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Daluo River and One Tree Forest, Xishuangbanna

Daluo River and One Tree Forest, Xishuangbanna

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Aug. 29, 2023

Daluo means a "public port" in the Dai language. Daluo Town is an open port town, located in the southern border area of Yunnan Province, about 130 km (80 miles) south from Jinghong, the city seat of Xishuangbanna Prefecture.

People visiting Daluo are bound to visit Daluo River, the boundary river between China and Myanmar; and appreciate the grand scenery of One Tree Forest, a 900-year-old big-leaf banyan tree.

Scroll down and find out things to do in Daluo and other travel tips, or contact our Xishuangbanna expert for more information.

Fishing at Daluo RiverFishing at Daluo River

Daluo River

Daluo River, also called Nanlan River, is located just south of the development area of Daluo Town, about 1 km (0.6 mile) north from Daluo Port (boundary marker 219 between China and Myanmar), and only 3 km (2 miles) north from the center of Mongla Town, the seat of Monlga Township in Shan State of Myanmar.

One Tree Forest

A big-leaf banyan tree growing in this tropical zone is located 3.5 km south of the Daluo River, by the port on the border of China and Myanmar. It has a height of 50 meters, an age of 900 years, and an area covering 120 square meters (1,300 sq ft) that acts as both a border fence and a shady green screen.

One Tree ForestOne Tree Forest

What Makes One Tree Forest so Special?

A saying goes, "a single tree does not make a forest," but this seems to have been proved wrong at One Tree Forest Park!

Some of the aerial roots growing from the trunk and branches of the big banyan tree stretch down to the base roots, with which they intertwine. The branches of the banyan tree have 32 aerial roots that hang down to the earth, like tree trunks, creating an aerial roots jungle.

The straight aerial roots stand in lines, "like soldiers that protect their motherland at the frontier" — an apt border zone metaphor, engendering respect from observers. Therefore, One Tree Forest has becomes a must-see for tourists when visiting Daluo Town or even Xishuangbanna.

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Best Times to Visit Daluo

The best times to visit Daluo River and the One Tree Forest are during dry season, from October to April for pleasant weather. See more on Xishaungbanna Weather.

During the Water Splashing Festival, people gathering at the river banks from April 13 to 15 to celebrate this festival. Contact us for tour recommendations if you wish to join in.

Water SplashingWater Splashing

Things to Do in Daluo

1. Admire the Amazing One Tree Forest

The One Tree Forest is more like a village-style park. You will not only admire the amazing big banyan tree and tropical rainforest, but also explore different ethnic villages and enjoy folk shows performed by artists from Southeast Asia countries.

Inside the park, there's a Buddhist temple, called Guangming Temple. It is the only temple on the China-Myanmar border. From the platform area, you can overlook and admire the China and Myanmar Friendship Grand Pagoda, located in Mongla of Myanmar.

2. Take a Leisurely Cruise on Daluo River

The Daluo River is a gently flowing branch of the Mekong River, with a breadth of 30 meters. Taking a cruise on the Daluo river, you will enjoy natural sceneries of both China and Myanmar.

Boating on Daluo RiverBoating on Daluo River

3. Explore the Authentic Daluo Villages

Five notable villages sit on the Chinese bank of the Daluo River: Daluo, Man Bang, Man Chan, Man Zhang, and Long Li, with minority ethnicities of Dai, Blang, Hani, etc. living there for generations.

Strolling in the villages, you will find bamboo-shoot-like pagodas, towering banyan trees, and other tropical plants like coconut trees. Traditional handcrafts like dyeing, pottery, winemaking, papermaking, etc. can be seen in the villages.

Contact us for a special village tour and to experience the strong atmosphere of ethnic cultures.

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Touring Daluo River and One Tree Forest with China Highlights

Being far from Jinghong City, it would be a lot more convenient to take a tour with a travel agency providing comfortable private transport, especially as English is not commonly used there. China Highlights can customize a tour for you to visit Daluo and other highlights in Banna.

Here is a sample tour plan for inspiration that can be tailored to suit you:

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