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Wild Elephant Valley

wild elephant valley


This is an elephant viewing resort in the Mengyang Nature Reserve. It is 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Jinghong. The Wild Elephant Valley measures about 900 acres. There are about 70 or 100 elephants there. There are viewing platforms where people can see the elephants and other animals. There are hostels in the elephant park. Cabins on concrete poles near the riverbank are places where people can watch them bathe or drink in the morning or evening. There is also a trained elephant show. Kids especially like this park.

Other features of the park include a peacock park, a butterfly park, and a netted bird aviary. People can feed the tamed elephants though the feeding food costs a lot. They get picked up for 10 RMB or 1.5 USD. The trained elephants also do tricks.

Elephant Valley is a main host venue for Water Splashing Festival every year. Visit Elephant Valley and attend Water Splashing Festival 2013 from April 13 to April 16!


In Xishuangbanna Prefecture in Yunnan along the Burma border, Wild Elephant Valley has about 70 to 100 wild elephants living in a protected habitat. It is a part of the Mengyang Nature Reserve. The park officials are trying to breed more. So far, several elephants have been born there. While in the park, you can see the elephants and other animals in various platforms and observation places. There is a long tram over the forest. 

China's Asian Elephants

There are said to be about 300 elephants left in 9 groups in the prefectures of Xishuangbanna, Simao, and Lincang. Some elephants still come in from across the border.

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213 National Road, Jinghong

The park site is about 47 kilometers north of Jinghong. A bus from the Jinghong Bus Station costs about 12 RMB or less.

Important Information

Dangers: Sometimes people get attacked by elephants in the area. A tourist was attacked here in 2008. So it is best to watch the elephants in designated places and along with the guides.