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Monthly Horoscope for Pigs in 2019/2020

Chinese zodiac pig

As 2019 is a Pig year, those who were born in a year of the Pig should take special care of everything, to make correct alignment with the jealous God of Age star (Tai Sui).

It would be a mistake for Pigs to make huge changes either in careers or finances. Besides, many Pigs may have conflicts with family members, because they can’t achieve an acceptable balance between family and work.


Pigs will find it hard to find jobs in 2019. They can, however, make a profit if they seek to do business. Working Pigs will have opportunities for promotion.

Although Pigs will align themselves with the jealous God of Age star (Tai Sui), someone will help them do business. In any emergency, friends around them will also be helpful.


Pigs, especially working Pigs, should pay more attention to their health in 2019. Pigs who drive should always remember to obey the traffic rules. To avoid injuring others, they shouldn’t drive after alcohol, or over the speed limit, or go through any red lights.


In their zodiac year, Pigs may earn a lot of money. They should not, however, take part in gambling or risky ventures, or they will be deceived and lose money.

When pigs go to crowded places, they must take care of their belongings. In addition, when they go outside, they must make sure that electric appliances, stopcocks, gas taps, doors and windows at home are all turned off or closed, to avoid loss of or damage to property.


Male Pigs, whether single or married, will find it easy to attract members of the opposite sex around them. Good fortune smiles less on female Pigs.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used to determine zodiac months. Hence the first month of the zodiac year 2019 begins in early February, within 2 days of February 5, and so on. We have, however, used the Chinese lunar calendar for 2019 below, as it is most commonly used in "popular astrology".

For more on the differences between date systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar.

Pig's Horoscope in 2019

Month 1 (Feb. 5–Mar. 6, 2019)

In month 1, Pigs’ fortunes will take a turn for the better. They will be lucky in their careers and work, with the help of a benefactor.

Moreover, Pigs may receive extra income in the middle of month 1.

They do need, however, to take care of relationships and they should stay well away from other people’s business.

Month 2 (Mar. 7–Apr. 4, 2019)

Month 2 will be a rather lucky month for Pigs in relation to finances. They will need to pay attention to communications and create a friendly work environment.

Besides, Pigs will need to be careful at work, to avoid accidents.

In relationships, Pigs should take the initiative when they meet the right person.

Month 3 (Apr. 5 – May 4, 2019)

Month 3 will be the luckiest month of the year for Pigs. They should stop at the right time, however, to prevent bad things happening.

On the love front, Pigs should take responsibility for their statements and actions; otherwise their families will not live in harmony.

Month 4 (May 5–Jun. 2, 2019)

In month 4, Pigs are expected to experience a downturn in luck, although they will still be relatively lucky. They must avoid bad friends during the month.

Though financial fortune improves for Pigs in month 4, they shouldn’t be obsessed with money, and should especially steer clear of gambling.

Pigs will be lucky in love, but they shouldn’t date with more than one person at the same time.

Month 5 (Jun. 3–Jul. 2, 2019)

Everything will be satisfactory for Pigs in month 5, with financial luck still unlimited.

Great attention should be paid to Pigs’ health and they should try not to overwork.

At the same time, they should engage in activities with other family members.

Month 6 (Jul. 3–Jul. 31, 2019)

Big progress can be made in month 6 with the help of a benefactor. Pigs, however, should continue modest and prudent.

Although Pigs will still have good luck with finances, they should be wary, to avoid being deceived.

Month 7 (Aug. 1–Aug. 29, 2019)

In month 8, Pigs may toil with no gain in their work, careers, finances and relationships. They must be careful with finances and shouldn’t make any investments.

Pigs will be in bad health.

Month 8 (Aug. 30–Sep. 28, 2019)

Pigs will have good luck in month 7. They will have many opportunities in their businesses. Besides, good fortune on the financial front will find its way to Pigs.

They should, however, not hesitate in relationships.

