The Most Famous 14 Chinese Restaurants

The Most Famous 14 Chinese Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated May. 20, 2021

The famous Chinese restaurants in major cities in China are top choices for travelers. These 14 hand-picked restaurants below are the most famous and historic ones in China. They represent the best of local dishes well, and can be found easily.

Quanjude — Peking Duck

Rosted DuckPeking Duck

Dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1864), Quanjude (/chwen-jyoo-der/) started to run their business in Beijing, specializing in Peking duck. It has become the brand name for Beijing roast duck, a must-taste food in Beijing and China.

Beijing Branches

Shanghai Branches

South Beauty — Sichuan Cuisine

Duck Blood CakeDuck Blood Cake, famous Sichuan cuisine

Headquarter in Beijing, South Beauty has three high-rate affiliate brands, South Beauty Restaurant, LAN Club, and SUBU. Starting business in 2000, South Beauty has more than 50 branches across China. They focus on the combination of elegant environment and delicious Chinese dishes.

Beijing Branches

Shanghai Branches

Guangzhou Branches

Goubuli (Go Believe) — Steamed Dumpling

Steamed Buns Steamed Buns

Goubuli steamed dumplings are the traditional snack of Tianjin. It has a history of more than 150 years, and has developed from a snack served in small dining halls into a meal served in large restaurants. Goubuli Restaurants now also provide breakfasts and their own brand of frozen food.

Tianjian Branch

Beijing Branches

Haidilao — Hotpot

HotpotDouble-flavoured hotpot soup of Haidilao

Specializing in Sichuan hotpot, Haidilao has been in business since 1994, and has opened branches in 15 cities in China.

Beijing Branches

Shanghai Branches

Morals Village — Hotpot

Morals VillageMorals Village Hotpot

Morals Village’s hotpot is one of the most famous brands of Sichuan hotpot. They specialize in making hotpots with all sorts of fresh ingredients.

Chengdu Branches

Chongqing Branches

Sichuan Folk — Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan FolkSichuan Folk Restaurant

Sichuan Folk, established in 1996, practices traditional hotpot culture, but has also created a new conception of Sichuan cuisine.

Chengdu Branches

Beijing Branches

Shanghai Branches

Eating in Guangzhou — Authentic Guangzhou Food

Dim Sum Dim Sum

Eating in Guangzhou is one of the most famous and traditional restaurants in Guangzhou. Its authentic Guangzhou food and snacks have won praise from customers, who say it is the number one must-visit restaurant in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Branches

Lianxiang Lou — Moon Cake

MooncakeMoon Cake

Chinese: 莲香楼 Liánxiānglóu /lyen-sshyang-loh/

Lianxiang Lou opened its first restaurant in the west of Guangzhou city in 1889. Its traditional moon cakes, made with authentic lotus paste, are their specialty and must-taste snacks.

Shanghai Old Restaurant — Local Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai Old Restaurant Shanghai Old Restaurant

Shanghai Old Restaurant has a history dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1875). Its local Shanghai cuisine dishes attract a large number of customers every year.

Lvbolang — Shanghai Cuisine

Lvbolang Lvbolang Restaurant

Lvbolang is one of the famous-brand restaurants in Shanghai, with a history of over 400 years. The original Shanghai restaurant is a traditional Chinese building in Yu Garden, near the Bund.

Louwailou — Authentic Hangzhou Dishes

 Louwailou Louwailou Restaurant

Located at the foot of Gushan Mountain, beside West Lake in Hangzhou, Louwailou Restaurant is a famous restaurant with a history of more than 160 years. It is an excellent place to enjoy authentic Hangzhou dishes and appreciate the poetic natural scenery.

Hangzhou Branches

Zhiweiguan — Hangzhou Dessert and Snacks

Zhiweiguan Noodle of Zhiweiguan Restaurant

Chinese: 知味观 Zhīwèiguān /jrr-way-gwan/

Situated east of busy Yan’an Road, and west of beautiful West Lake, Zhiweiguan has many special and tempting snacks, and authentic Hangzhou dishes. Both the environment and flavor are wonderful.

Hangzhou Branches

Shanghai Branch

Beijing Branch

Tongshengxiang — Muslim Food

Cruded Pancake in Mutton Soup Cruded Pancake in Mutton Soup, a popular Xi'an dish

The first Tongshengxiang was built in 1920 and located near Xi'an's Bell & Drum Tower. Tongshengxiang is an old brand restaurant in the city center of Xi'an. Chipped bread in beef or mutton soup, Muslim food, and many sorts of snacks are popular in Tongshengxiang Restaurant.

Jiasan Steamed Stuffed Bun Restaurant — Soup Dumplings

 Soup DumplingsSteamed Soup Dumplings

Jiasan is also a famous brand for 'steamed soup stuffed buns', like Tianjin's Goubuli. This restaurant not only offers steamed dumplings, which are their specialty, but also provides Xi'an snacks and other dishes.

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Rosted Duck

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