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Maza Village, Turpan

Maza Village

Maza village at the south side of the Tuyugou Grand Canyon is a small Muslim community inhabiting around one hundred families. The village retains many Muslim features with Islamic green-topped mosques towering above the adobe houses. 

People in the village live a traditional life. They begin work at sunset and rest at sunset. The model living way touched very little in this remote west village. Maza People carry on their local accent, wear their traditional folk costume. The main transportation they use is the donkey carts. People here are content with their simple lifestyle. The sweet smiles on their faces show their love and satisfaction for their life.

Colorfully dressed Muslim women washing clothes at the riverside, old men enjoy the cool under an old mulberry tree, heavily veiled old grannies leisurely walk around the shanties and groups of small Muslim kids chasing and playing show a tranquil scene as time stand still here.

People here live in their ancient-old clay houses. They inherit the tradition of building houses with clays which were used by their ancestors thousands of year ago.