Month 9 (Sep. 29–Oct. 27, 2019)

Pigs will be very busy at work, but toil with no gain in month 9. They may gain promotion, but only when they do their own thing.

They will be in better health.

Month 10 (Oct. 28–Nov. 25, 2019)

In month 10, Pigs are expected to have an upturn in luck in terms of careers and fortune. They must not, however, get ahead of themselves, or it may become a case of the more haste, the less speed.

Although new gains may be realized by Pigs in relationships, there may still be other relationship possibilities.

Month 11 (Nov. 26–Dec. 25, 2019)

Month 11 will be an unlucky month for Pigs. It will be easy for them to cause conflict in relationships.

On the health front, Pigs will need to try and protect themselves from accident and disease.

Month 12 (Dec. 26–Jan. 24, 2020)

In month 12, Pigs will still be in a phase of bad luck. Therefore they shouldn’t make investments.

In the middle of the month, Pigs’ relationships will still have other possibilities. So it will be better for them to do their own thing.

2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pigs

The year 2020 will be a free-flowing year for Pigs with lots of gains to be made. Their competence will improve as well. Pigs will make the most of the opportunities presented and take the initiative to accomplish much.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 1 (Jan. 25 – Feb. 22, 2020)

Luck for Pigs will greatly improve during month 1. They will remain safe as long as they watch their step. Though Pigs will experience a great upturn of financial fortune, other luck will still be a long time coming. Pigs should remember to keep healthy and avoid falling into a rut.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 2 (Feb. 23 – Mar. 23)

Pigs will be lucky during month 2 and will be active and vigorous despite a number of people distrusting them. These people will  slowly get over their prejudice and entrust important things with Pigs over time though.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 3 (Mar. 24 – Apr. 22)

Pigs will keep their good luck during month 3. They will be positive and life will be fairly easy for Pigs. Without much to worry about, they will complete tasks efficiently.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 4 (Apr. 23 – May 22)

With good luck during month 4, especially  financially, Pigs will not be short on money. They will be grateful for everything and it would be advisable for them to share in some sort of volunteer work.

Pigs' Horoscope for Leap Month 4 (May 23 – Jun. 20)

Pigs will experience a decline in luck during 2020’s leap month. They will not have as easy of a time as before because of many trials still to come. Though they may be upset, they should remember that the trials won’t last long.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 5 (Jun. 21 – Jul. 20)

Pigs’ luck will be on a slow and steady rise. Their abilities will be improved too as a result of receiving guidance. They should remember to never turn down help from the people around them.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 6 (Jul. 21 – Aug. 18)

Pigs will slowly lose their luck during month 6 with some emotional crises occurring. Pigs will feel too upset to make important decisions but will nevertheless need to be decisive in dealing with these problems.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 7 (Aug. 19 – Sep. 16)

Month 7 will be a normal month of luck. Many changes in their career will occur, both positive and negative. They will deserve a vacation after all the changes.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 8 (Sep. 17 – Oct. 16)

Pigs will experience a slow rise of their fortunes during month 8. They will try to make some changes regarding their career, but should remember to prepare well before changing jobs completely.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 9 (Oct. 17 – Nov. 14)

Month 9 will not be a bad month for Pigs, mainly because it will be a resting period. They are advised to show more concern to the people around them.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 10 (Nov. 15 – Dec. 14)

Month 10 is likely to be a good month for Pigs who will enjoy making new friends. New opportunities will present themselves because of their newfound popularity.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 11 (Dec. 15, 2020 – Jan. 12, 2021)

Pigs will continue to enjoy good luck during month 11. They will not be emotionally controlled by others and will be able to handle things better. They will then get a better grasp on life.

Pigs' Horoscope for Month 12 (Jan. 13 – Feb.11, 2021)

There will be a slow drop off of fortunes during month 12. It would be best to take a break during the last month of the year. A good break will put Pigs in a better position to welcome the new year.

Monthly Fortune Prospects for Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2019/2020


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