Taining Danxia Landform

Taining Danxia Landform

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Danxia (/dan-sshyaa/) means'rosy cloud' and is a type of sandstone landform, which is often reddish. Taining's Danxia features red cliffs, towering peaks, and dramatic caves. Visitors from all over the world come to this area to marvel at the impressive results of millions of years of geological activity, elegantly framed with gorgeous lakes and winding rivers.

Taining's Danxia area is home to some of the most spectacular caves in the world, and is one of the six UNESCO World Heritage China Danxia Landform sites.

Why Taining Danxia is Special - Geologically-speaking…

WuyishanWuyi Mountains

Taining Danxia Landform is the only example of gorge-style, adolescent Danxia landform in China's subtropical zone, therefore it's indispensable for charting the geomorphic evolution of China's Danxia landforms. It has been described as "where the story of China's Danxia landform begins ".

Tainingplays an irreplaceable role in the study of China's Danxia, as it has the most intact prehistoric planation surfaces, the most intense network of valleys, the most mature cliff caves, the richest cave diversity, and the most significant Danxia on water.

For a billion years Taining has recorded the formation and development of the West Pacific plate margin, and retained complete and remarkable prehistoric planation surfaces, consisting of mountain shear planes, netted valleys, and other Danxia landforms.

"The Taining Landscape"

Intricate canyon complexes, together with the grand Danxia cliff sand unique incised meanders and cavern groups, form "the Taining landscape". Some 70 line valleys, 130 lane valleys, and more than 220 gorges are arranged in a crisscross pattern by plate margin processes. This wonder is rare among China's Danxia landforms.

Taining's Danxia ideally combines with lakes, streams, ponds, and waterfalls, forming a rare watery Danxia wonderland in China and abroad.

The Main Attractions

Dajin Lake

You can take a cruise on Dajin Lake to appreciate the stunning Danxia landforms. This scenic area is famous for "Danxia on Water". You can also see waterfalls and temples.

Zhaixia Grand Canyon

Zhaixia Grand Canyon is one of the main routes for Danxia landform expeditions, popular with scientists, geologists, and ecologists. Take a 3-hourhike, and the fresh air will clear your lungs. 

Shangqing Stream

Shangqing Stream is one of the feeder streams of Dajin Lake. It remains a wild environment. The water is very clean without any pollution. The popular tourist route is to take a bamboo raft to get close to nature.

Cave Complexes and Cave Culture

The Danxia caves in Taining consist of over 60 large single caves and over 100 niche-like caves. These tens of thousands of caves, in different shapes and sizes, constitute a unique Danxia micro-landscape. They win Taining the title of'Danxia Cave Museum'. Visitors can explore both small caves and enormous subterranean worlds, as well as marvel at the unique geological strata on view.

Exploring caves can be a strenuous activity, so visitors with limited mobility or claustrophobic tendencies may feel more comfortable remaining on open ground.

Taining cave culture: Danxia landforms in Taining are integrated with traditional Chinese religions, like Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. It is a model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, with special cliff temples, discipleship, housing, and cave funeral practices. Visitors can see important temples from early Chinese dynasties. Some of which are amongst the oldest in the country.

The Best Times for a Visit

Because the prime attraction of the area is the unique geological aspects of the cliffs and canyons, any time of year is good for a visit.

If you're interested in hiking or more in-depth explorations of the region then the timing of your visit will be more dependent on the weather conditions. The rainy season runs from May to early August. The winter scenery is also beautiful, but very cold in the mountainous area.

Temperatures are lower than in the city, so bring warm clothes.

Location and Transport

Taining County (泰宁县) is in the prefecture of Sanming (三明市) in western Fujian Province. Most Danxia tours begin from Taining County Town.

Nearby airports are in the cities of Wuyishan, Fuzhou, and Xiamen. Driving from these three cities takes2–4 hours, with Wuyishan being much closer than the other two.

Nearby Attractions

See Taining'sDanxia Landforms with China Highlights

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