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The Top 8 China Drinks You Should Try

When traveling through China, you may have trouble finding your most beloved beverages from back home, unless your favorite drink is Coca-Cola, in which case you'll have no problem. If Coke isn't your thing, though, have no fear. China has plenty of its own delectable drinks to offer. Here's a list of must-try drinks for your trip to China.


1. Chrysanthemum tea — to say that there is no shortage in tea varieties in China is putting it very, very lightly. The first and most traditional of the teas covered in this article is the refreshing chrysanthemum tea, with its nice floral aroma. Many drink it as a remedy for ailments from the common cold to neurological disorders, though it's a soothing beverage choice regardless of your health status.

2. Milk tea This popular Taiwanese treat with a smooth creamy feel and bitter aftertaste can be found all over China in various combinations of flavors. One popular form is bubble milk tea, which has tapioca bubbles in the bottom and is often sweetened with various fruit flavors. Large chains such as Coco and Happy Lemon as well as smaller stands can be found all over China. Served hot or cold, it's a great drink for winter or summer.

3. Wang Lao Ji tea — commonly referred to by expats simply as "the tea in the red cans", this is one of the most popular brands of tea. It goes especially well with spicy food and, as is common in Chinese tea brands, contains traditional Chinese medicine, so you can be sure you're drinking healthy.

Chinese Tea Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Green Tea lǜchá lyoo-chaa 绿茶
Black Tea hóngchá hong-chaa 红茶
Wulong Tea wūlóngchá oo-long-chaa 乌龙茶
Chrysanthemum Tea júhuā chá jyoo-hwaa-chaa 菊花茶
Jasmine Tea mòlìhuā chá mor-lee-hwaa-chaa 茉莉花茶
Mixed Herb Tea liángchá lyang-chaa 凉茶
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Sīwà nǎichá srr-waa neye-chaa 丝袜奶茶

Fruity Drinks

4. Plum juice — made from Chinese plums and sweetened with a bit of sugar, it's the Chinese drink of choice for relief on sweltering summer days. It can be found on some street corners, or the most famous plum juice brand can be recognized by its famous short, fat jars.

Mai DongMai Dong, a popular sport dink

5. Arctic Ocean Orange Soda (Beijing) — This refreshing, naturally flavored orange soda has been through a lot. Until the 1990's when Arctic Ocean was bought out by Pepsi, the brand's orange soda was the soda for many consumers in China. Its iconic polar bear logo on glass bottles is something many adults still remember fondly, and now it's back. As of 2012, Arctic Ocean is now independently run and back on shelves — at least in Beijing, for now. You'll find it at almost any neighborhood shop for about 3 rmb.

6. Mai Dong (脉动) Sports Drink — This sports drink in a blue bottle comes in a number of fruit flavors and is China's version of an enhanced fitness water. It has just a slight touch of sweetness that pleases the taste buds but does not overdo it for the perfect post-exercise thirst quencher.

Alcoholic Beverages


7. Qingdao beer — Easily the most popular Chinese beer domestically and worldwide, there is no shortage of the German-style beer anywhere you go. With its light taste and low alcohol content, it's a highly drinkable beer whether you're looking for a single happy hour drink or enjoying a night on the town.

8. Baijiu — China's national liquor is not for the faint of heart. Ranging from 40 to a whopping 60% alcohol by volume content, it's a drink you won't soon forget, though the same thing may not be said of a night of baijiu consumption.

Ordering Drinks — Chinese Restaurant Drinks Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Coke Kělè ker-ler 可乐
Sprite Xuěbì sshwair-bee 雪碧
Beer Píjiǔ pee-jyoh 啤酒
Rice Wine Báijiǔ beye-jyoh 白酒
Red (Grape) Wine Hóngjiǔ hong-jyoh 红酒
White (Grape) Wine Bái pútáojiǔ beye poo-taoww-jyoh 白葡萄酒
Fresh Fruit Juice Xiān zhà guǒzhī sshyen jaa gwor-jrr 鲜榨果汁
Apple Juice Píngguǒ zhī ping-gwor jrr 苹果汁
Pear Juice Lí zhī lee jrr 梨汁
Orange Juice Júzi zhī joo-dzrr jrr 橘子汁
Orange Juice Chéngzhī chnng jrr 橙汁
Banana Juice Xiāngjiāo zhī sshyang-jyaoww jrr 香蕉汁
Pineapple Juice Bōluó zhī bor-lor jrr 菠萝汁
Mango Juice Mángguǒ zhī mung-gwor jrr 芒果汁
Watermelon Juice Xīguā zhī sshee-gwaa jrr 西瓜汁
Cucumber Juice Huángguā zhī hwung-gwaa jrr 黄瓜汁
Coconut Juice Yēzi zhī yeah-dzrr jrr 椰子汁

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