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Monthly Horoscope for Horses in 2018 & 2019

Chinese Zodiac Horse

Horses make a great fortune in 2018; however, they should also take good care of themselves while focusing on their work and studies.

Below is a summary of their luck and their month-by-month horoscope as per the Chinese lunar calendar.


Financial luck for Horses is rather good in 2018, and they can make a substantial amount of money using their intelligence, technical capabilities, and investment strategies.

However, they should not put emphasis on utilitarianism and extremism.


It's unlikely that Horses will get promoted in their careers due to resistance from their bosses, so they should spend more time improving their technical skills and research levels.

For Horses who plan to start their own businesses, they could possibly break the traditional bonds and make great breakthroughs in their careers.


Horses are not very popular with the opposite sex in 2018, especially females, who are prone to quarreling with their partners, so they should keep a low profile in their daily life.

Male Horses get along well with their colleagues.


Horses are in bad health in 2018, and they often fall victim to stomach upsets and respiratory diseases.

It's not suitable for them to go cycling, climb mountains, or take part in adventurous activities alone in 2018.

zodiac Horse's horoscope

Month 1 (Feb. 16 – Mar. 16, 2018): Good

In terms of financial luck, month 1 is very lucky for Horses with many opportunities ahead in their careers. Not only can they solve their current problems in work but they can also make a feasible plan for their future.

They can make lots of money due to having stable jobs.

Month 2 (Mar. 17 – Apr. 15, 2018): Eventful

Compared with the stable work status in month 1, month 2 is a more eventful time for Horses due to some changes taking place to their lifestyle.

Horses can hardly keep their stable state of minds due to having quick tempers, and they are likely to quarrel with their partners in month 2.

Month 3 (Apr. 16 – May 14, 2018): Downturn

An obvious downturn starts in Horses' careers in month 3, and they hardly make any progress no matter how hard they try.

What's worse is that it's easy to lose all the money that they previously invested.

They also feel rather confused in terms of their relationships and are unsure about their future.

Month 4 (May 15 – Jun. 13, 2018): Unsure

A great landslide happens to Horses in their careers and their interpersonal relationships in month 4. They are unable to seize any opportunities to make financial gains even though good ones are presented to them.

Month 5 (Jun. 14 – Jul. 12, 2018): Struggling

Horses face great crises in their careers in month 5. They cannot keep a cool head due to their uneasy state of mind, and they may regret making wrong decisions on impulse.

Month 6 (Jul. 13 – Aug. 10, 2018): Enhanced

On the whole, financial luck is greatly improved for Horses in month 6, and they are able to make continuous progress in their careers if their working environment is stable enough.

Male Horses are more popular than females ones, and the latter should control their moods when getting along with their partners.

Month 7 (Aug. 11 – Sep. 9, 2018): Best

In terms of love, month 7 is the best month for Horses.

They have a very good start in communicating with the opposite sex due to many opportunities ahead. For those Horses who have established good relationships, it's likely they'll get married in month 7.

Month 8 (Sep. 10 – Oct. 8, 2018): Better

Good luck continues for Horses in month 8.

They will get very good opportunities to get rich in work, especially those who work overseas, and they can make a profit out of suitable investments through unexpected help.

Regarding their health, Horses should pay attention to traffic laws in order to avoid accidents.

Month 9 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2018): Bad

Month 9 is a bad month for Horses.

They encounter trouble in their lives, and they can hardly spare any time for their careers and relationships. Above all, Horses can ensure their work and home life stay stable if they try their best to solve their problems.

Month 10 (Nov. 8 – Dec. 6, 2018): Perplexed

Horses are troubled by continuous issues in month 10 and they face many problems in their home life and careers. Therefore, they should choose the right ways of dealing with their work and relationships to ensure they have a stable life.

Month 11 (Dec. 7, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019): Overstressed

Horses can hardly keep a stable state of mind in their work and home life in month 11 due to facing substantial pressures. They should pay more attention to their health to avoid accidents.

Month 12 (Jan. 6 – Feb. 4, 2019): Dismay

Horses find themselves trapped in a hard situation both in their relationships and careers in month 12. One setback after another affect their work, and it seems success and wealth are far beyond their reach.

More importantly, Horses are not passionate enough to solve their own problems, which is the root of all their misfortunes.

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