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Monthly Horoscope for Dogs in 2020

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2020 is a year beginning well and ending hard for Dogs. With everything going well,  they won’t be satisfied because of their slowly growing greed. Throughout the whole year, Dogs should always be aware of gains and losses, so that they will know how to behave correctly.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used to determine zodiac months. Below, we have used the Chinese lunar calendar for 2020 however, as it is more commonly used in "popular astrology".

For more on the different date systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar.

Chinese Zodiac Dog's Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Dogs in 2020

Month 12,2019 (Dec. 26, 2019–Jan. 24, 2020)

In month 12, Dogs are forecast to have a downturn in luck, especially in finance. Their careers will take a dive.

Their health will also admit no optimism. They should be careful to avoid bone fractures.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 1 (Jan. 25 – Feb. 22, 2020)

Luck will greatly improve for Dogs in Month 1. They will have brilliant career prospects during this month. They will rebound energetically financially. After careful planning, they should invest in something, being careful not to be deceived.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 2 (Feb. 23 – Mar. 23)

Month 2 will be a lucky month for Dogs in all areas, especially  financially.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 3 (Mar. 24 – Apr. 22)

Dogs’ luck will continue a steady growth in Month 3, and they will receive help from their saviors. In this month, Dogs will be willing to share their luck with others and live a happy life.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 4 (Apr. 23 – May 22)

Dogs’ luck will keep on rising in Month 4.  Their competence will improve and they will find it easy to learn new things. They should try things that they’ve never done before if they want further development.

Dogs' Horoscope for Leap Month (May 23 – June 20)

The leap month of April will see a decline in luck for Dogs. They will be in want of more and set more goals, which will  confuse them and they will lose direction easily. Beware setting too many goals, Dogs!

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 5 (June 21 – July 20)

Luck will continue to drop in Month 5 for Dogs if they are always jealous of others. It will be necessary to quickly get rid of this attitude, which will mean constantly guarding against actions motivated by jealousy.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 6 (July 21 – Aug. 18)

Month 6 will be a normal month of luck for Dogs. When they  eagerly promise things they can hardly complete they will feel frustrated because of losing the trust of others.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 7 (Aug. 19 – Sep. 16)

Luck will continually drop in Month 7. Dogs will feel that life is quite cruel to them and will feel down when being turned down by others.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 8 (Sep. 17 – Oct. 16)

There will be no luck in Month 8 for Dogs either. They will make little progress on one hand, and waste money in large sums on the other.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 9 (Oct. 17 – Nov. 14)

With a little more luck filtering into their lives in Month 9, Dogs will be rather competitive. They won’t feel fatigued with a goal to strive for. Dogs will regain relaxation after this month too.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 10 (Nov. 15 – Dec. 14)

Luck will be in decline again in Month 10. Dogs will be upset by troubles from work, so they will need take the time to manage relationships with their colleagues.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 11 (Dec. 15 – Jan. 12, 2021)

It will be a stable month for Dogs in Month 11, which will seem to be a transitional period for them. Reflecting back and thinking about the past, they will find the direction to go in at the end of November.

Dogs' Horoscope for Month 12 (Jan. 13 – Feb.11, 2021)

Luck will improve a lot for Dogs in Month 12, who will keep on adjusting their state of mind and direction in life wisely. With good luck financially, they will find life far easier.

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