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Dogs' Horoscope 2022

Dogs' Horoscope 2022

Written by Ruby ZhaoUpdated Jan. 4, 2022

Dog people (those born in a Chinese zodiac year of the Dog), you are destined to have good fortune in 2022, showing an upward trend compared to the previous year, according to Chinese astrological predictions.

After receiving behind-the-scenes help from powerful people, your careers should improve a lot, and you will be favored by your leaders.

Dogs, you are advised to go out more, communicate with others, and not to close yourselves off to avoid being depressed all day. You will have more inspirational moments this year. Dogs, learn to seize any opportunity to use your strengths in your work and shine.

Career — Dogs’ 2022 Horoscope

Dogs’ 2022 Career Prediction

Dog people, your career prospects this year depend on the work you are engaged in.

Dog people who are engaged in creative work, you will live up to your ambitions this year. You will be appreciated by your superiors and investors, and you will also receive a promotion and salary increase.

On the other hand, Dogs who do business, your career development outlook this year is not good. Under the influence of the current environment, many original customers will have been lost, and you should look to find new goals. At the same time, Dogs in business, you may become very depressed, leading to many problems when communicating with others. This is the main thing that will affect your career development.

Love — Dogs’ 2022 Forecast

Dogs’ 2022 Love Prediction

Dog people, you will have more stability in relationships this year. Single Dogs, you will probably still be single and are predicted only rare chances of meeting a suitable member of the opposite sex. In addition, you are predicted to be more introverted, which will contribute to your aloneness.

Dog people who have a partner, most of your time this year will be taken up with busyness at work. It is inevitable that your other half will feel disappointed. Relationships between you two will not be as sweet as before. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your other half’s needs to heart even if you are busy at work… Don’t ignore them or quarrel or have a ‘cold war’, otherwise it will affect the direction of the relationship.

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Wealth — Dogs’ 2022 Projection

Dog people, you will have a lot of inspiration this coming year.

Dogs who are engaged in creative work, advertising, editing, directing, and other related work, you will find that creativity and inspiration continue to come to mind. Creative Dogs, as long as you get a project, you will be able to show your talents and win the favor and attention of superiors and investors at work. Your overall income projection this year is therefore very impressive.

Dog people who do business, your fortunes this year may not be quite so good. Due to strong market competitiveness, consumers are less likely to buy. It is suggested that you change your marketing strategy for a more novel perspective that will start to attract consumers to come and buy. Dogs, whether you are a business owner or a part-time worker, do not easily enter into cooperation with others, otherwise the hassle will easily outweigh the gains.

Dogs’ 2022 Wealth Prediction

Health — Dogs’ 2022 Prognosis

Dogs, you are likely to be bitten by small animals this year. When going out or at home, try not to provoke pet cats or dogs to avoid accidental attacks. You are also not recommended to choose adventurous activities when traveling, such as diving, climbing, etc., which may cause you accidental injury.

In addition, Dog people, you are destined to be depressed and lonely throughout the year. You may also often feel anxious, have insomnia at night, and even experience mental weakness/illness.

Dogs, it is recommended that you actively adjust your mentality, get out of pessimistic moods, go out to relax with your family in your spare time, or cultivate hobbies like flower arrangement, which can relax your mind.

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2022 Monthly Horoscope for People Born in the Year of the Dog

In popular Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign's horoscope monthly predictions are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. As such, Dogs’ 2022 horoscope starts from Chinese New Year (February 1st, 2022) and ends on January 21st, 2023.

The horoscope below covers months 1–12 of the Chinese lunar calendar for 2022, and Gregorian calendar dates have been given for reference.

Dogs’ Month 1 Horoscope (Feb. 1 – Mar. 2, 2022)

Dog people, you will have a great improvement in your career fortune at the start of this year of 2022. With the help of your lucky stars, as long as you work hard and are down-to-earth, you can easily do well in big projects and be appreciated by your bosses and investors. This month 1, you will get help from noble people, and your career and wealth path will be very smooth, and there will even be a written appreciation and salary increase.

