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Pigs' Horoscope 2024/2023

Pigs' Horoscope 2024/2023

Written by GavinUpdated Nov. 28, 2023

According to Chinese astrology, the overall development of the year will bring Pigs (those of you born in a year of the Pig) a mix of positive and negative influences. With the assistance of auspicious stars, Pig individuals, you can expect a strong advancement in your career.

You will have numerous opportunities and platforms for growth, along with the support of influential figures. By seizing these opportunities, there will be a high possibility of achieving great success in professional endeavors.

Furthermore, the social and emotional aspects of your life are expected to go smoothly. However, it will be important for you, Pig individuals, not to become overly complacent as negligence could lead to potential crises.

2023 is a year of the Rabbit. Pigs (those born in a Chinese zodiac year of the Pig), according to Chinese astrology, your overall fortune continues to be good. As long as you pay attention to your health and the risk of loss of property, and work hard, you should have unexpected pleasant surprises and gains.

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Career — Pigs' 2024/2023 Horoscope

Career Predictions for 2024

In 2024, the career prospects for you, Pig individuals, are quite promising. With the support of fortunate stars during this Dragon year, you will enjoy strong luck from your supporters. Wherever you go, you will find people willing to help and support you. As a result, you will be likely to experience good fortune and encounter various opportunities or business prospects more easily compared to others.

Moreover, Pig people, you will have the ability to actively learn new skills and knowledge in your daily life, helping you to seize opportunities. Therefore, in 2024, there will be a higher chance for you, Pigs, to receive salary increases, promotions, or even reach great success.

However, it's important to note that there are always ups and downs in life. Sometimes, rapid and significant success can attract envy and jealousy from others, especially in terms of workplace politics, which should not be underestimated.

Career Predictions for 2023

In 2023, the career horoscope for you Pig people is good: your relationships with colleagues and leaders will be greatly improved and even your previous conflicts with colleagues will be resolved in time.

If you have a new job assignment, you must do it well, as it will be a good opportunity.

Pigs who are in business, with the help of benefactors this year, many thorny problems can be resolved given some time, bringing you more business opportunities and benefits. Therefore, Pig businesspeople, you must seize your opportunities and fight bravely when it is time to take action, believing that you will see an abundant harvest.

Love — Pigs' 2024/2023 Forecast

Pigs' Love CompatibilityPigs' Love Compatibility

Love Predictions for 2024

Pigs, the Year of the Dragon 2024 will be a year filled with hope for you. You will have the opportunity to experience different emotions. Pig individuals, you will have the chance to experience a more passionate, romantic, and affectionate love. You will have the opportunity to explore true love and build genuine friendships or romantic relationships with your desired partner. Additionally, Pigs, you will also experience genuine warmth and steadfast emotions as well as enduring love and loyalty.

Love Predictions for 2023

Your romantic fortunes, Pig people, will be on the up in 2023. Singles born in a year of the Pig, you will have more opportunities to meet the opposite sex. When you meet someone you like, you must learn to take the initiative. Don't let happiness slip away, as you may regret it in the future.

Pig people who are in love, romantic fortune is very strong this year, but you must understand that you already have a partner, so you must not get too close to others of the opposite sex: keep a distance to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Married Pigs, your overall family atmosphere will be very harmonious in 2023, and there will be no major disputes, and your relationship with your spouse will continue to heat up. Even though you have been married for many years, you will find your love as strong as before, making friends around you envious. But no matter how good a relationship is, it can't withstand too many storms. In years of good romantic fortune, you should cherish each other more and avoid temptation to betray your partner.

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Wealth — Pigs' 2024/2023 Prediction

Wealth Predictions for 2024

In terms of financial matters in 2024, Pigs, it will be advisable to be cautious due to the influence of unfavorable stars. It will be recommended to spend money wisely and actively engage in budget planning.

Wealth Predictions for 2023

People born in a Pig year, you will see an upward trend in your wealth luck in 2023, mainly due to your strong career luck. You will receive help from benefactors in your career, and will be able to give full play to your talents in projects, thus ushering in a promotion and a salary increase.

Pig people doing business, with the secret help of lucky stars, your number of orders will soar this year, bringing a steady stream of wealth.

Pig people in the workplace, you should gradually improve your talents through continuous practice, make a detailed plan for your future, and work hard towards your goals.

There will be turbulence in the aspect of savings and investments. This year, even if you have money in your hands, don't invest in wealth management products or open a store with others. Otherwise, you will not be able to make money in the end, but will also lead to a decline in earnings due to you being distracted.

