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Hangzhou Biking

Hangzhou Biking

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 19, 2023
The west lakeWest Lake biking

Traveling by bike combines sightseeing with sports and health. You can have more freedom to travel and ride in an environmentally friendly way. You'll experience more of the people of China and experience more of nature. Hangzhou is a city that is known for its relatively clean environment, relatively high standard of living, and the natural scenic places nearby. Near Hangzhou, there is a big lake called West Lake or Xi Hu and some mountains. Here are suggested bike routes near West Lake, Qianjiang River, Shili Langdang, and Wuchaoshang Mountain. See China Highlights' Hangzhou tour with a cycling experience around West Lake.

Also read beautiful natural scenery along China's best cycling routes.

West Lake Natural Scenic Route

LotusBeautiful lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard

West Lake is a lake with park areas on the western side of Hangzhou. You can start off on the northwestern side of Xihu (西湖) or West Lake. You can start from the Zhejiang University (浙江大学) area or someplace else on Yugu Road and ride past the Botanical Garden Park (植物园) with park on both sides of the road. Then, turn left onto Yuquan Road and go to Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard (曲院风荷) on the lake. Yang Causeway (杨公堤 yáng gōng dī) goes down the east bank of the lake. You can ride relaxedly down on the avenue shaded by trees. You can pass by Zhao Causeway (赵公堤), Hangzhou Flower Nursery (杭州花圃), Guozhuang or Guo Cottage (郭庄), and Dingjia Mountain (丁家山). After pass ing Yangong Di Bei Pavilion on your left and riding another 500 feet or 180 meters, you'll come to Bapanling Road. Make a left. After riding about 600 meters, you should turn right on Santaishan Road (三台山路)and go to the Zhejiang Hotel (浙江宾馆). You have to ride up the slope along Longjing Road where the asphalt road is shaded by the big trees on both sides and the red maple leaves will fly around in autumn. There is a bus stop there.

If you have a mountain bike and want to do some mountain biking, you can then ride through Longjing Village (龙井村). There is a stone path of the Nine Brooks and Eighteen Dales (九溪十八涧)where there are mountains and forests and tea plantations. You might have to cross the brooks by getting off your bike and walking with the bike. If you go to Li'an Temple (理安寺), there is a slope between Li'an Temple and Yangmei Ling Village ( 杨梅岭村). You can go over to Manjuelong Road (满觉陇路).

Northern West Lake Route – Cultural and Scenic Route

Lingyin TempleBuddha in Lingyin Temple

Longxiang Bridge (龙翔桥 Longxiang Qiao/long-sshyang chyoww)- Xueshi Road/Scholar Road (学士路Xueshi lu /sshwhere- shuh/ee loo/yoo) - Children's Palace (少年宫) - Autumn Moon over Calm Lake (平湖秋月) - The Temple of  General Yue Fei (岳飞庙)- Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺) - Gushan Mountain (孤山).

This bike trip starts from the northeast corner of West Lake and goes along the northern part of the  lake. You can start from Children's Palace where there are many places you can rent a bike. Then get on Bai Causeway (白堤 bái dī) that goes across the late westwards towards Gushan Mountain. You can go past the Art Gallery of the West Lake (西湖美术馆) that sits on an island, the former residence of Yu Pingbo, and the Xiling Seal Club. If you go to Gushan Mountain through Beishan Road, you can visit the West Lake Expo Museum (西湖博览会博物馆).

Out of Gushan Mountain, you can bike along Beishan Road to the front gate of the Botanical Garden on Lingyin Road beside which you can see a small blue-brick building shaded by trees. That is the former residence of Lin Fengmian who is considered the father of Modern Arts Education in China. The French-style building was designed by him in 1934. When biking to Zhao Causeway (赵公堤), you can have a look at the former residence of Gai Jiaotian.

You can bike on Nanshan Road and visit West Lake Museum (西湖博物馆) with the former residence of Pan Tianshou across from it. When you arrive at Taizi Bay, you can see the Shrine of Zhang Cangshui and the Zhang Taiyan Memorial as well as the Su Dongpo Memorial beside Su Causeway. When biking on Nanshan Road, you can also go to the Hefang Street where there are many old shops and museums. The Nanshan Road route brings you past a lot of museums where you can learn a lot about the history of Hangzhou.

Qianjiang River Route

You can bike from Qianjiang Third Bridge to the south bank. You can also ride along the wide avenue to Qianjiang First Bridge. Along the Qianjiang River, you can see mountains.

Shili Langdang (十里琅珰)Route

Shili Landdang refers to the mountain ridge from Wuyunshan (五云山) in the south to Tian Zhu (天竺) in the north. It is the highest ridge in West Lake area, which rolls several kilometers. The mountains have great natural scenery.

The Shili Langdang route passes Longjing (龙井), Qipanshan (棋盘山), the Lion Mountain (狮子山), the Lion Peak (狮峰), Wanlingbei Mountain (万林背山)and Wuyunshan Mountain. It has a total length of about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). You can go uphill from Longjing, Xia Tian Zhu Temple (下天竺) or Shang Tian Zhu (上天竺). You can have a rest in the pavilions of the mountain. The mountain ridge road is a little bit difficult with a lot of up and down slopes and several stairs. Sometimes, you have to push the bikes or even carry them. However, the road is safe and fun.

Shang Shidai Village - Wuchaoshan Mountain

In Shang Shidai Village (上城埭村) of Wulong Town, there is the biggest Longjing tea plantation in Hangzhou. There is a low hill there with green tea bushes spread over it. The surrounding place is broad and good for MTBs. If you ride 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) to the west, you can get to the White Dragon Pool. At the middle of Wuchaoshan Mountain, you will find 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of downward slope.

China Highlights can help you customize a tour to bike around West Lake, or just have a look at our Hangzhou tour.

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