Ganlan Basin is located downstream of Lancang River. Or, to be more precise, it is in Menghan Town which is 30 kilometers south-east of Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna. It is a small basin that has an area of about 40 or 50 square kilometers, with Lancang River flowing through its center.

Hundreds of Dai families have lived there for generations, so there is a strong tropical and ethnic flavor, which is a combination of bamboo houses belonging to the Dai families and water scenery.

Ganlan Basin is at an elevation of only 530 meters, which is the lowest in Xishuangbanna. Meanwhile, it is the hottest place there. The hot climate provides for a wealth of natural products in the area.

A wide variety of tropical fruits are produced there, such as coconuts, betel nuts, bananas, mangoes, lychees, starfruits, jackfruits, passion fruits, and so on. In addition to fresh fruits, Ganlan Basin also produces a lot of preserved fruits, so fresh fruit and preserved fruit markets can be seen everywhere.


Two Villages of Ganlan Basin

In Manting, which means "imperial garden village", of Ganlan Basin, there are two big villages. One of them is Mansongman,the garden village; the other is Manting,the flower and fruit village.

No matter which village you enter, you will see the typical Buddhist temple pagodasand traditional bamboo storied buildings of the Dai families. These villages are full of coconut trees, betelnut trees, mango trees, jackfruit trees, spiraea fruit plants and other tropical plants and flowers.

There is a large distance between the buildings in these villages. Tourists can have a walk in the courtyard and then ascend a bamboo storied building. The hospitable owner will warmly send cups of tea made with fresh tea leaves to them.

Dai Calendar New Year

At every Dai calendar New Year, that is, during the Water-Sprinkling Festival, all people who go to the fair in the town of Ganlan Basin will gothere specially to have a tour, to worship, and to celebrate the festival. It is very bustling during that time.

In addition, performances are given there at 3 o'clock every afternoon. After that, large-scale water-sprinkling activities are held on the plaza. Tourists can participate and make merry.

Travel Essentials

  • Address: Menghan Town, 30kilometers south-east of Jinghong City.
  • Transportation: Take the bus bound for Menghan at Jinghong Bus Station. The journey time is about 40 minutes. The ticket fareis 7 RMB.


Nearly every family in the Dai village can provide accommodation. A prior reservation is preferred in the busy season.

Special reminder: Most of the local rural inns use solar water heaters. Don't take your shower too late, otherwise there will be no hot water.

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