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Tigers' Horoscope 2022

Tigers' Horoscope 2022

Written by Ruby ZhaoUpdated Jan. 11, 2022

Tiger people (those born in the year of the Tiger), according to Chinese astrological predictions, as you again enter your zodiac birth year 2022, you must be psychologically prepared. Many things will not go according to your expectations. Being in your birth year, you will easily to be in opposition to Tai Sui (the star/god of age), so you will need to be cautious in your undertakings.

Tigers, doing certain lucky things will help you withstand many disasters: it would be very auspicious for you to hold your wedding, have children, or buy a home this year or next year.

In terms of your career, Tiger people, you will have good fortune this year. If you can work on a high-priority project, you will have a high probability of being promoted as long as you work hard. 

Tiger people, you should wear accessories that match your zodiac sign this year to defuse bad luck. Your best match is the Chinese zodiac pig, so it is recommended that you choose pig-shaped ornaments.

Career — Tigers’ 2022 Horoscope

Tiger people, you will have the opportunity to get a promotion and a raise this year. After many years of hard work, you will finally win the appreciation of your boss. However, after being promoted, you will need to handle your interpersonal relationships well to avoid offending others, otherwise you will easily be slandered behind your back.

Tiger people, you should not be too high-profile in doing things this year, otherwise you are likely to be the subject of jealousy, and be maligned by those around you.

Love — Tigers’ 2022 Forecast

Tigers, your relationship forecast is good this year, and you can discuss marriage matters with that someone who you have been in love for many years. This year is a good year for you to hold a wedding.

Single tigers, you will also have better luck this year, and may meet a lifelong partner, so you are suggested to seize the opportunity.

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Wealth — Tigers’ 2022 Projection

People belonging to the Tiger zodiac sign, you will have relatively stable financial luck this year, and there will not be many fluctuations.

Tiger people who do business, you will need to manage your own money well and not blindly invest in large projects, which will easily lead to losses. You are recommended to keep a reserve fund for emergencies.

Tigers, as you will be in your birth year in the zodiac cycle and in opposition to Tai Sui, which generally brings bad luck, you are not recommended to invest in financial management or follow the trends in stocks. You are also advised to avoid large transactions. Money earned is safest saved in 2022.

Health — Tigers’ 2022 Prognosis

Tiger people, you have a relatively stable health prognosis for 2022. Although there will be some minor problems, such as colds and fevers, there is no need to worry too much.

After work, you should take time to exercise. Going to the park or climbing is a good choice. Breathing fresh air is also conducive to improving your physical fitness.

Tigers must abide by traffic rules when driving. You must not run red lights, let alone drink and drive. Otherwise, there will be great risks to your safety.

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Year of the Tiger People’s 2022 Monthly Predictions

In popular Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign's horoscope and monthly predictions are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. As such, Tigers, your 2022 horoscope starts from February 1st, 2022 (Chinese New Year) and ends on January 21st, 2023 (Chinese New Year’s Eve).

Your horoscope below covers months 1–12 of the Chinese lunar calendar for 2022, and Gregorian calendar dates have been given for reference.

Tigers’ Month 1 Horoscope (Feb. 1 – Mar. 2, 2022)

Tigers, your work will not go well this month 1. You will be expecting a new project to be pushed forward immediately, but there will be no news about it, which will cause your mood to be depressed all the time, and struggle to do things efficiently.

At work, you will need to handle relationships with your colleagues well, otherwise you will be maligned behind your back.

Tigers’ Month 2 Horoscope (Mar. 3 – Mar. 31, 2022)

Tiger people, you will have improved career fortune this month 2, and so, you must strive for gains when you encounter opportunities, so there will be the possibility of being appreciated and getting a salary increase. Don't be irritable when encountering problems in your projects. Learn to adapt, or consult your seniors, and the problems will naturally be solved.