Health Predictions for 2024

Year of the Dragon 2024 will bring both opportunities and challenges for you, Pigs. The Dragon year will directly impact your overall well-being, Pig individuals. Your physical condition, Pigs, is predicted to remain stable throughout the year, and you will be able to maintain good physical health.

However, it will be advisable for you, Pigs, to pay attention to managing your emotions and maintaining a positive mindset to avoid any health issues. It will also be important for you, Pigs, to focus on your nutritional intake during the Year of the Dragon.

Year-of-the-Pig People's 2024/2023 Monthly Horoscope

In popular Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign's horoscope and monthly predictions are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. As such, Pigs,  your 2024 horoscope starts on February 10th, 2024 (Chinese New Year) and ends on January 28th, 2025 (Chinese New Year's Eve), your 2023 horoscope starts from January 22nd, 2023 (Chinese New Year) and ends on February 9th, 2024 (Chinese New Year's Eve).

Your horoscope below covers months 1–12 of the Chinese lunar calendar for 2024/2023, and Gregorian calendar dates have been given for reference.

Pigs' Month 1 Horoscope (Feb. 10 – Mar. 9, 2024)

Pigs, your overall fortune for the first lunar month will be relatively stable. With the assistance of auspicious stars, Pig individuals, you will experience an enhancement in your overall luck during this period. Whether it is related to work, financial matters, or relationships, things are likely to go smoothly for you.

You will receive help and support from others as you have good connections with influential people. Additionally, Pig individuals, you will be adept at seizing opportunities, which is why your development during the first month of the year will be quite favorable.

However, it will be important to pay extra attention to safety. For those planning road trips or outings, it will be crucial to ensure your personal safety and try to avoid crowded and noisy places to prevent accidents or unexpected incidents.

Pigs' Month 2 Horoscope (Mar. 10 – Apr. 8, 2024)

Pig people, you will have a thriving romantic life in the second lunar month. With the support of auspicious stars, Pig individuals, you will enjoy excellent opposite-sex relationships in the near future. Wherever you go, you will not lack admirers and attention from the opposite sex, making your love life smooth and successful.

Single Pigs, you will have a chance to find the right partner and start a new relationship during this month. However, for Pig individuals with little romantic experience, it will be important to be discerning when choosing a partner. Avoid being too emotionally impulsive as this could lead to deception.

Pigs' Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 9 – May 7, 2024)

In the third lunar month, Pig individuals, you will have the opportunity to realize your dreams. However, it will be important to be patient and not place all of your expectations in one place, but rather to spread your hopes around. Pigs, you should also be cautious to avoid being misled by others and make the right decisions.

Pigs' Month 4 Horoscope (May 8 – Jun. 5, 2024)

Pig individuals, your overall fortune in the fourth lunar month will tend to be stable. With no significant interference from inauspicious stars in terms of luck, Pig individuals, you need not worry excessively about the development of your life during this month. On the contrary, you will have more time for yourself or to relax.

Pigs, you should take this opportunity to rest, travel for leisure, and unwind to help soothe your mind and relieve stress.

Pigs' Month 5 Horoscope (Jun. 6 – Jul. 5, 2024)

In the fifth lunar month, Pig individuals, you will have the opportunity to take more control of your life. You should utilize your abilities to the fullest extent. During this month, you should be more cautious and avoid making hasty decisions. Instead, you should strive to safely seize your chance.

Pigs' Month 6 Horoscope (Jul. 6 – Aug. 3, 2024)

Your fortune in the sixth month of the lunar calendar, Pigs, doesn't appear to be very promising. It foresees there will be several issues arising within the family, such as concerns about children's education, elderly care, and disputes among siblings.

Additionally, work-related matters will not proceed smoothly, causing you to feel overwhelmed this month. Therefore, it will be recommended that you tackle these issues with a well-thought-out plan. You should take it step by step, prioritize the most important matters, and work to resolve the immediate challenges.

Pigs' Month 7 Horoscope (Aug. 4 – Sep. 2, 2024)

The social situation for you, Pig individuals, will not be very favorable as you enter the seventh lunar month. Under the influence of ominous stars, there will be a higher probability of encountering petty people during this month. This could lead to malicious defamation and sabotage from cunning individuals in both your personal and professional life, resulting in baseless rumors and more. This will be detrimental to your personal development.

Therefore, it will be recommended for you, Pigs, to take the initiative, bravely confront these challenges, and defend your rights to avoid being maliciously violated.

At the same time, it will be important for you to be more discreet in your actions, maintaining a low profile to prevent others from seizing any mistakes as leverage.

