been used for people to pray for their wishes.

Taiwanese Niagara Falls -Shifen Water Falls

Shifen has the best waterfall in Northern Taiwan, sometimes referred to as "Taiwanese Niagara Falls". Want to decide whether the name is justified? Come on down to Pingxi and check it out for yourself!

Accommodation: Just Sleep Hotel or same level -close to Ximending

Day 9Taipei's Backyard Garden


Yangmingshan National Park is located in the north of Beitou. Yangmingshan was called Caoshan (Grass Mountain) during Japanese occupation of Taiwan, because it was covered with grass and seldom visited.

Zhongshan Building

The Building was designed by a female architect featuring white walls and green tiles after the style of traditional Chinese court architecture. Zhongshan Building is also the building featured on the back side of the 100 NTD bill.

Valley of the Sun: Qingtiangang Meadow

At 750m above sea level, this former lava field is now covered with lush green pastures that welcome its visitors with a view of sunshine-filled grassy meadows, and cattle grazing in bucolic pastures.

Unprecedented Beauty: Ba-Yien Village

For the residence of Taipei, Ba-Yien Village is the one where regular tourists leave unnoticed. Located right in the touristic national park, Ba-Yien Village hides one of the most picturesque scenery and maintains Taiwan's former agricultural lifestyle.

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