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Rabbit Horoscope 2024/2023: Career, Love, and Money Predictions

Rabbit Horoscope 2024/2023: Career, Love, and Money Predictions

Written by GavinUpdated Sep. 14, 2023

2023 is a year of the Rabbit. Rabbits (those born in a Chinese zodiac year of the Rabbit), according to Chinese astrology, as you again enter your zodiac birth year, you must be prepared for adversity.

Being in your birth year, you will easily to be in opposition to Tai Sui (the star/god of age), so you will need to make extra efforts everywhere and face challenges. Rabbit people, this year won't be such a smooth one, but believe that a rainbow will come after the storm.

In the year 2024, the fortune for Rabbits (those of you born a year of the Rabbit) appears to be stable according to Chinese astrology. It can even be considered quite good compared to those around you.

Your career and financial luck will be relatively satisfactory, but there may be a tendency to feel restless, which could significantly impact your work or other aspects of your life. It will be important for you to make personal adjustments to mitigate this.

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Rabbits' Career Horoscope for 2024/2023

Career Predictions for 2023

In 2023, Rabbit people, your career paths will endure a general decline. Rabbits, as you are in the cyclic zodiac year of your birth this year, you will meet opposition in your careers. Due to "villains" in your work life, projects that would otherwise go smoothly and bring benefits will be sabotaged by the "villains". Luckily for you Rabbits, there are also benefactors who will help you out of trouble when you have problems.

When you have trouble at work this year, you may even want to switch jobs. Under the current circumstances with a global depression looming, before changing vocation, Rabbit people, you must first find a good new position before tendering your resignation.

Career Predictions for 2024

Career prospects for Rabbits in 2024 are highly prosperous. Firstly, your ambitious nature will drive you to work diligently, resulting in a proportional return on your efforts. There will be a chance for significant breakthroughs in your career.

Secondly, favorable stars will support and assist your fortune. As a Rabbit, you will have good opportunities for benevolent connections in your professional life. Consequently, your work progress will be quite remarkable and you may even have opportunities for salary increases and promotions.

Maintaining a humble attitude in the workplace will be crucial as this will prevent attracting envy and jealousy from others. Excessive attention may hinder your progress and bring unnecessary troubles, thus slowing down the advancement of your fortune.

Rabbits' Love Forecast for 2024/2023

Love Predictions for 2023

Rabbits' Love CompatibilityRabbits' Love Compatibility

In 2023, Rabbit people, your love forecast has a general positive trend.

For single Rabbits, this year promises more romance. When you meet members of the opposite sex who you get along well, you are in a good place astrologically to start a relationship, and there are more likely to be sweet outcomes.

But for you Rabbits who already have a partner, some awkwardness may occur in your relationship, mainly because as a Rabbit you will have many potential entanglements and moments of closeness with the opposite sex, which are likely to pique your partner's jealous, and even cause you two fights. This could give rise to an emotional impasse.

Therefore, it is suggested that you keep your distance from the opposite sex, especially when a closeness develops. You must put your other half's feelings first.

Love Predictions for 2024

In 2024, you will experience favorable developments in your love life, Rabbit individuals. With the help of auspicious stars, you will experience a significant increase in personal charm, attracting potential romantic interests into your life. Single Rabbits, this is a great opportunity to find a suitable partner.

Married Rabbits, your emotional bond with your spouse will remain stable and you will enjoy a harmonious relationship without major conflicts.

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Rabbits' Wealth 2024/2023 Prodictions

rabbit with Chinese traditional coin

Wealth Predictions for 2023

In 2023, Rabbits, your luck with money will generally decrease. In terms of earnings, due to a similar decline in career luck, your income is not forecast to increase this year.

Rabbit people, you may be sidelined and held back by colleagues, but take heart as this is only temporary. If you constantly strive to make yourself better, you should gain others' respect. With more effort this year, promotion and a salary increase are still expected.

