Manting Park

This is a modern park that measures about 30 acres in Jinghong in Xishuangbanna. It has a large new Buddhist temple called Zongfo Si. There is a display of ethnic architecture, and people entertain themselves by water fights during the Dai Water Splashing Festival each year. Entertainment is presented in the evening.


The Manting Park (Manting Gongyuan: 曼听公园) is said to have a history of 1,300 years. Along with the gardens, the main attraction is the Thai-style temple. The Buddhism of the Dai people is similar to the Buddhism of the Thai people. It is Theravada-style Buddhism. It is said that some of the monks of the temple studied in Thailand. You  may see monks around the temple. The temple building and the statues within were made recently.

manting park

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Manting Park (or Chunhuan Park),  35 Manting Lu, Jinghong. 曼听公园, 曼听路, 35号. You can show the address to a taxi driver.

The park site is in the southeastern part of town.