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Da Luo River and One Tree Forest

Da Luo River is located in the development area of the provincial port town of Da Luo, four kilometers from the town government, about 1 km from the 219-218 boundary marker between China and Myanmar, and 3 km from the Fourth special region of Myanmar, Mong La.

Da Luo is a Dai language with the meaning of a public port. As a small town in the southern border area of Xi Shuang Ban Na, Da Luo is 133 km from Jung Hong city and 70 km from Meng Hai County. The Da Luo River is a gently flowing branch of the Mei Gong River, with a breadth of 30 meters. Five villages sit on the south bank of the Da Luo River: Da Luo, Man Bang, Man Chan, Man Zhang, and Long Li.

People visiting Da Luo are bound to appreciate the grand scenery of the one-tree forest. Such forests are common in tropical areas like Xi Shuang Ban Na. Besides the trunk, these large banyan trees also have many branches that can plunge into the soil and serve as a trunk of another new tree, thus forming a forest from one tree.

One-Tree Forest

A big-leaf banyan tree growing in this tropic and subtropical zone is located 3.5 km south of Da Luo town, near the boundary of China and Myanmar. It has a height of 28 meters, a history of 900 years, and a covering area of 120 square meters that acts as both a fence and a green protective screen.

Some of the aerial roots growing from the trunk of the big banyan tree fall down to the base with which they twine. The branches of the banyan tree break into 32 aerial roots that hang down to the earth, creating an aerial roots jungle. These straight aerial roots stand in lines, like soldiers that protect their motherland at the frontier, engendering respect from observers. Therefore, the One-Tree-Forest scenery in Da Luo town is indispensable to tourists to Xishuangbanna.

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