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Year of the Monkey

Written by Ruby ZhaoUpdated Feb. 12, 2024

Recent years of the Monkey: 2028, 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956.

The Monkey is the ninth of 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. It is a symbol of cleverness, versatility, and innovation. People born in the year of the Monkey are usually smart, quick-witted, and versatile. With a mischievous and playful nature, Monkeys are typically entertaining and can be great companions. 

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Chinese Zodiac Monkey Years

Year of the Monkey

The most relevant years of the Monkey include 2028, 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956. 

If you were born in one of the above calendar years, your Chinese zodiac sign is probably the Monkey, and in China you would be known as a Monkey.

However, the Chinese zodiac year is usually said to start from Chinese New Year, which ranges from late January to mid-February. Therefore, if you were born in January or February in one of the above years, you might be a Monkey, or possibly a Goat.

Additionally, if you were born in January/February in one of the years immediately following those above (2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, etc.), then you may be a Monkey or a Rooster.

You can use our free Chinese zodiac sign calculator tool below to find your zodiac animal sign or see the table below.

Find Your Zodiac Sign

Choose your date of birth and find out about your Chinese zodiac sign.

Dates for Monkey Years

Monkey Years Date Element
1932 February 6, 1932 – January 25, 1933 Water Monkey
1944 January 24, 1944 – February 12, 1945 Wood Monkey
1956 February 12, 1956 – January 30, 1957 Fire Monkey
1968 January 30, 1968 – February 16, 1969 Earth Monkey
1980 February 16, 1980 – February 4, 1981 Gold Monkey
1992 February 4, 1992 – January 22, 1993 Water Monkey
2004 January 22, 2004 – February 8, 2005 Wood Monkey
2016 February 8, 2016 – January 27, 2017 Fire Monkey
2028 January 26, 2028 – February 12, 2029 Earth Monkey

Monkeys' Horoscope Predictions and Lucky Color for 2024

In 2024, a Year of the Dragon, Monkeys will have a smooth connection with Tai Sui (the god of age). This means that you will receive plentiful support and blessings. You will encounter unexpected delights and surprises in various aspects of your life.

It will be a prosperous year, brimming with opportunities for you, Monkeys, especially in your career and financial fortune, where you will reap abundant rewards. However, it will be important to pay attention to your relationships and well-being.

Lucky color for 2024: blue, blue, white, purple

Read more on Horoscope for Monkeys in 2024: Career, Love, and Money Predictions.

Monkey's Personality: Sharp, Smart, but Naughty

People born in a year of the Monkey have magnetic personalities and are witty and intelligent. Personality traits like mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness make them very naughty.

Monkeys are usually masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Although they don't have bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt other people's feelings.

Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists. They have many interests and need partners who are capable of stimulating them. While some like the eccentric nature of Monkeys, others don't trust their sly, restless, and inquisitive nature.

Although they are clever and creative, Monkeys usually can't always exhibit their talents properly. They like to accept challenges and prefer urban life to rural life.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water Monkeys

In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth. For example, a Fire Monkey comes once in a 60-year cycle.

It is theorized that a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac animal sign and element. This means there are five types of Monkey, each with different characteristics:

Element of Monkeys Personality
Fire Monkey Ambitious and adventurous, but irritable
Wood Monkey Always ready to help others; compassionate, with strong self-esteem, but stubborn
Water Monkey Smart, quick-witted, fond of being in the limelight, but haughty
Gold Monkey Smart, quick-witted, and confident, but also irritable and stubborn
Earth Monkey Frank, optimistic, and fearless

See Chinese Zodiac Monkeys of 5 Elements: Characters and Destinies.

Lucky Things for People Born in a Year of the Monkey

Lucky Things for the Monkeys

Things that will bring Monkeys luck:

  • Lucky numbers: 4 and 9
  • Lucky colors: white, blue, gold
  • Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum, crape myrtle
  • Lucky directions: north, northwest, west

Things that Monkeys should avoid:

  • Unlucky numbers: 2 and 7
  • Unlucky colors: red, pink
  • Unlucky directions: south, southeast

Monkeys' Love Compatibility

The Monkey's Love Compatibility

Love compatibility within the Chinese zodiac takes into account the unique characteristics of each animal. Only those whose characteristics match each other well can be good partners. See below the compatibility of the Monkey with other animals.

  • Best with: Rat, Dragon, or Dog
  • Worst with: Ox or Tiger

Want to know if she/he is compatible with you? Use our zodiac love compatibility calculator below. Or you can check the 12 Chinese zodiac signs' love compatibility in detail.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator

Enter date of birth and test now
Boy's date of birth:
Girl's date of birth:

Best-Suited Careers for Monkeys

Monkeys work very hard in their careers. They can adapt well to different working environments.

Good career choices for Monkeys are: accounting and banking, science, engineering, stock market trading, air traffic control, film directing, jewelry, and sales.

How to Build Relationships with Monkeys

Monkeys are not usually very quick to settle down into relationships, as they tend to be promiscuous and easily bored. Once Monkeys find the perfect partner, however, they commit to him/her in every possible way. Since Monkeys are sociable and love to talk, it's easy to relate to them.

How Monkeys Should Keep Healthy

Usually Monkeys are very healthy, partly due to their active lifestyles, and their drive to experience different flavors of life. If they do experience illness, it is usually of the nervous or circulatory system.

People born in a year of the Monkey often spend more time at work than average. To save energy, Monkeys need to remember to take breaks during their busy schedules.

Since Monkeys usually do more outdoor activities, they should pay special attention to safety; also while traveling or driving.

Famous Monkeys

Famous Monkey Birth Date Element
Leonardo da Vinci 15 April 1452 a Water Monkey
Tom Hanks July 9, 1956 a Fire Monkey
Kylie Minogue May 28, 1968 an Earth Monkey
Will Smith September 15, 1968 an Earth Monkey
Justin Timberlake January 31, 1981 a Gold Monkey

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