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Monthly Horoscope for Snakes in 2018 & 2019

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Snakes have a rather easy year in 2018. Even though they find it difficult to make breakthroughs in their careers, they often gain unexpected financial rewards due to their good luck.

Snakes are in good health in 2018 (from Chinese New Year), and generally get along well with their family members, friends, and loved ones.


In terms of monetary luck, Snakes gain stable incomes by benefiting from their persistence and inspiration in 2018.


Though no chances to get promoted are forecast, Snakes have more freedom in their careers, so it's suitable for them to take some further education/training in 2018.


Snakes have good luck in love in 2018, and may meet many suitable partners. Male Snakes are more popular with the opposite sex than ever, and they should take active steps to win the heart of their dream lady.


Snakes are in good health and have a rather relaxed lifestyle in 2018.

Months in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine months, hence the first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within 2 days of February 5, and so on. For more explanation, see The Chinese Calendar.

zodiac Snake's horoscope

Month 1 (Feb. 16 – Mar. 16, 2018): Pressured

Snakes start the year under great pressure, due to sudden changes in their work, and they are prone to be in low spirits in month 1.

Their luck in love and finances are rather mediocre, and they often quarrel with their partners owing to lacking mutual communication.

Month 2 (Mar. 17 – Apr. 15, 2018): Limited

Their career luck improves a little in month 2, but it's still not a good time to develop their careers, so they should just focus on their normal work.

Their luck in money also improves a little, but it's almost impossible to increase their incomes substantially this month.

Month 3 (Apr. 16 – May 1, 2018): Opportunity

Snakes have an upturn in their life in month 3, and they can find the right paths to success due to unexpected help, therefore, they can alter their lifestyles through changing their jobs.

Many investment opportunities wait for Snakes, and they can increase their incomes by seizing one of them.

Regarding their relationships, both male and female Snakes have a chance to fall in love.

Month 4 (May 15 – Jun. 13, 2018): Crises

Snakes face small crises, and are often disturbed in their work in month 4, and they are not patient enough in pursuing wealth.

Snakes make a considerable income, while also spending a lot.

They should take precautions to prevent the other men or women stepping in their relationships.

Month 5 (Jun. 14 – Jul. 12, 2018): Smooth

Everything goes rather smoothly for Snakes in their work in month 5, and accidents seldom happen to Snakes.

With regard to their luck in wealth, they can make a "fortune" from their work and investments. They can make more money with unexpected help, and they can also maintain good relationships with their colleagues and bosses.

Month 6 (Jul. 13 – Aug. 10, 2018): Bittersweet

Fiscal luck for Snakes is not bad in month 6, however, they struggle to keep a good state of mind, which may result in bad performance at work. If they keep a right state of mind, they can overcome all obstacles ahead, because they are really capable at work.

Month 7 (Aug. 11 – Sep. 9, 2018): Change

Great changes happen to Snakes in month 7.

They make great achievements in their careers by benefiting from their luck with money, which stimulates their luck in love. Male Snakes have a bigger chance to meet their Miss Rights this month.

Month 8 (Sep. 10 – Oct. 8, 2018): Enhanced

Snakes' luck is greatly enhanced in both their careers and relationships. They have chances to get promoted in their careers due to their bosses' high appreciation.

They can gain profits from their work and investments, and they may even receive unexpected "fortunes".

They have a relaxed state of mind due to their good luck, which greatly benefits their health.

Month 9 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2018): Stable

Snakes can save money through hard work in a stable working environment, and they seldom suffer losing money in month 9.

In terms of love, it's very possible for female Snakes to meet their Mr. Rights.

Month 10 (Nov. 8 – Dec 6, 2018): Sliding

An obvious downturn happens to Snakes in month 10. Snakes suffer consecutive misfortunes in their work and wealth, and their life is in chaos if they do not withstand the pressures.

In terms of love in month 10, they are very unpopular with the opposite sex.

Month 11 (Dec. 7, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019): Low

Month 11 is still a low time for Snakes, but they have a chance to improve their quality of life, due to unexpected help.

Month 11 is also an ideal time for Snakes to get married, especially for couples who have already established good relationships.

Month 12 (Jan. 6, 2018 – Feb. 4, 2019): Promising

Month 12 is rather a good period for Snakes, and they can solve their work-related problems in a calm state of mind.

They should make a specific plan for the future, to ensure that they are on the right track and their dreams can be realized.

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