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Monthly Horoscope for Goats in 2020/2021

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The year 2020 will be a completely new beginning for Goats. It will take them a little longer to adapt to a new career, life changes, and their emotions. They will need to learn to express their feelings in 2020.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine zodiac months.  We have, however, used the Chinese lunar calendar for 2020 below, as it is most commonly used in "popular astrology".

For more on the differences between date-systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar.

Zodiac Sign Goat's Horoscope in 2020

Monthly Horoscope for Goats in 2020

Month 12,2019  (Dec. 26, 2019–Jan. 24, 2020)

Goats will have tremendously good luck in finance and careers. With finance, it will be advisable to invest in the real estate industry. Pay attention to relationships, and be careful not to be deceived.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 1 (Jan. 25 - Feb. 22, 2020)

Goats will have bad luck this month. There will be a lot of troubles. It would be advisable to hold on to their jobs. They’d better not make any financial investments. Goats will be greatly rewarded in their relationships though.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 2 (Feb. 23 - Mar. 23)

Month 2 is a lucky month for Goats, with everything going  well at the beginning. They will be in control of everything even though some changes will happen. The leaders will appreciate Goats' hard work and their attitude will be recognized.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 3 (Mar. 24 – Apr. 22)

There will be a slow decline in luck for Goats this month, during which they will encounter some difficulties. But Goats will work them out one by one. What they need to do is make adjustments first and then keep on learning to increase their competence levels.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 4 (Apr. 23 – May 22)

Goats will be out of luck in month 4. They will seem to be living an easy life and will have someone to rely on during this month, which will lead to an unwillingness to face their life problems on their own. It will benefit them much if they learn to be independent from this month on.

Goats' Horoscope for Leap Month 4 (May 23 – June 20)

Goats’ luck will continue to decline in the month 4 leap month. They will be stuck in their romantic life, but there will be some compensation in the way of more chances in other aspects of life.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 5 (June 21 – July 20)

Month 5 will be a lucky month. Goats will realize their dreams, gain independence and become braver.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 6 (July 21 – Aug. 18)

Month 6 will see a slow rise in the fortunes of Goats. They will deserve a good rest after achieving much in work, because they will have worked hard to complete their goals.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 7 (Aug. 19 – Sep. 16)

Luck will decrease a little in month 7. Goats’ plans will be suspended because of physical problems, which will make them very worried  and hard to calm down.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 8 (Sep. 17 – Oct. 16)

Luck will continue to decline for Goats in month 8. They are likely to get trapped in conflicts with friends. They should pay attention when communicating with friends and perhaps attend less parties during this period of time.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 9 (Oct. 17 – Nov. 14)

Luck will be on the rise in Month 9, thus Goats will be successful both in daily life and in their careers. When they are in a good mood, Goats will need to care for the people around them and avoid neglecting others’ feelings.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 10 (Nov. 15 – Dec. 14)

Goats will have average luck during month 10 and there might be some quarrels with others who are not worthy of spending much time with. What Goats should do is speak less and do more. They are advised to mind their own business.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 11 (Dec. 15, 2020 – Jan. 12, 2021)

Goats will see an upturn of luck in month 11, if they don't rush  to accomplish something. They should think twice before taking action, control their emotions, and slow down in order to define their goals, which will help them to save time in the end.

Goats' Horoscope for Month 12 (Jan. 13 – Feb.11, 2021)

Goats will be considerably luckier in month 12. They will feel a sense of achievement after a lot of success. As the new year is coming, they should set new goals for themselves.

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