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Monthly Horoscope for Dragons in 2018

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

It is a very difficult time for Dragons in 2018, so they must strive harder for their career development due to great obstacles ahead.

Below is a general 2018 summary of four spheres of life and a monthly horoscope according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

In 2018, Dragons suffer personal financial losses due to unexpected accidents, incur conflicts at work and in relationships, and they should take note of their health status regularly.


Dragons suffer unexpected financial losses in 2018 due to their own willfulness and obstinacy in both school and general society. They frequently break traffic laws and get fined by the police, and they may even suffer loss in dangerous accidents.


With regard to their careers, 2018 is an eventful year for Dragons and they should attend to everything in person.

Dragons tend to inadvertently offend their bosses and even deny their decisions publicly due to their conflicting views. It's hard for them to get along well with others because of their mixed emotions.


Dragons are prone to quarrel with, or even break up with, their lovers on an impulse. Male Dragons are more vulnerable to suffering financial losses, while trouble finds its way to female Dragons.


Dragons suffer from poor health in 2018. They are susceptible to liver and gallbladder problems due to their not listening to health advice and great work pressures.

zodiac Dragon's horoscope

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine months, hence the first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within 2 days of February 5, and so on. For more explanation, see The Chinese Calendar.

Month 1 (Feb. 16 – Mar. 16, 2018): Stressful

Dragons feel greatly pressured due to changing work styles in their city in the first month of the Chinese lunar year.

They have great difficulty in increasing their incomes, and may start long distance relationships due to feeling lonely.

Month 2 (Mar. 17 – Apr. 15, 2018): Bad

As work pressure continues, Dragons have to devote themselves to their work and can barely spare time for their own relationships and health. It's also impossible for them to meet suitable partners due to the bad luck they encounter.

Month 3 (Apr. 16 – May 14, 2018): Mediocre

The biggest challenge for Dragons in Month 3 is their interpersonal relationships. They offend their colleagues due to working in such a competitive environment.

There are virtually no issues in their romantic life, so it's better that they seek long-term stability to ease the pressure.

Month 4 (May 15 – Jun. 13, 2018): Pressured

Dragons are under great pressure from their interpersonal disputes, and they should strive to ensure they don't get involved in them.

Month 5 (Jun. 14 – Jul. 12, 2018): Moody

Dragons' lifestyles are greatly affected by their bad performances in work in month 5, so they have to adjust their minds in time for an improved result.

They don't get along very well with their beloveds because of their bad tempers.

Month 6 (Jul. 13 – Aug. 10, 2018): Rock Bottom

The bad luck encountered by Dragons doesn't stop until the middle of month 6, during which time it's impossible for them to find their own way out, no matter how hard they try.

Most importantly, they should also take note of their health.

Month 7 (Aug. 11 – Sep. 9, 2018): Improved

Dragons' luck starts to change for the better after the dismal time they encountered during month 6. This gives them time to plan a road map for their future development.

What's more, their interpersonal relationships greatly improve in month 7, and they have more chances to get along with their partners.

Month 8 (Sep. 10 – Oct. 8, 2018): Good

Dragons are in a good mood in month 8 due to their continued financial luck since month 7. They have more chances to reap the rewards both in work and with savings, especially Dragons working in the sales industry.

Although they benefit from financial gains, female Dragons also face more pressures in work.

Month 9 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2018): Worst

Despite having enjoyed improved finances, month 9 is the worst month for Dragons due to one crisis after another arising in their life.

They have to change their attitudes toward both work and home life to ensure their jobs and relationships remain stable.

Month 10 (Nov. 8 – Dec. 6, 2018): Promising

Another wave of financial luck smiles on Dragons in month 10. They earn a stable income if they seize the right opportunity.

For relationships, it's very likely that male Dragons will meet their Miss Right.

Month 11 (Dec. 7, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019): Lucky

If they keep a good state of mind, Dragons will have more opportunities to make money and get promoted in month 11.

In terms of relationships, female Dragons have more chances to select their Mr. Right.

For health, they should pay more attention to respiratory diseases.

Month 12 (Jan. 6 – Feb. 4, 2019): Mediocre

Due to their mediocre financial luck in month 12, Dragons lead a more balanced life in a stable working environment, even though they don't have so many chances to get rich.

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