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Confucius Temple

wuwei wen temple

Confucius Temple, where Wuwei Museum is located, houses a large collection of over 44,000 cultural relics, two of which are recognized nationally. It is the second largest museum in Gansu Province. 

Collections include the Bronze Galloping Horse, medicinal wooden inscriptions, wooden and stone tomb carvings from the Tang Dynasty, stone stelae, models of wooden pagodas, wooden engravings, golden bowls from West Xia Kingdom, silver coins, porcelain and paintings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The temple buildings were constructed during the Ming Dynasty over 500 years ago. The temple ground covers an area of 25,000 square kilometers, with a width of 135 meters from the east to the west and a length of 187 meters from the north to the south.

The most well-preserved buildings are the Sacred Temple and Wenchang Palace. The buildings were constructed in a symmetrical way, with the whole complex brightly decorated.

  • Features: Well-preserved ancient buildings and ancient trees.
  • Location: it is located in the southeast of the city.
  • Transportation:Take public bus No 3,4,6 to get to the temple.