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Monthly Horoscope for Dogs in 2019

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Dogs should be careful in everything during a Pig year, as they will experience an average luck. It will be wise for them to begin new careers. They will enjoy good financial returns. They should, however, communicate more with family members and increase the time spent with their families. Single Dogs will meet the right person.


It will be better for Dogs not to start any new business in 2019. They need to work hard and take care of the work they have in hand.


Dogs' health prospects in 2019 will be average.

They might experience some stomach problems. Such problems may not be very serious, but they will be very bothersome. Dogs are advised to have regular health examinations, and to take time to refresh their minds by traveling.


Although Dogs' ability to make money will be good, they must work hard to earn more, both from long-term work and from windfalls. Besides, they need to protect their own household goods. For example, they must make sure that sources of electricity and gas are turned off before they go out.


Single Dogs will be hopeful of meeting the right person. As for married Dogs, they will be vulnerable to disagreements with their partners. They should communicate more with other family members to maintain stability in their marriages.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used to determine zodiac months. The first month would begin within 2 days of February 5, and so on. Below, we have used the Chinese lunar calendar for 2019 however, as it is more commonly used in "popular astrology".

For more on the different date systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar.

Dog's Horoscope in 2019

Monthly Horoscope for Dogs in 2019

Month 1 (Feb. 5–Mar. 6, 2019)

It would be better for Dogs to continue their present careers rather than starting new business in month 1. They should, however, establish a wide range of contacts to help them in future.

They should not expand their investments during this month but may have cause for optimism about the chances of winning a lottery prize.

They should smoke and drink less, to maintain good health and spirits.

Month 2 (Mar. 7–Apr. 4, 2019)

Dogs are forecast to have a downturn in luck during month 2. It will be better to work like a horse than try to impress everyone with individuality. Dogs can be hopeful of promotion.

Great attention should be paid to Dogs' diet and they should avoid eating uncooked or cold food.

Month 3 (Apr. 5–May 4, 2019)

Although Dogs will have many opportunities in month 3, they may lose in competitions with others, because of the large number of competitors.

They may make a profit at the end of month 3.

Single Dogs will meet satisfactory lovers.

Dogs will not have any health worries this month.

Month 4 (May 5–Jun. 2, 2019)

Little progress will be made in Dogs' careers in month 4. It will be better for them to relax than to fall ill from overwork.

There will be the danger of an illicit partner in relationships. They should be careful to maintain good relationships to avert this danger.

Financial luck will improve in the middle of the month. If they can work hard, Dogs will be able to make a small profit.

They should pay more attention to dietary hygiene.

Month 5 (Jun. 3–Jul. 2, 2019)

Dogs will meet a lot of challenges in their careers in month 5.

Otherwise, they will be in good health.

Month 6 (Jul. 3–Aug. 29, 2019)

Luck, especially in finance, will improve in month 6. But they still need to beware of suffering unexpected personal financial loss.

On the love front, male Dogs will be lucky but not female Dogs. Female Dogs will continuously fail in love.

Great attention should be paid to Dogs' health. They will need to exercise more and develop a hygienic living environment.

Month 7 (Aug. 30–Sep. 28, 2019)

Dogs' luck will improve in month 7. Their careers will begin to flourish.

Financial fortune will dip again. They may lose some money and it will be better for them not to make any investments.

Not much progress will be possible in Dogs' relationships.

On the health front, they should beware of driving while fatigued.

Month 8 (Sep. 29–Oct. 27, 2019)

Jobs will not be stable for Dogs in month 8. They will need to do their best to deal with hindrances at work. Besides, they should pay great attention to investments, because of their bad luck with money.

Dogs will be liable to gossip this month. Instead, however, they should preserve their moral integrity. Health-wise, they will be relatively weak. They should supplement their diet with more nutritional food.

Month 9 (Oct. 28–Nov. 25, 2019)

In month 9, Dogs will resolve some of their difficulties. Everything will go well in relationships for male Dogs. Meanwhile, they will have no serious health problems.

Month 10 (Nov. 26–Dec. 25, 2019)

Luck will be much below par for Dogs in month 10. They will remain safe if they are patient, though they may suffer from pressure at work.

They should pay attention to their finance, to avoid any financial crisis. Everything will be fine for Dogs in their relationships. For better health, they should maintain a well-balanced diet.

Month 11 (Dec. 26, 2019–Jan. 24, 2020)

In month 11, Dogs are forecast to have a downturn in luck, especially in finance. Their careers will take a dive.

Their health will also admit no optimism. They should be careful to avoid bone fractures.

Month 12 (Jan. 25–Feb. 22, 2020)

Luck will greatly improve for Dogs at the end of 2019. They will have brilliant career prospects during month 12.

They will rebound energetically in financial health. After careful planning, they should invest, being careful not to be deceived.

They will be in good health, but they should not drink or eat too much.

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