Year of the Monkey — Fortune, Career, Health, and Love Prospects in 2017

Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Monkey is the ninth of 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. Monkey years include: 1932, 1944, 1956,  1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

What a Year of the Monkey Is

Interestingly, Monkey years are all multiples of 12 — from 12 AD, through 1200 AD. 2016 was a year of the Monkey, and the next Monkey year will be 2028.

Are You a Monkey?

In China, people born in a year of the Monkey are called "Monkeys". Usually, if born in a multiple-of-12 year, like 1980, you're a Monkey.

Zodiac years, however, are generally dated by the Chinese lunar calendar (starting at Chinese New Year), so if you were born in January or February, check below to see whether you're really a Monkey.

Monkey Year Start End
2016 February 8, 2016 January 27, 2017
2004 January 22, 2004 February 8, 2005
1992 February 4, 1992 January 22, 1993
1980 February 16, 1980 February 4, 1981
1968 January 30, 1968 February 16, 1969
1956 February 12, 1956 January 30, 1957
1944 January 25, 1944 February 12, 1945
1932 February 6, 1932 January 25, 1933
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(Some Chinese astrologers consider zodiac years to start and end around February 5 — the beginning of 'Start of Spring', according to the traditional Chinese solar calendar.)

What Type of Monkey Are You: Fire, Wood, Water, Gold, or Earth?

In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animal sign and one of the Five Elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Gold (Metal), or Earth. Both the sign and the element of your birth year are said to affect your personality and destiny. Element-sign combinations recur every 60 years:

The Five Monkeys Born Character
Fire Monkey ... 2016, 1956, ... Ambitious and adventurous, but irritable
Wood Monkey ... 2004, 1944, ... Always ready to help others; compassionate, with strong self-esteem, but stubborn
Water Monkey ... 1992, 1932, ... Smart, quick-witted, fond of being in the limelight, but haughty
Gold Monkey ... 1980, 1920, ... Smart, quick-witted, and confident, but also irritable and stubborn
Earth Monkey ... 1968, 1908, ... Frank, optimistic, and fearless

Famous Monkeys

Famous Monkey Birth Date Element
Leonardo da Vinci 15 April 1452 a Water Monkey
Tom Hanks July 9, 1956 a Fire Monkey
Kylie Minogue 28 May, 1968 an Earth Monkey
Will Smith September 15, 1968 an Earth Monkey
Justin Timberlake January 31, 1981 a Gold Monkey

Lucky Things for Monkeys

  • Lucky numbers: 4 and 9
  • Lucky days: the 14th and 28th of any Chinese lunar calendar month
  • Lucky colors: white, blue, gold
  • Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum, crape-myrtle
  • Lucky directions: north, northwest, west
  • Lucky months: Chinese lunar months 8 and 12

The infographic of the Year of the Monkey

Unlucky Things Monkeys Should Beware Of

  • Unlucky numbers: 2 and 7
  • Unlucky colors: red, pink
  • Unlucky directions: south, southeast
  • Unlucky months: Chinese lunar months 7 and 11

Monkeys' Fortune, Career, Health, and Love Prospects in 2017

In 2017, Monkeys will have quite good luck. But since 2016 is the Monkeys' unlucky year, they will still need to be careful, until all the bad luck is gone.

Monthly Fortune for the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

Wealth in 2017 — Good Fortune from Careers


Good fortune for Monkeys this year will come mainly from your careers. In 2017, Monkeys' efforts will be rewarded.

Someone will be able to help you a lot with your career. Don't overlook anyone you are relating well with. If you want to profit from investment and finance, consult your male seniors for advice.

Engineers, car-mechanics, those who work outdoors, or with cigarettes, wine, or men's suits, will all have good fortune. Things will go smoothly at work for those who work on design, creative work, advertising, or planning.

Monkeys will have a good opportunity to expand to different markets and gain a fortune. But Monkeys need to stop when you have enough and not show off your fortune.

Work in 2017 — Work Hard


To earn well in 2017, Monkeys will need to work hard. With luck, someone will help you with your career. And you'll have an opportunity for promotion in 2017.

Seize the opportunity and your career will develop very well. You can expand your markets to other places. Your business trips will serve to improve your career prospects.

Females, however, should not have too much close contact with your male colleagues, for such contact may lead to misunderstanding and cause family conflict.

If you are considering a job change, you should ask for advice from male seniors or leaders who have helped you in the past.

Health in 2017 — Exercise Well and Observe a Healthy Diet


With the legacy of bad luck from the previous year, Monkeys may not get completely free from bad luck until the autumn. With pressure from hard-work, you may quarrel frequently with family members. Thus you may begin to think 2017 is an unlucky year.

Just doing your own thing, however, will have a bad effect on your career, your friendships, and your family. When arguments happen, view the problems from the perspective of others.

To relieve pressure when you are upset, do some exercise, such as going for a walk with family or friends. And pay attention to your diet by eating more fruit and vegetables.

Love in 2017 — Quite Good


You single ladies have a good chance of making a good match in 2017. But in case you are caught up in a love triangle, you should get to know him well before you develop a relationship.

You single men will also tend to be in a relationship, but not stable, and during the relationship you may suffer unexpected personal financial loss.

If you find there is little prospect of a relationship, ask your male seniors for their help as matchmakers.

You who are married should not have too much close contact with the opposite sex. Otherwise, there will be family conflict.

The Monkey's Traits: Sharp, Smart...

People born in a year of the Monkey have magnetic personalities and are witty and intelligent. Personality traits like mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness, make them very naughty.

Monkeys are masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Though they don't have bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt the feelings of others.

Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists. They have many interests and need partners who are capable of stimulating them. While some like the eccentric nature of Monkeys, others don't trust their sly, restless, and inquisitive nature.

Although they are clever and creative, Monkeys can't always exhibit their talents properly. They like to accept challenges and prefer urban life to rural.

How Monkeys Should Keep Healthy


Usually Monkeys are very healthy, partly due to their active lifestyles, and their drive to experience different flavors of life. If they do experience illness, it is usually of the nervous or circulatory system.

People born in a year of the Monkey often spend more time at work than average. To save energy, Monkeys need to remember to take breaks during their busy schedules.

Since Monkeys usually do more outdoor activities, they should pay special attention to safety; also while traveling or driving.

The Best Jobs and Careers for Monkeys

Monkeys work very hard in their careers. They can adapt well to different working environments.

Good career choices for monkeys are accounting and banking, science, engineering, stock market trading, air traffic control, film directing, jewelry, and salesmanship.

How to Build Relationships with Monkeys

Monkeys are not very quick to settle down into relationships, as they tend to be promiscuous and easily bored. Once Monkeys find the perfect partner, however, they commit to him/her in every possible way. Since Monkeys are sociable and love to talk, it's easy to relate to them.

Love Compatibility: Is She/He Compatible with You?

Love compatibility within the Chinese zodiac takes into account the unique characteristics of each animal. Only those whose characteristics match each other well can be good partners. See below the compatibility of the Monkey with other animals.

  • Best with: Ox or Rabbit
  • Worst with: Tiger or Pig

monkey's love compatibility

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