The Year of the Horse — Fortune, Career, Health, and Love Prospects in 2018 & 2019

The Horse occupies the seventh position in the Chinese zodiac, after the Snake, and before the Goat. Years of the Horse: ... 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026...

Horse years recur according to the Chinese zodiac 12-year cycle. If you were born in a Horse year, these are believed to be lucky:

  • Lucky colors: yellow and green
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 7, and numbers containing them (like 23 and 37)
  • Lucky flowers: calla lily and jasmine
The Information for the Chinese Zodiac Horse

Are You a Horse?

Unless your birthday falls in January or February, you can be sure you are a Horse if you were born in one of the years mentioned above. If your birthday fell before Chinese New Year in your birth year in one of the years above, then you will be a Snake, the zodiac sign before the Horse.

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The Horses’ Personality: Active, Energetic...


People born in a year of the Horse are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd, and they can usually be seen on such occasions as concerts, theater performances, meetings, sporting events, and parties.

With a deft sense of humor, Horses are masters of repartee. They love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere.

Sometimes, the Horse is a little self-centered, but it doesn't mean that s/he can not be interested in others' problems. Horses are really more cunning than intelligent, and that is probably why most Horse people lack real confidence.

Five Types of Horse — Which One Are You?

In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. A Wood Horse, for example, comes once in a 60-year cycle.

It is theorized that a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac sign and element. So there are five types of Horses, each with different characteristics:

Type of Horse Year of Birth Characteristics
Wood Horse 1954, 2014 Irritable and sentimental, with an abundant imagination and insightful analyses of issues
Fire Horse 1906, 1966 Smart, charismatic, lively, overflowing with enthusiasm, but stubborn
Earth Horse 1918, 1978 Optimistic, kind-hearted, righteous, but irritable; with a strong sense of responsibility, and always ready to help others
Gold Horse 1930, 1990 kind, straightforward, calm, rational, always ready to help others, and popular among friends
Water Horse 1942, 2002 Sentimental, irritable, reliable, amicable, always ready to help others, and very charming for friends of the opposite sex.

See 5 Elements Analysis for Horse Year People.

Famous Horse Year People

Famous Horse Birth Date Element
Isaac Newton 25 December 1642 a Water Horse
Vladimir Lenin 22 April 1870 a Gold Horse
Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918 an Earth Horse
Neil Armstrong August 5, 1930 a Gold Horse
Paul McCartney 18 June 1942 a Water Horse
Stephen Hawking 8 January 1942 a Water Horse
Jackie Chan 7 April 1954 a Wood Horse
James Cameron August 16, 1954 a Wood Horse
Kevin Costner Jan 18, 1955 a Wood Horse

Good Health for Horses

Basically Horses are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their job may make them weak. Therefore Horses shouldn't do overtime too often, and then come home very late. Also Horses should refuse some invitations to parties at night.

What Are the Best Careers for Horses

Jobs involving communicating with others attract Horses most. The Horse sign stands for leadership, management, and decision-making. Horses dislike taking orders.

The Horse can make it in any career that demands neither solitude nor meditation, for he is an extrovert and he needs to be surrounded by people who approve of him and flatter him.

Good career choices for Horses include: publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, performer, tour operator, librarian or pilot.

How to Build Relationships with "Horse People"?


People born in a year of the Horse have a pleasant, amiable, easy-going disposition. With good humor and geniality, they are extremely comfortable to get along with, as they have the ability of instantly putting people at their ease.

Horses are very quick-witted and are right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you were saying; they are on to the thought in your mind even before you've expressed it. All these guarantee their popularity and a large following of friends.

The Luckiest Things for Horses

  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 7, and numbers containing them (like 23 and 37)
  • Lucky days: the 5th and 20th of Chinese lunar months
  • Lucky colors: yellow and green
  • Lucky flowers: calla lily and jasmine
  • Lucky direction: east, west, and southwest
  • Lucky months: the 4th, 9th, and 12th Chinese lunar months

The Unlucky Things for Horses

  • Unlucky color: blue, white
  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 5, and 6
  • Unlucky direction: north and northwest
  • Unlucky months: the 5th, 7th, and 11th Chinese lunar months

Horses’ Wealth, Work, Love, and Health Prospects in 2018 & 2019


Finances in 2018 — ★★★★☆


Horses have good financial forecast for 2018.

If you are a Horse, you will find it easy to get rich using your own horse sense — intelligence and wisdom, so use your natural skills and strategies.

However, your horoscope shows that you might desire to achieve a goal regardless of legal or moral constraints. So keep in mind that you mustn’t be too aggressive or utilitarian, otherwise you will be in trouble with the law, or you won’t be accepted by people around you, even if you make a fortune.

Horses will have good returns on real estate, technical projects, and cultural trade. But these will require you to expend much energy, and you are likely to get upset.

Career Prospects in 2018 — ★★★☆☆


Horses are not likely to get a promotion in 2018.

Horses, you might have conflict with your leaders, and that will result in a poor relationship between you this year.

However, you will do well in studying and research. You should work hard on technology projects. This will also reduce the direct conflict between you and your leaders.

What’s more, it’s a good year for Horses to engage in thermal power projects, real estate projects, and cultural endeavors. You have a higher rate of success in these areas in 2018. It will help pave the way to a bright future.

For entrepreneurs, it’s a good year for you to make great breakthroughs and developments in 2018.

Love in 2018 — ★★★☆☆


2018 is not a good year for female Horses.

It will be easy to scare away your favorite mate, and even have fallouts and affairs. So you are suggested to be modest, talk less, and think more, which can avoid breaking the harmonious aura. You can also let your friends and people around you to help you to make a good impression with your loved one.

For male Horses, it’s not a bad year for you, and you will be popular in 2018. It will be easy for you to settle down in a relationship with your loved one. But don’t be fickle in love, or you will be in trouble due to gossips.

Health in 2018 — ★☆☆☆☆


Horses do not have good prospects regarding health in 2018.

Horses, you should be careful of going against the law or having conflicts with people, otherwise it will be easy to be involved in bloody incidents. Your stomach might not feel well, and your respiratory system will also easily have problems.

Horses are not suggested to go on self-driving tours in 2018, neither should they go climbing or do other adventurous activities. Ignore this and you will be in danger. You are suggested to do health examinations regularly, and take the time to adjust your mind by relaxing in a forest or by a lakeside.

Love Compatibility of the Horse with Other Animals

Each animal sign has its unique characteristics. Love compatibility within the Chinese zodiac animals takes the characteristics of each animal into account. Only those whose characteristics match each others can be good partners.

See below for the compatibility of the Horse with other animals, and find out if the Horse is compatible with your sign or not.

  • Best with a Goat or Tiger
  • Worst with a Rat, Ox, or Rooster
Love Compatibility with the Horse Take our online love Compatibility test.

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