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Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in Southeast China, is one of China’s five special economic zones. The developed economy gives Xiamen many large scale shopping malls selling all kinds of goods including home appliances, high fashions, gold and silver jewelries, jade articles, art wares, antiques, and works of calligraphy and paintings. Visiting some characteristic small shops and stalls on street side might bring you pleasant surprises.

In this article, we introduce you to the 10 best local shopping streets/areas in Xiamen, ranging from high-end shopping places to night markets where locals go to seek bargains. 

1. Zhongshan Road: the Most Prosperous Street in Xiamen

xiamen shoppingZhongshan Road

Zhongshan Road (中山路), or Amoi Yat Sen Road, is to Xiamen what Manhattan is like to New York, Ginza to Tokyo, and Central to Hong Kong. It is the most prosperous street and commercial center in Xiamen. It is also the only commercial street that leads pedestrians to Xiamen’s seafront. There are hundreds of shopping malls, restaurants and theaters along the street; hence, visitors can get the enjoyment of shopping, eating and entertainment there. Besides that, the architectural complexes (which combines Chinese style and western style) on the both sides of the street create a unique scenery spot.

Transportation: You can get to Zhongshan Road by taking bus 1, 20, 22, or 45, and get off at the Zhonghua Cheng (中华城) stop.

2. Lady's Street: the Fashion Street in Xiamen

Lady's street (女人街) is a section of Zhongshan Road, with the length of 300 meters. This street should be the heaven of young ladies, because the colorful decorations of the stores always change and the clothing, shoes and hats sold there should be the most fashionable in Xiamen. Besides that, the street is the first choice for hunting fancy dresses in Xiamen.

3. Longtou Road in Gulangyu Island: the Souvenirs Street

toysLovely porcelain toys

Longtou Road (龙头路) is the main business street in Gulangyu Island, a small island in Xiamen. There are a great number of souvenir shops along the street, selling art wares (including local art wares, such as beaded embroidery, sculptures made of varnish yam and colored pottery), works of calligraphy and painting, jade articles, antiques, porcelain, postcards (printed with the scenery on Gulangyu Island), unique hand-drawn maps for Xianmen City and Gulangyu Island and some dried fruits.

4. Fushan Business Circle: "One-Shop" Shopping Area

Fushan Business Circle (福山商业圈) covers the area from Fushan Chengda Shopping Plaza (福山购物广场) to Xiamen Railway Station. Besides some small shops, there are several large scale shopping malls, such as Fushan Chengda Shopping Plaza, Holiday Shopping Mall (假日商场), Wucun Hualian Department Store (梧村华联商厦), Friendship Shopping Mall (友谊商场) and World Trade Center (世贸中心). The commodities sold there almost cover every aspect of daily life, and buyers can get what they want in this shopping area. In particular, Holiday Shopping Mall is the only youngsters’ supplies theme shopping mall.

5. Hexiang West Road: Leisure Site for White Collars

clothClothes shop

Hexiang West Road (禾祥西路) has many beauty parlors, fashion shops, telecom products shops, furniture shops, supermarkets and some unique snack stores. Because there are many office buildings near the road, Hexiang West Road has become a popular leisure site for white collars in Xiamen.

Address: Hexiang West Road, Siming District, Xiamen (禾祥西路,思明区,厦门)

6. SM City Plaza: the Epitome of Modern Life

SM City Plaza (SM城市广场) is located in the junction of Xianyue Road (仙岳路) and Jiahe Road (嘉禾路). The plaza has Wal-Mart Supermarket, Laiya Department Store (莱雅百货), Watsons (a cosmetic shop), Cyber Digital Square (for digital products including mp3, mobile phone, office facilities, PSP and computer and so on), home appliance shops, furniture shops, MacDonald and KFC. Fitness Center, large scale food court and Xiamen’s largest and best cinema: Kaiming Cinema (开明电影院) are available in SM City Plaza. In a word, it is the epitome of Xiamen’s modern life.

7. Xiamen University Area: for Buying Accessories and for Leisure Life

fish ballSnacks near Xiamen University

Xiamen University, located in Siming District (思明区), the central area of Xiamen, should be the most beautiful university in China. The university is near seaside; hence, the seascape together with the unique buildings and colorful flowers makes the university a picturesque scenery spot. Besides numerous small shops selling clothing, shoes, hats and accessories, cafés and bars are available around the university.

Address: 422 Siming South Road, Siming District, Xiamen (思明南路,思明区,厦门)

Note: Xiamen University has four colleges. Here, we are referring to the main or central college in the downtown area.

8. Xiahe Road: Up-and-Coming Star

Xiahe Road is an up-and-coming commercial shopping street. A handful of modern plazas and shopping centers are scattered along the road, providing a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment with a large number of domestic and international brands and commodities.

Address: Xiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen (厦禾路,思明区,厦门)

9. Taiwan Snacks Street: Paradise for Food Lovers

xiamen must eat food

Taiwan Snacks Street is the first Taiwanese snack street in mainland China and was also the earliest night market in Xiamen. There, you can find various kinds of Chinese street food, such as bubble tea, Taiwanese chicken, fish ball soup, beef meatball soup, fried shrimp, oyster omelet, stinky tofu, and more. There are also souvenir shops along the street where you can get some nice souvenirs that are good bargains.

Address: Renhe Road, Siming District, Xiamen (人和路,思明区,厦门)

Open: all-day

Time needed: 2–3 hours

10. Coffee Street: Upmarket Area for the Local Middle Class to Hang Out

Coffee Street is one of those places where well-off locals choose to spend their Sunday afternoons. Near Marco Polo Xiamen, it includes 500 meters of shops selling coffee and food. Drinking coffee and having an afternoon tea break have been integrated into the locals’ lifestyles since the city was influenced by colonial powers 100 years ago.

Apart from the “Wall Street Café”, a few quality Italian restaurants, and high-end wine bars, there are also many interesting and stylish trinket souvenir shops along the street.

Address: Yundang Road, Siming District, Xiamen (筼筜路, 思明区, 厦门市)

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