Pigs' Month 8 Horoscope (Sep. 3 – Oct. 2, 2024)

Your family luck, Pigs, will be relatively good as you enter the eighth month of the lunar calendar. With the assistance of auspicious stars, you will have a relatively comfortable month and harmonious relationships with your family members. There will be filial children and caring parents, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere.

Married Pigs, you may have the opportunity to welcome a new member into the family. Some newlyweds may conceive during this month, bringing the great joy of having a child.

Pigs' Month 9 Horoscope (Oct. 3 – Oct. 31, 2024)

Pig people, you are set to experience an unstable development in your safety fortune as you enter the ninth lunar month in the Year of the Dragon. Under the influence of an ominous star, unexpected incidents or accidents may occur during this month.

Therefore, it will be crucial to be cautious in all aspects of your life and remain vigilant. In particular, when going out, it will be important to prioritize your personal safety, avoiding excessive conflicts with others to prevent any confrontations.

Pigs' Month 10 Horoscope (Nov. 1 – Nov. 30, 2024)

According to Chinese astrology, Pig people, you will have a very promising career path in the 10th lunar month. Your progress in work will be smooth and, Pig individuals, you will demonstrate remarkable improvements in managerial skills. As a result, you will earn the respect of employees and colleagues.

Additionally, those who of you who are engaged in self-employment or entrepreneurship will often receive help from influential people. There will be opportunities to meet like-minded and ideologically aligned business partners. As long as you seize these opportunities and act accordingly, your career prospects may rise steadily, leading to great success and prosperity.

Pigs' Month 11 Horoscope (Dec. 1 – Dec. 30, 2024)

The health outlook for you, Pig people, during the 11th lunar month will not be very optimistic. There may be instances of illness, such as the common cold.

Therefore, it will be advisable for you, Pigs, to take good care of yourself by keeping warm and wearing appropriate clothing during this month. This is especially important for young children and elders. Additionally, Pigs, you should focus on replenishing your energy and nutrition in your daily life.

Pigs' Month 12 Horoscope (Dec. 31 – Jan. 28, 2025)

Pig people, your overall situation in the 12th lunar month will be quite busy. There will be various household chores and other matters that need to be dealt with. In addition, there will be a considerable amount of energy required to handle work responsibilities.

Therefore, Pigs, you will definitely feel more exhausted this month. It will be advisable to take some time to rest and not put too much pressure on yourself.

Pigs' Month 1 Horoscope (Jan. 22 – Feb. 19, 2023)

In month 1 of 2023, overall fortunes for you Pig people will be good. In your career, you will be able to get rid of the bad luck of the previous year, and be full of energy at work, which will make your colleagues and leaders appreciate you more, and you are expected to be promoted with a raise at the beginning of this year.

In terms of relationships, single Pigs, you will be able to take advantage of this year's good relational fortune to step out of singleness. As long as you pay attention, you should find your match, which may be a colleague or a friend who has been with you for many years. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Pigs' Month 2 Horoscope (Feb. 20 – Mar. 21, 2023)

People born in a Pig year, you will have very good luck in month 2, especially in your career, where you will be affirmed by your leaders. If your company has a big project or an opportunity to travel on business, your manager will give the opportunity to you because of his/her trust in you to perform well. Once your manager is satisfied, promotion and a salary increase will be a matter of course.

Meanwhile, people born in a year of the Pig you will have good health. This month your business will be going well and your income will be quite good. Happy at home and happy at work, with all things happy, your health will not be bad.

In 2023, an extra lunar month 2 (Mar. 22 – Apr. 19) occurs after the standard month 2 in the Chinese calendar. For Chinese astrology purposes, this makes month 2 twice as long, which is a very good thing for Pigs in 2023, as month 2's extremely fortuitous predictions go on for an extra 29 days!

Pigs' Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 20 – May 18, 2023)

In month 3, Pig people your fortunes will continue in the happy way of the previous months. In month 3, your company is likely to welcome new colleagues. With the trust and affirmation of your leaders, they may leave you the opportunity to train new people, so you must seize the opportunity well. Once a newcomer is inducted well into your company, it will not only make your boss feel at ease, but will also mean you gain the trust and recognition of the newcomer, which will be of greater benefit to your future career.

In addition, Pigs, your relationships will be full of surprises, especially if you are single. Single Pigs, you may meet your first love this month, and the chance of a good match is also high, so you should pay plenty of attention to this person.

Pigs' Month 4 Horoscope (May 19 – Jun. 17, 2023)

In month 4 this year, Pig people, your luck is relatively stable, and though there is not improvement, any decline will not be large either.

Pig newcomers who have just joined a company, as long as you perform well this month, you are likely to achieve a promotion and salary increase.

