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Xiamen Maps

Our Xiamen maps cover Xiamen's location in China, and cities in Fujian Province.

Xiamen's Location in China

Xiamen is a tourist city in Fujian Province, on the southeast coast of China. It is about 1½ hours from Shanghai and 2½ hours from Beijing. Learn more about Xiamen.

Fujian Province Map

Our Fujian province map shows the locations of Fujian's main prefecture-level cities, including Xiamen.

Fujian Tulou Map

Fujian Tulou (Earthen buildings) is one of the most famous attractions around Xiamen. There are three main tulou areas in Fuijan: Nanjing, Yongding, and Hua'an. See more about which area to visit.

Xiamen Tour Planning Map Guide

If you are planning a tour around Xiamen, please see the map guide below for help.