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6 Most Romantic Things to Do for Couples in China

6 Most Romantic Things to Do for Couples in China

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Mar. 2, 2021

Traveling in China will not only let you enjoy its profound history and beautiful scenery but will also offer you a romantic experience. Do you want to know about the most romantic things to do in this ancient Oriental country? Read on to find out.

1. Enjoy a Romantic Sunset at the Great Wall (Beijing)

The Great Wall

When the golden sunset's afterglow falls on the winding Great Wall, it adds a soft veil to its majesty. The crowds that are normally around during the day have dispersed at this time.

Sit on the ancient steps of the Great Wall. Enjoy a romantic picnic at one of the wonders of the ancient world. Drink a toast to this lovely moment.

The most beautiful scenery is right in front of you, and the person you love most is right beside you. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

2. Enjoy a Relaxing Time in a Hidden Wine House (Beijing)

A Wnie House in Beijing

In a hutong in Beijing, there is a rice wine house named Nuoyan. In Chinese, it means ‘promise'. The rice wine house was previously a printing factory.

The owner is the winemaker, who used to be a designer. He is trying to express his understanding of the world, life, and love through the rice wine.

Different from Chinese baijiu, rice wine tastes much softer and sweeter, like the taste of love. The name of the rice wine house is related to a love story.

It will be a perfect experience to sip wine while listening to the brewer's love story.

The rice wine house also offers nice meals.

3. Enjoy a Refreshing Spa (Shanghai)

A spa room in Sunrise On The Bund hotel in shanghai

Visiting a spa is one of the best ways to wash away the fatigue of the day.

Sunrise On The Bund hotel offers one of the best spa services in Shanghai and it is good value for money.

A 1-hour Imperial Signature Massage revitalizes your muscles while the unique energy crystal steam room and Japanese-style sauna make you feel refreshed and full of energy.

4. Enjoy Your Favorite Movie in a Private Movie Theater (Shanghai)

A private movie theater in Shanghai

Is there a movie that holds sweet memories for you?

Here, in Shanghai, you can see it again in a private movie theater, recalling every moment between you, whether it’s sweet, touching, or happy. You can also watch a new movie to create a new memory.

With a comfortable sofa, coffee, and some desserts, it will be a relaxing and intimate time for you and your partner.

5. Have a Scenic Riverside Candlelit Dinner (Yangshuo)

A candlelit dinner in Yangshuo

When it comes to romance, a candlelit dinner should be on the list.

Yangshuo offers a natural romantic atmosphere with its picturesque scenery.

The romantic dinner will be set in a mountain retreat garden, with warm candlelight and a beautiful rose. The flowing river is just beside you. Its gurgle seems to whisper your love for each other.

This will undoubtedly be one of the unforgettable moments in your life.

6. Try Han Chinese Clothing for Couples (Xi’an)

Han Chinese Clothing

Xi’an provides a good opportunity to combine romance with ancient Chinese culture.

Han clothing is a type of traditional Chinese national costume. It is a unique experience for couples to try on the outfits and practice some ceremonies that feature in a Chinese wedding in an ancient Xi'an academy.

You will also print each other’s names using traditional movable type printing to remember this special moment.

Create Special Memories in Your Couple’s Tour with Us

Yangshuo mountain retreat - a best hotel for couplesCreate a beautiful memory with us!

Embarking on a journey to fly across the ocean and visit China with your loved one is a romantic thing in itself.

We hope that the above activities will deepen the romance, creating a unique memory that only belongs to you two.

We hope there will be a sweet smile on your faces when recalling your China trip years later.

All of these activities are listed in our Romantic China Tour. You can choose one or more to add in your tour. You are welcome to tell us your ideas. We can customize your trip according to your requirements and interests.

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