However, in terms of investments, there is set to be no improvement in luck this year. Your privately-invested funds and wealth management products in particular will not only not produce a dividend, but also may lose a lot of investment capital.

Rabbit people, your outlay is projected to increase significantly in 2023. It is recommended that you do some good financial planning. Put some money aside for emergencies and avoid going into the red.

Wealth Predictions for 2024

In terms of financial prospects, Rabbit people, you will experience a mixed bag as you enter 2024. With career advancements playing a significant role, the prospects for regular income will be quite promising for this year and you can expect substantial gains from your work.

However, when it comes to investments, there will be temptation to focus only on short-term gains and overlook the potential for greater future returns, which may lead to some losses.

Rabbits' Health 2024/2023 Predictions

Health Predictions for 2023

In 2023, Rabbits, your Chinese zodiac health prognosis trends downwards. This year, due to your unstable career and wealth outlook, you will be consistently hindered by obstacles and will often feel depressed inside.

In addition, Rabbit people, as you are naturally sensitive in your hearts and always worrying, you will often experience long-term depression because of inadvertent trifles. You should take care about brain and cardiovascular diseases, especially you Rabbits with chronic conditions, a long-term stressful environment, or regular overwork, as this can eventually bring irreversible harm to health.

Rabbit people, you should pay particular attention to your health this year, and seek medical attention quickly if you feel unwell. You should learn to relax in your free time, and do not stay busy with work day and night. Instead focus on improving your efficiency. You should also optimize your eating, as overeating overburdens the digestive system in the long run. Also meeting up with more friends should soothe your nervous mood.

Health Predictions for 2024

Rabbits, in 2024, your health prospects will not be ideal. You will be more prone to illnesses and catching colds. It will be important to avoid pushing yourself too hard and overworking.

The main issue will lie in your tendency to have a heavy mental burden. If you can find a way to take it easy and adjust your mindset, your physical health shouldn't be a major concern. It will be advisable to take time for rest, relaxation, and recharging. You should dive deep into your subconscious mind and explore your spiritual side.

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Year of the Rabbit People's 2024/2023 Monthly Horoscope

a picture of rabbit

In popular Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign's horoscope and monthly predictions are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. As such, Rabbits, your 2023 horoscope starts from January 22nd, 2023 (Chinese New Year) and ends on February 9th, 2024 (Chinese New Year's Eve)Your 2024 horoscope starts on February 10th, 2024 (Chinese New Year) and ends on January 28th, 2025 (Chinese New Year's Eve).

Your horoscope below covers months 1–12 of the Chinese lunar calendar for 2024/2023, and Gregorian calendar dates have been given for reference.

Rabbits' Month 1 Horoscope (Jan. 22 – Feb. 19, 2023)

Rabbit people, you are set to start out Chinese calendar year 2023 with good fortunes in month 1, during which your overall luck forecast is rising.

In terms of your career, Rabbit people, you will gain your bosses' attention and the chance to take part in major projects. Chinese astrology suggested that you Rabbits should seize any opportunities, and try your hardest to perform well in this month's project, so that your leaders can see you in the best light and colleagues will trust you more.

However, in love, fortunes for you Rabbits are not so good this month, especially for single Rabbits. The chances of meeting a suitable love partner are slim. Though this may feel a bit discouraging, don't be anxious, as celestial providence will come around to you in due course (see month 8).

Rabbits' Month 2 Horoscope (Feb. 20 – Mar. 21, 2023)

Rabbit people, your luck will continue to rise in month 2, especially vocationally. You will have the chance to give full play to your talents in ongoing projects mentioned in month 1. You can look forward to a promotion and salary increase if your astrological advice is followed.

Financially, be careful… Although your income will have greatly improved recently, it is crucial not to show off your wealth, so as to avoid colleagues' envy and spite. Be careful in money management: you should not invest in high-return products at will, as the high risks mean losses will outweigh gains unless luck is truly on your side.