Dogs’ Month 2 Horoscope (Mar. 3 – Mar. 31, 2022)

Dogs, you will be very busy at work this month 2. Business trips and social gatherings will be common. At this time Dogs, you mustn't ignore your partner and family members, otherwise your neglect will easily lead to quarrels.

Dogs, you should pay attention to having a good combination of work and rest this month, and you should not exercise the body excessively, otherwise it will lead to injury in the end. At the same time, care for your family members to avoid conflicts, which may affect your ability to work.

Dogs’ Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 1 – Apr. 30, 2022)

Dogs, it is a suitable time for moving to a new home or buying new furniture this month 3.

Dogs, you may experience “red lights” this month in terms of health. It is recommended that you reduce going out and having fun, pay attention to safety when driving, observe traffic rules, and do not drive after drinking.

Dogs’ Month 4 Horoscope (May. 1 – May. 29, 2022)

Dog people, you will enjoy relatively stable development this month 4, and your career fortunes this month are set to be good. You can focus more on your work. After completing a large project, you will be highly appreciated by your bosses, and you will also be promoted and paid more.

On another note, Dogs, it will be necessary for you to establish good communication with your children this month.

Month 5 Horoscope (May. 30 – Jun. 28, 2022)

Dogs, you will be lucky this month. This month 5, single Dogs, you will have a rare chance this year to meet your ideal partner, and the relationship between the two is unlikely to be broken. At this time, single Dogs, you can use the help of friends or elders to fuel the flames and encourage them to cultivate the relationship to fruition as soon as possible.

For married Dog people, there may be emotional fluctuations this month. Married Dogs, you must strengthen your love, and do not do things that are hurtful to your partner.

Month 6 Horoscope (Jun. 29 – Jul. 28, 2022)

Dog persons, your fortunes are set to be up and down this month. It will seem that everything is on the right track, but it may be derailed by a sudden accident in the next second.

Dogs, the possibility of an accident this month is higher, so you should always be prepared. Psychologically prepare for emergencies. Don't be afraid of problems when you encounter them: panic will worsen the situation.

Month 7 Horoscope (Jul. 29 – Aug. 26, 2022)

Dogs, you will be very busy at work in month 7, travelling frequently to socialize, and your relationships in the workplace will also be very complicated.

Dog people at the management level, you should take more care of your subordinates, and your relationships with peers and superiors should be handled harmoniously, so as to allow projects to progress faster.

Month 8 Horoscope (Aug. 27 – Sep. 25, 2022)

Dog people, you will have good career prospects in month 8, and you will be able to solve difficult problems easily. After so much hard work, you will finally reap the rewards. But Dogs, don't be too public about your achievements, so as not to incur jealousy and slander from others.

Dog motorists, you must abide by traffic rules, and must not drink and drive to avoid car accidents.

Month 9 Horoscope (Sep. 26 – Oct. 24, 2022)

Dogs, it will be a suitable time for business trips and travel this month 9, but you should go out early to avoid delays in flights or trains, and take proper care of your personal belongings.

Month 10 Horoscope (Oct. 25 – Nov. 23, 2022)

Dogs, you will have good financial luck this month and will get a lot of money from investments and financial management. Your stocks will be rising in a straight line, and the income will be very impressive.

Relationally, single Dogs, you will also have good luck and have another chance to meet the precious “other half” of your lives, but you must learn to seize the opportunity and mustn't hesitate, or else happiness will slip away from your fingertips.

Month 11 Horoscope (Nov. 24 – Dec. 22, 2022)

Dog people, you will be in a suitable position for learning and training this month. A long-awaited training program can be carried out. It is recommended that you choose training that is conducive to your work development. You should also look to improve your efficiency at work. You can't ignore this opportunity even if you are already studying.

Dogs, you should consult your elders when you encounter difficult problems. Don't make decisions arbitrarily, so as not to regret it. It is not recommended for you to cooperate with friends, though, this month. When others ask to buy shares in your business or company, you should clearly refuse.

Month 12 Horoscope (Dec. 23, 2022 – Jan. 21, 2023)

Dogs, there may be some changes in your family life in month 12, which will lead to depression all day long, and the physical condition of your elders will also get worse, which is very worrying. It is recommended that you adjust your mentality and proactively take your elders to the hospital for treatment, and they will get better soon.

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