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Xi'an Spotlight Experiences

What you expect for a Xi'an tour? You may want to see the highlights of Xi'an, like the Terracotta Army, ride a bike along the ancient city wall, or you simply like history and culture.

We understand that basic background information is not enough, even though travelers like to visit the same Xi'an highlights, so we would like to introduce Xi'an to you from different aspects.

Compare ancient dynasties with modern China and the Western impact with Eastern thoughts. Spend several days in Xi'an to get an insight into its society and discover the brilliant human nature there.

As a local, your guide is happy to share personal opinions of his/her hometown. Previous guiding experience means our guides know that simply reciting lots of historical information makes customers feel bored.

Therefore, every one of our guides has their own unique ways of asking customers to join in and have fun in Xi'an. We call these our spotlight and exclusive Xi'an experiences.

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Our guide in Xi'an made our time there a fabulous experience. China Highlights started a food challenge recently that was fun! We weren't as adventurous as some others but we did try the hamburger, noodles and red chili ice cream. Robbie was professional and well knowledgeable. I highly recommend using this tour company.— Tammi from the US

Secrets of the Terracotta Army

Duration: 3 Hours+

Discover secrets of the terracotta army
Learn how to make clay warriors from local artisan in a cave dwelling
Horses of the terracotta army
  • Discover different aspects of the warriors
  • Make a clay warrior with local artisans
  • Visit disappearing cave dwellings

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor who set a precedent for modern China. He did not know how much of an impact he would have on the nation and even the rest of the world in the long term.

Unveil the secrets of the world wonder that can't be Googled:

  • How were the craftsmen from 2,200 years ago made over 8,000 life-size warriors in 11 years, which is more efficient than a modern factory today?
  • Xi'an is cold in winter but hot in summer — what prevents the clay warriors from cracking?
  • Purple color painted on warriors is the result of a chemical reaction, how did they have the technical skill at that time?

Then your guide will accompany you to a local cave dwelling where a craftsman makes terracotta warriors in a traditional way.

Xi'an Essence Tour with This Experience(See Day 2)


Han and Tang: Dynasties of Cultural Exchange

Duration: 3 Hours+

Guide introduce han costumes
Dress on han costumes at the ancient academy
A clay figure in Tang dynasty
  • Stories behind the antiques in Hanyang Tomb & Shaanxi History Museum
  • Hanfu costume experience in an ancient academy
  • Fastpass museum access

In history, Xi'an reached its high point during the Han Dynasty (Western Han 206 BC–9 AD, Eastern Han 25–220) and the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

Let's discover traces of the reasons why this happened during these two dynasties in the two museums.

The Hanyang Tomb is Emperor Jingdi's mausoleum. His son, Wudi, was responsible for establishing the Silk Road, which was the beginning of official cultural exchange between China and the outside world. Relics there indicate that Emperor Jingdi had paved the way for his son.

Shaanxi History Museum displays the most typical items used during the Han and Tang dynasties, your guide will highlight the impact that cultural exchange with other countries and regions had.

Then you will get an opportunity to learn about China's traditional national costumes in an ancient academy based on the Ming and Qing dynasties.

It is believed that cultural exchange was one of the main forces for China's development. This is also the reason why China has developed the Belt and Road Initiative today.

Xi'an Essence Tour with This Experience (See Day 1 and 3)


A Bite of Xi'an

Duration: 2 Hours+

Try Biangbiang noodles
Snack at Muslim Quarter
Try cold rice noodles
  • Muslim Quarter food challenge
  • Traditional local snacks and trendy food
  • The peaceful Great Mosque

Food in the metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai has mixed characteristics but food in Xi'an has unique flavors. Most Xi'an food is made of flour so many Westerners consider dishes from Xi'an to be their favorite in China.

If you are only interested in very normal but popular Xi'an snacks, your guide will accompany you to try famous ones, such as roujiamo (a Chinese hamburger), biangbiang noodles, and pita bread soaked in lamb soup in the Muslim Quarter.

If you would like to try something popular but that may seem a little risky for foreigners, there are some interesting choices for you. If you are looking for a food challenge then go ahead, be brave, and have fun!

Behind the bustling Muslim Quarter, the Great Mosque quiet and ceremonial. Its traditional Chinese architectural style is very special. Muslims eat halal food and lead a halal lifestyle.

Taste Xi'an food and immerse yourself in the Muslim atmosphere, just like Marco Polo did when he was there 743 years ago.

Xi'an Essence Tour with This Experienc (See Day 2)

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