Rabbit people, you need to give your health some attention this month. Eating should be a regular three meals a day, not overeating through leaving yourself hungry for a big meal that burdens your digestive tract.

In 2023, an extra lunar month 2 (Mar. 22 – Apr. 19) occurs after the standard month 2 in the Chinese calendar. For Chinese astrology purposes, this makes month 2 twice as long, which is a good thing for Rabbits in 2023, as month 2's generally fortuitous predictions go on for an extra 29 days.

Rabbits' Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 20 – May 18, 2023)

Career fortunes for you Rabbits again continue to rise in month 3! After receiving leaders' recognition in this year's first three months, they will give you a promotion and salary increase this month. Your work relationships, especially with subordinates, should be conscientious and responsible, developing them to take on more and larger projects.

Wealth-wise, if you work diligently this month 3, it is believed by zodiac calculations that your income will be higher than the previous two (three) lunar months (i.e. the just-mentioned raise).

Rabbits' Month 4 Horoscope (May 19 – Jun. 17, 2023)

Rabbit people, your fortunes are predicted to decline this month, mainly in the area of work. Rabbits, as you are naturally sensitive, you will be prone to a lapse in the way you conduct yourself. After your rise to a higher position, you are prone to fail in adjusting your attitude, which will lead to subordinates complaining (in their hearts) and a resulting decrease in work efficiency. You will be blamed for the stagnancy by your leadership, and your ability to achieve results will be questioned.

In terms of romance, for you single Rabbits, no improvements are forecast this month, and no chances of love are on the cards with opposite sex friends, so you are likely to feel very down if you put too much importance on this.

It is suggested that you Rabbit people invite three or five friends for dinner in your free time, and talk through the troubles in your hearts. You will feel much more at peace after receiving the support and wisdom of others. Otherwise, your problems will accumulate in your minds and there will be unresolved-issue problems in the future.

Rabbits' Month 5 Horoscope (Jun. 18 – Jul. 17, 2023)

Rabbits, your luck is set to pick up in month 5, but overall your fortunes are still not good.

In your career, the project that you have worked so hard on this year will be showing substantial progress. However, others will weigh in and take the credit, resulting in them winning the praise. No one will see your silent dedication.

Astrology advises you Rabbits people do not speak out impulsively at this moment, nor be too down about it. Believe that gold will shine out one day, and then your talents will be admired by everyone.

In the workplace, pay attention to "villains" around you. Even if you have a good relationship with a colleague, do not easily disclose project data, as a leak/disclosure will cause you trouble later.

Rabbits' Month 6 Horoscope (Jul. 18 – Aug. 15, 2023)

The overall horoscope for you Rabbit people is quite stable this month 6. But, note that love relationships might not be so smooth, and disputes with your partners over trivial matters are predicted.

This month, Rabbits, you should spend more time with your family. Don't neglect the feelings of your other half because you are busy with work. Try to balance the relationship between family and work life to promote a happy family atmosphere.

Monetarily, you should be even more cautious than usual this month 6. Bankruptcy could result from your negligence! The month's expenses will be particularly large, so plan well financially, and spend in moderation. Avoid lavishness.

Rabbits' Month 7 Horoscope (Aug. 16 – Sep. 14, 2023)

Rabbit people, your fortunes will again pick up in month 7. After your efforts in the early months of the year, your project that has stagnated for a while will finally make progress again. Your struggles in this work will have endowed you with valuable experience.

You Rabbits, particularly middle-aged Rabbits, should receive affirmation by your bosses. If the project's smooth progress is maintained, benefits will be created for the company, and another promotion and salary increase will soon be ushered in!

This month's financial fortunes are better. You should consider buying wealth management products whilst maintaining budgetary stability. That way, you will get good returns at the year's end.

For Rabbit individuals living alone, it will be important for you to be mindful of home and personal safety.

