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Luck for "Roosters" in 2017 — a Chinese Horoscope by Month

The Chinese Zodiac Rooster

2017 is a year of one's birth sign for people born in a year of the Rooster, which is believed to be bad luck according to Chinese tradition.

Below is a summary of Roosters' 2017 prospects, followed by a monthly 2017 horoscope.

Work Prospects for 2017

Due to offending Tai Sui (the god of age in Chinese mythology), Roosters will have fewer chances to make new career breakthroughs in 2017, and they will be very vulnerable to obstacles in work.

Wealth Prospects for 2017

On the whole, Roosters will have a below par year in 2017, so they should invest on lower-risk projects with lower return rates. Though chances to make money exist later in the year, they should have a clear picture of the investment situation before rising to the bait.

Romance Prospects for 2017

Contrary to this year's trend, in their love lives, luck for Roosters is quite good, especially for females. It's likely that single Roosters will find an ideal member of the opposite sex in 2017.

Health Prospects for 2017

Roosters are advised do a thorough health–check in 2017, and pay more attention to the health status of their parents. They should beware of driving and dietary risks, and should avoid fatigue, especially when driving at night.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine months, hence the first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within a day of February 4, and so on. For more explanation, see The Chinese Calendar.

Monthly Fortune for the Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Month 1 (Feb. 3 – Mar. 5, 2017): Smooth

Roosters will have good luck in month one of 2017, provided that they work diligently and conscientiously and conduct themselves conservatively, instead of breaking their own principles.

Roosters should pay attention to maintaining good relationships with their colleagues and supervisors during the Spring Festival. They should find out more industry-related information by communicating more with their friends and expand their interpersonal relationships.

Roosters should prepare in advance for paving a solid way for their future development in 2017.

Month 2 (Mar. 6 – Apr. 4, 2017): Unsettled

It will be hard for Roosters to focus on work in month 2 due to their unsettled state of mind.

They will face lots of obstacles ahead owing to their poor interpersonal relationships, however they will be able do nothing about it. The best policy will be to reduce mistakes made by themselves and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Roosters will be at risk of suffering monetary setbacks in month 2, especially in investment channels, so they should invest prudently to avoid investment risks.

Month 3 (Apr. 5 – May 5, 2017): Improving

Overall luck for Rooster will turn better in month 3, and it's very possible for them to make new career breakthroughs through working hard, grasping opportunities provided by their supervisors and getting unexpected help from others.

In terms of health, Roosters should pay more attention to their own health and their families', and it's wise for them to have a health-check immediately in the event of discomfort.

Month 4 (May 6 – Jun. 5, 2017): Better

On the whole, luck for Roosters will be greatly improved in month 4.

They will be able to solve work-related problems successfully with assistance from their elders, and their performance will be highly regarded by their supervisors. However, Roosters(to whom this applies) should not abuse their privileged powerful positions to bully others.

Regarding romance, Roosters will have very smooth sailing in month 4, especially for females. It's very possible for single Roosters to win the heart of an ideal member of opposite sex if they communicate genuinely and sincerely.

Month 5 (Jun. 6 – Jul. 6, 2017): Stressful

Luck for Roosters will be rather suppressed in month 5, and they will face great pressure in their careers. Roosters should be very careful in work and try to remedy and minimize losses if work-related issues emerge.

Instead of trying to hide issues, Roosters ought to face them directly and bravely, as one lie will need other packs of lies to cover it.

Roosters should pay more attention to their manners and try to avoid disasters emanating from careless talk in month 5. Roosters should spare more time to learn more, enriching themselves with knowledge.

Month 6 (Jul. 7 – Aug. 7, 2017): Instability

Roosters will have unstable luck in month 7. Beset by internal and external problems, Roosters will be too tired to deal with all the unexpected changes in career and subtle vicissitudes in personal relationships.

Although financial luck will be rather good for Roosters, they should not be too greedy, or they will suffer losses.

Moreover, Roosters should pay more attention to taking good care of themselves and their families, employing preventive measures to avoid unexpected misfortune before doing sports. In addition, Roosters should also take precautions against blood diseases to protect themselves and their family members.

Month 7 (Aug. 8 – Sep. 7, 2017): Declining

The overall luck for Roosters will decline in month 7, especially in their careers. Their work will be full of twists and turns, so it will take more time and effort for them to achieve good results.

It will not be suitable for Roosters to invest in high-risk projects, therefore, it' will be best for them to diligently devote themselves to run-of-the-mill work to ensure a stable income this month.

Month 8 (Sep. 8 – Oct. 8, 2017): Worse

Roosters will face many obstacles in both work and life, and it will be better for them not to complain to others, or air their opinions to avoid trouble.

Roosters are advised to climb mountains, run, or play ball games when they feel pressure at work.

Roosters should not engage in investment activities with high risks to avoid suffering losses due to their unstable fiscal luck in month 8.

Roosters should buy circumspectly, not purchasing items by credit card on impulse.

Month 9 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2017): Smooth

Roosters will have smooth sailing in month 9, especially in monetary luck, and it's very likely for them to gain unexpected profits if they invest lightly in some short-term projects.

Regarding health, Roosters should take precautions against colds, coughs, and fevers as the seasons change, and should avoid eating too much spicy and oily food.

Month 10 (Nov. 8 – Dec. 7, 2017): Blessed

Month 10 is very lucky for Roosters in 2017, and everything will go well in work.

Blessed by the god of fortune, Roosters will get rewarded when they put effort into work, although they will also face small problems in work, romance, and life.

Month 11 (Dec. 8, 2017 – Jan. 5, 2018): Lucky

It will be a time to harvest results for Roosters in month 11, who will make noticeable breakthroughs in their careers if they developed their full potential in 2017, and their performance will also be highly regarded by senior management.

Both romance and relationships for Roosters will go smoothly in month 11, and it will be a suitable time for those with a stable partner to get married.

Financial Luck for Roosters will have its ups and downs, and it will be wise for them to prepare a sum of money for emergencies.

Month 12 (Jan. 6, 2018 – Feb. 3, 2018): Bittersweet

The last month of the zodiac year of 2017 will be bittersweet for Roosters.

Beset with danger lurking in every direction, Roosters should never be careless in work, or they will malignedby mean persons, and have no chance to get promoted. However, Roosters will make considerable breakthroughs if they spend more time and energy on their work.

Luck regarding wealth will be very favorable for Roosters in month 12, and it will be very possible for them to make a big profit if they invest in high-risk projects.

In terms of health, Roosters should pay more attention to their diets and avoid drinking too much wine.

Monthly Fortune Prospects for Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2017

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