Tigers’ Month 3 Horoscope (Apr. 1 – Apr. 30, 2022)

People belonging to the Tiger zodiac sign, you will have a lot of trouble in your interpersonal relationships this month 3, always having disputes with family or colleagues over trivial matters.

In addition, you should not exercise vigorously. Try to choose low-intensity exercise when going out to keep fit, otherwise accidents will be likely to occur.

However, this month's financial luck will be good, and your income will increase to a certain extent.

Tigers’ Month 4 Horoscope (May 1 – May 29, 2022)

Tigers, you will be prone to getting involved in various disputes this month, so you should be more cautious when you encounter problems, communicate about them, and solve them.

There will be a “red light” regarding your health this month. Don’t worry too much, though. Your health issues are all expected to be minor problems. Just take care of them in time, and you should be able to restore your health soon enough.

Tigers’ Month 5 Horoscope (May 30 – Jun. 28, 2022)

This month 5, Tigers, you will have high morale and you will want to show your skills in work, but your project will have been silent for a long time. At this time, you should only keep an eye on the changes and don't act too hastily, otherwise your action will only be counterproductive.

When signing various agreements, you need to read the relevant clauses carefully to avoid being deceived by others. It is not advisable to lend money to others this month, and do not be a guarantor for others, lest you get caught in a quagmire.

Tigers’ Month 6 Horoscope (Jun. 29 – Jul. 28, 2022)

Tigers, your luck will finally pick up this month 6. When you meet noble persons in your lives, your career development will be smooth, and your earnings will continually rise.

Tigers’ Month 7 Horoscope (Jul. 29 – Aug. 26, 2022)

Tiger people, you will spend a lot of time away from home this month 7. You must take special care of your personal belongings, such as bank cards, keys, wallet, and other things that are easy to lose, when on business trips/outings and traveling with family and friends.

Obey the traffic rules when driving. Safety is the most important thing.

Tigers’ Month 8 Horoscope (Aug. 27 – Sep. 25, 2022)

Tigers, your career development will be relatively smooth this month 8, and your work will be very busy.

With poor relational fortunes, Tigers who have a partner, you must learn to resist the temptations of the outside world, and you mustn’t do impulsive things that you will feel sorry for in the presence of your partner.

Single Tigers, you are very likely to encounter bad romantic luck this month, and you need to keep on your guard when encountering the opposite sex.

Tigers’ Month 9 Horoscope (Sep. 26 – Oct. 24, 2022)

People belonging to the Tiger sign, you will have good luck with your studies this month 9. If you plan to obtain a certificate, you should do it this month, as you are pretty sure to succeed.

In this month, everything can be done as planned, basically without going wrong. However, Tiger people you should pay attention to your combination of work and rest. Take time to relax when you are busy, otherwise you will often feel tired.

Tigers’ Month 10 Horoscope (Oct. 25 – Nov. 23, 2022)

Tiger people, you will have a lot of disputes with colleagues this month, most of which will be caused by trivial things. If you care too much about it, it will affect your interpersonal relationships. It is recommended that you control your temper.

In your free time, you should carve out time to be with your family and travel, which will be conducive to alleviating bad luck.

Tigers’ Month 11 Horoscope (Nov. 24 – Dec. 22, 2022)

Tiger people, you will be troubled by trivial things this month 11, and may also be slurred by villains behind your back. It is recommended that you turn your attention to work.

In addition, your studying forecast is strong this month. You can profitably read professional literature, and more easily gain a certificate, which will be very beneficial for increasing your earnings and your future career development.

Tigers’ Month 12 Horoscope (Dec. 23, 2022 – Jan. 21, 2023)

Tigers will have better fortune this month 12. Your income will have increased, and your happiness index will also have improved.

You will be in a happy mood this month, and you will often go shopping with your friends or go out for fun.

However, it should be noted that when relatives ask to borrow money or ask you to guarantee them  this month, you must tactfully refuse, otherwise you will fall into a financial crisis.

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