Rabbits' Month 8 Horoscope (Sep. 15 – Oct. 14, 2023)

You Rabbits' fortunes are still on the rise this month 8! This is especially true for health and love.

You'll enjoy your healthiest period this year, and some old diseases/complaints will gradually improve.

Romance will be in the air, especially for you single Rabbits. There will be a greater chance of you meeting a good partner this month, so pay attention to every friend of the opposite sex around you, and maybe destiny will reveal itself. Arrange a date!

Rabbits' Month 9 Horoscope (Oct. 15 – Nov. 12, 2023)

Rabbit people, your career luck will begin to decline again this month. You will feel depressed owing to various challenges this month, leading to decreased work efficiency, and possibly mistakes in major projects. This will obviously incur your boss's displeasure. Failures in the project will suddenly increase colleagues' workload, and so relationships with colleagues will become rigid and icy.

Rabbit people, adjust your mental outlook, knowing that this month's bad luck will pass. Talk to your family and friends about your inner concerns, so that your hearts will be unburdened. Getting to work as early as possible can help reduce colleagues' burdens, which should be appreciated and make them more understanding of your difficulties.

Rabbits' Month 10 Horoscope (Nov. 13 – Dec. 12, 2023)

Rabbit people, you will again have restored fortunes in month 10. Earnings will have greatly improved mainly because of the diligent efforts of yourself and colleagues. The success of your project will have produced huge benefits for your company, including financial returns. There will be commissions and bonuses.

But people born in a year of the Rabbit, you will also have many expenses this month, so you won't save much.

In addition, you should keep an eye on your health and your family members'. If any of you feel unwell, seek medical attention promptly, to stop it becoming an incurable chronic condition.

Rabbits' Month 11 Horoscope (Dec. 13, 2023 – Jan. 10, 2024)

Rabbits, you luck is average again this month. There will not be many changes, but your love relationships won't be settled.

For single Rabbits, you'll not have many opportunities to make opposite sex friends this month, so it will be difficult to meet the one of your dreams.

Married Rabbits, there will be frequent quarrels with your partners this month, which you'll regret afterwards, because they're over trivial matters that needn't affect a husband and wife's marital harmony.

Rabbit people, as you are sensitive at heart, you are fated to feel depression after quarreling. It is suggested that you control your temper and communicate amicably with your partner, then your home life will increase in peace.

Rabbits' Month 12 Horoscope (Jan. 11 – Feb. 9, 2024)

This month 12, you Rabbit people will meet difficulties at work. You should face them with an optimistic and positive attitude. And don't be cowardly when faced with important decisions, as that would make those around you more weak and cowardly too.

In addition, this month is plagued with disease potential. Pay more attention and be vigilant in all life's aspects. Seek medical treatment if you feel unwell, so as not to miss the best chance of successful treatment.

Rabbits' Month 1 Horoscope (Feb. 10 – Mar. 9, 2024)

In terms of your career in the first lunar month, Rabbits, there will be influential individuals who will offer guidance and support, enabling you to gain the favor of your superiors, achieve promotions, gain salary increases, and attract wealth from various sources. As long as you seize opportunities and work hard, your financial situation will become abundant.

Rabbits' Month 2 Horoscope (Mar. 10 – Apr. 8, 2024)

Lucky stars will shine upon you in the second lunar month, Rabbits, bringing excellent financial luck.

Additionally, although some Rabbit people may experience career difficulties, you can gradually expand your network by focusing on improving your emotional intelligence and skills. This will make it easier for you to get a promotion or achieve your desired professional success in the future.

Rabbits' Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 9 – May 7, 2024)

Rabbits, your love prospects look good as you enter the third lunar month in 2024. Single Rabbits, with the help of auspicious stars, you will have a great chance of having new romantic connections and may even find opportunities to start a long-term relationship.

On a professional point, your hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded, potentially leading to opportunities for promotions and salary increases.

