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Luck for "Goats" in 2017 — a Chinese Horoscope by Month

The Chinese Zodiac Sign goat

It will be a bustling year for people born in a year of the Goat in 2017, and it will also be a golden time for those who are motivated to reach their goals.

A Summary of Goats' Destiny in 2017

Career Prospects

Goats should get promoted in 2017 due to favor and help in work, so they should bring their potential into full play and grasp good opportunities in order to achieve their goals.

Goats should not feel impatient due to increasing work pressure and great responsibilities ahead, as these will eventually pave the way for their future career development.

Wealth Prospects

On the whole, luck relating to wealth for Goats will be bad in 2017. Goats will be often be strapped for money, so they should get ready to control their budgets, avoid high-risk investments, and avoid propaganda from companies about low investment projects with high returns.

Romance Outlook

Goats will be very popular among the opposite sex in 2017, especially the females. It's a good time for Goats to get to know a new member of the opposite sex in 2017, but it's better for them not to make friends at all than to make unsuitable friends.

Goats should take careful thought before deciding to start a serious relationship with the opposite sex, and should be careful of those who intentionally approach them.

Goats who are already engaged or married must keep a moderate distance when they communicate with the opposite sex to avoid misunderstandings and protect their own families.

Health Prospects

Goats will have good physical health in 2017; however, they should also pay attention to their mental health due to frequent episodes of psychological oppression in work and their home life. They should rest more to avoid suffering from neurosis.

Goats will be encouraged to communicate with others more with an open heart, and it's a good idea for them to visit temples to pray for blessings.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine months, hence the first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within 2 days of February 5, and so on. For more explanation, see The Chinese Calendar.

Monthly Fortune for the Chinese Zodiac Goat
Month 1 (Feb. 3 – Mar. 5, 2017): Average

Goats have to deal with work-related issues on their own due to their average luck in month 1, and it's an ideal opportunity for them to make a thorough plan for the whole year in their spare time. Goats should pay more attention to the health of their families in their spare time.

Month 2 (Mar. 6 – Apr. 4, 2017): Rising

Luck for Goats will get better in month 2 due to previous misunderstandings with their colleagues being successfully resolved, so they will have a smoother work environment due to help from their colleagues.

Romance for Goats will be smooth in month 2, and single Goats will have more chances to get to know new members of the opposite sex; however, patience is needed.

Month 3 (Apr. 5 – May 5, 2017): Good

Overall luck for Goats is rather good in month 3, but their luck relating to wealth this month will be the worst for 2017. Goats should be very careful of high-risk investments, such as stocks and securities, in order to avoid losses, especially novices.

Goats are prone to offending their colleagues and supervisors unintentionally due to tense interpersonal relationships in their office environment. It's wise for Goats not to try to distinguish themselves but to be content with not making mistakes by doing more and speaking less in the workplace.

Month 4 (May 6 – Jun. 5, 2017): Better

It's suitable for Goats to devote themselves to their work in month 4, and they are likely to make great achievements due to unexpected help from others and receive high recognition from their supervisors.

Regarding their romantic lives, it's very possible for single Goats to get to know a new member of the opposite sex in 2017.

Month 5 (Jun. 6 – Jul. 6, 2017): Best

Month 5 is the best time for Goats in 2017, and they will reap the benefits in both their romantic life and their career. Goats will meet many excellent people from the same industry due to frequent social engagements, which will greatly benefit their future.

It's also a good opportunity for single Goats to get to know the opposite sex through social engagements and choose an ideal partner for a future relationship.

Month 6 (Jul. 7 – Aug. 7, 2017): Worse

Month 6 will be a hard time for Goats. Goats should follow rules in everything they do and work seriously instead of rashly speculating for their own self-interest, or big trouble will be around the corner.

Goats are prone to suffering financial losses in month 6 due to their decision failures, which will greatly affect their mood. Goats should take more rest for a better health status this month, and should spare time to travel with their families to release pressure experienced at work.

Month 7 (Aug. 8 – Sep. 7, 2017): Improved

Overall luck will improve for Goats in month 7, and everything will be satisfactory at work. Goats should spend more time and energy at work if they want to make considerable achievements in their career.

Goats should deal with business issues and financial problems on their own this month. They will receive useful business information through social engagements due to unexpected help from others.

In terms of their romantic lives, Goats are encouraged to spend more time with their families to enhance their relationships.

Month 8 (Sep. 8 – Oct. 8, 2017): Steady

Goats will have steady luck in month 8, and this period will be more favorable for staff in regular positions and students, so it will be wise for them to take a refresher course and focus on their studies to pave the way for further development.

In health, Goats should pay more attention to their health status due to increasing work pressure, and should take preventive measures against colds and insomnia.

Month 9 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2017): Mediocre

Overall luck is normal for Goats in month 9, and they will make little progress in work. Although misunderstandings with their colleagues have been resolved, Goats should still be careful when judging others.

Luck relating to wealth for Goats will be rather bad in month 9, and they should make a better investment strategy after a thorough survey of the market. Based on their current financial status, Goats should avoid high-risk investments this month.

Month 10 (Nov. 8 – Dec. 7, 2017): Good

Goats will have good luck in month 10, when everything will go well in their career due to unexpected help from others, so they should seize this ideal opportunity to enhance their careers.

For luck relating to wealth, Goats will receive an increase in salary and a bonus this month.

Month 11 (Dec. 8, 2017 – Jan. 5, 2018): Decline

Luck for Goats will decline in month 11, and they are inclined to ignore people around them due to work.

Married Goats are prone to quarreling with their partners due to misunderstandings, so they are encouraged to keep calm for better communication and to travel together to a place they have been to before.

Month 12 (Jan. 6, 2018 – Feb. 3, 2018): Stable

Overall luck for Goats will become stable in month 12. Goats will encounter setbacks in work, so it's hard for them to make great progress.

As the year end draws near, Goats should devise a careful plan to make both ends meet due to increasing living expenses.

Goats will have good health in month 12; however, they should pay attention to their diet and avoid too much wine and oily foods in order to protect their liver and stomach.

Monthly Fortune Prospects for Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2017

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