Pig people who are in business, month 4 will be a month for getting new products, and there will be more business opportunities. As long as your opportunities are seized, financial returns will surely come.

Pigs' Month 5 Horoscope (Jun. 18 – Jul. 17, 2023)

In month 5, Pig people, your fortunes will fluctuate slightly, so you will need to take care. There may be people who are jealous of you in your workplace this month, maybe a co-worker or a competitor. So, you can't be as careless as before. Be careful and cautious, or you will be attacked by villains behind your back.

Your wealth luck is unstable: if you are lucky, you could gain something, but you will lose some money if you are not careful.

Pigs' Month 6 Horoscope (Jul. 18 – Aug. 15, 2023)

Pig people, your prospects for this month 6 will be similar to those of the previous month. You will experience turmoil, and there may be villains in your careers. You will be in the limelight, but you should pay attention to precautions and restraint.

Pig newcomers who have just joined a company, you may be excluded by your predecessors, and set to work doing chores, which will make you feel that you are not being used to your potential, and you will have ideas of resignation. However, it is suggested that you Pigs stick to it, as this is a process that many newcomers must go through, and you must believe that 'gold will always have its day to shine'. If you can get through this kind of training in life, and work hard, you will finally get approval.

Pigs' Month 7 Horoscope (Aug. 16 – Sep. 14, 2023)

This month 7, people born in a Pig year, your fortunes will have an upward turn. Pay more attention to your situational changes and portents this month. No matter what industry you are in, you must work hard and pay more attention to maintaining interpersonal relationships.

In terms of wealth, working Pigs will gain greater benefits. Because of the help of benefactors, your relationships with people will be very good this month. Regarding sales, customers will increase. In the face of rapid growth in your performance, earned wealth will also roll in.

Pigs' Month 8 Horoscope (Sep. 15 – Oct. 14, 2023)

People born in a year of the Pig, you will again have good fortune in month 8, especially in terms of romance: single Pigs, you will have good luck in your encounters.

As part of this month's work, Pigs, you must seize any opportunity you have to go on a business trip, complete the tasks assigned to you by your leader, and get a salary increase. Good luck prevailing, you also have a good chance of meeting your ideal match on the way.

Pigs who are in love, you will have the blessings of your family and friends this month, and your relationship will be further enhanced, and so you could seize the opportunity to arrange a wedding for this year.

There is no big problem in terms of health forecast, but pay attention to weather changes to avoid minor illnesses and pains, and prevent accidents.

Pigs' Month 9 Horoscope (Oct. 15 – Nov. 12, 2023)

Pig people, your luck will decline this month 9, and you will need to take care of the affairs around you.

This month's career fortune will be relatively dark for you, especially you Pig office workers. Faced with a sudden increase in work pressure, your self-confidence will be hit. In some challenging jobs, if you are not competent and do not improve the way you work, you may be at risk of being fired.

In terms of relationships, due to unsatisfactory performance at work, it will be difficult for you to have a happy life with your partner. If you don't communicate more, you may face the crisis of breaking up after a long time. Therefore, this month, Pigs should learn to adjust your mentality to cope with the situation.

Pigs' Month 10 Horoscope (Nov. 13 – Dec. 12, 2023)

Entering month 10, Pig people, your career fortunes will be smoother. You will be able to take personal responsibility in your work and use your wits to do your job.

Pigs, your wealth luck will not be stable, and expenses will be very large. If you don't make money quickly, you may have a fiscal deficit.

But fortunately, Pigs, you luck with respect to learning is very good. Pig students, you will be able to convert your hard work into good grades. Pigs who are training for work, you will learn more skills that will lay a solid foundation for future work.

Pigs' Month 11 Horoscope (Dec. 13, 2023 – Jan. 10, 2024)

This month 11, the horoscope of you Pig people shows a downward trend, especially in terms of health. If there are some minor illnesses and pains, you must not be blasé, and should get treated promptly. Young Pigs (4-year-olds of 2019) are also prone to illness. As a parent, you must pay special attention to your Pig child's health. The health of female Pigs is also not optimistic.

Pigs' Month 12 Horoscope (Jan. 11 – Feb. 9, 2024)

Pig people, in month 12, overall, your luck will tend towards stability again. This month holds optimism for your wallet/purse, but be careful that your money is not exposed when you go out, so as not to lose it or have it stolen. Anti-theft work should also be done well at home: cash, bank cards, jewelry, etc. should not be openly stored indoors or displayed to prevent theft.

Pig people, you should raise your spirits to welcome in a new and beautiful year!

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