Rabbits' Month 4 Horoscope (May 8 – Jun. 5, 2024)

Rabbits, you may face some health challenges during the fourth lunar month. Due to the negative influence of unfortunate stars and factors, such as changing weather conditions, there will be a higher risk of catching a cold or falling sick. It is advisable for you, Rabbits, to take good care of your health during this month. You should rest properly to help prevent any further health concerns.

Rabbits' Month 5 Horoscope (Jun. 6 – Jul. 5, 2024)

Your romantic relationships, Rabbit people, may experience some challenges and setbacks during the fifth lunar month. Single Rabbits, there may be an abundance of undesirable romantic encounters, leading to complications in your love life.

Those of you who are already in a relationship may also face a period of stagnation. It will be advisable to improve your communication and understanding with your partner, resolving conflicts and misunderstandings to strengthen your bond. This will contribute to promoting a healthier relationship. It will be essential to maintain a calm mindset, enhancing both your physical well-being and family life.

Rabbits' Month 6 Horoscope (Jul. 6 – Aug. 3, 2024)

According to astrological predictions, Rabbits, you can expect a favorable time in the sixth lunar month. Your career prospects will look very promising, with the possibility of receiving support and assistance from influential figures in your workplace. This support will greatly contribute to the smooth progress of your professional endeavors.

There will be ample opportunities to showcase your skills and abilities, allowing you to make significant strides in your career. As well as this, the social aspect of your life should be positive.

Rabbits' Month 7 Horoscope (Aug. 4 – Sep. 2, 2024)

Rabbits, it will be vital for you to prioritize a healthy lifestyle in the seventh lunar month by maintaining proper sleep patterns and dietary habits to avoid fatigue and overeating. Engaging in outdoor activities or fitness routines can be beneficial for maintaining your physical well-being and vitality.

Rabbits' Month 8 Horoscope (Sep. 3 – Oct. 2, 2024)

In the eighth lunar month, Rabbit people, you will experience a relatively dull financial outlook. This will be compounded by daily expenses, causing a quick loss of finances throughout this month. A significant portion of this can be attributed to personal financial investments.

Therefore, it will be advisable for you, Rabbit individuals, to pay close attention to your financial situation. It will be important to practice rational consumption and make wise investments to avoid falling into financial pitfalls.

Rabbits' Month 9 Horoscope (Oct. 3 – Oct. 31, 2024)

Under the auspices of fortunate stars, Rabbits, your fortune will be quite promising in the ninth lunar month. Both your professional and personal life will bring you satisfaction and you will be likely to reap some nice rewards.

However, you should be aware that there may be a possibility of encountering some negative people or situations that might try to bring you down. It will be advisable to distance yourself from unreliable friends to prevent them from taking advantage of you and potentially interfering with your career.

Rabbits' Month 11 Horoscope (Dec. 1 – Dec. 30, 2024)

The domestic situation for you, Rabbit people, will not be very good during the 11th lunar month. You will have a more irritable temperament this month, feeling unhappy and easily getting into conflicts or arguments with those around you, especially with your family. This could cause worry and disharmony among family members.

Therefore, it will be advisable for you, Rabbits, to try to adjust your emotions and mindset. It would be beneficial to show care and concern toward your family, to understand each other better, and to avoid being too selfish or self-centered. Failing to do so may negatively impact both family bonds and the overall harmony of the household.

Rabbits' Month 12 Horoscope (Dec. 31 – Jan. 28, 2025)

Rabbit individuals, your overall outlook is rather optimistic for the 12th lunar month. With the end of the year approaching, you will find yourself quite busy, having to deal with various tasks. However, for those Rabbits involved in business or sales, this will actually be a fantastic opportunity for you to make money.

In terms of your career development, you will have a favorable month ahead, with your financial prospects looking very promising. Although it might be a busy time for you, Rabbit people, you can expect fruitful collaborations and business deals with rewarding results and substantial wealth. However, you should remember to keep your work and personal life balanced.

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